3. UNO (WP) Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Alright, time to get started. If you are new to Uno or haven’t played much, the tips on page 2 might be helpful for you, although the game does give some sort of tutorial about the game as well.

First off, we want to play tournament mode. One of the achievements requires playing a quick mode game on hard difficulty, which isn’t available until we finish tournament mode. Simply pick tournament mode from the menu and wait. The loading screens (the ones on my HTC surround anyway) are ridiculous for something as simple as Uno. Loading should not take this long, just sayin’.

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Tournament mode is simply playing a bunch of Uno games back to back. Each round gets progressively harder, either because more opponents are added or house rules are introduced. AI intelligence may increase as well, but it’s hard to tell since the game relies on luck so much. The first round has no house rules and only one AI, you’ll eventually be dealing with multiple house rules and 3 AI. In each round of the tournament, you get something like 3 games to be in the points lead. If you aren’t after the third game then you have to restart the round, which is of no consequence, as there appears to be no penalty for doing so. If you win the first game, though, you auto-win the round apparently, so aim for that.

Anyway, the first round doesn’t have house rules, and you are only playing against one AI. There is an achievement for “drawing” your first skip, reverse, draw two, wild, and draw four card. Drawing sits in quotations because I didn’t get the achievements until I used them, as opposed to getting it when I drew the card. Regardless, you’ll probably pick these up in the first game, unless it’s super short.

You’ll want to make a point of winning at least three rounds in a row, as there is an achievement for doing so. I assume you can still lose GAMES, as long as you don’t lose the entire ROUND. As in, 3 games later and you aren’t in the points lead would break any winning streak you might have had going on.

There is also an achievement for calling Uno twice in one game, which is as simple as it sounds. Obviously you can’t just choose to not play your last card so you can get another chance to call Uno, but this will come very early on for you and should be acquired in normal play with no extra effort.

Now, keep playing tournament mode. There is no penalty for losing (except losing a winning streak) so don’t worry if things are looking bad, you have infinite tries.

With that out of the way, you’ve unlocked hard difficulty in quick play mode, so we can clean up the last few achievements. In order to get the quick play achievements, simply select quick play from the menu, select the difficulty, and then win. You keep playing games until someone meets the points limit (500 I think), but you’ll get the achievement when you win your first game regardless of points gain, so you can quit out after you win a game instead of waiting until someone hits the points limit. I didn’t really notice a difference in difficulty between the three difficulties, so don’t worry too much about winning a game on hard.

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