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    Forward Note - If you are just looking for the gritty stuff of what is good and bad, scroll on down to the pros/cons at the bottom, or else read through the whole review and understand my perspective on everything. There's a reason that this is the best selling xbox live arcade game to date. It also comes on the xbox live arcade compilation disc if you happened to grab that. Fun/simple game.

    Singleplayer - The single player of this game is just fine. If you don't know how to play Uno I'm kind of curious about how you grew up. It's a simple card game. If you've ever played "Crazy Eights" then it is similar, if not, here it goes. You have number cards that have colors as well. Someone starts the round by putting down a card. Say it is the 7 of blue. Now it is your turn. You can either put down a card from your hand that is a number 7 or else a blue card. Play continues in a circle. Whoever is out of cards first wins the round. When you "win a round" you get the points of the cards of everyone else's hands. That means that if you "win" (you're out of cards) and the guy next to you has a 7 card and a 2 card, you get 9 points from him. The rules change depending on what you choose in the in-game menus, though there is often values of about 250 to win. You can change it to just the opposite type of rules and whatever you want, which is the enjoyable part of single player. You can play with 3 computers. There are also specialty cards - reverse turn order, make the next player draw two, change color cards, etc. You know Uno. By the way, having those specialty cards left in your hand equal 10 points each if I recall correctly, so you will want to get rid of those...

    Although the single player is perfectly fine, the computers are say the least, to play. It is rare if they actually call "Uno" which means you can call them out on it and can force the game to continue longer. Basically you'll be able to win about every game as long as your luck isn't horrible. Did I mention you can play with your avatar? Yea, that's an enjoyable part. So the single player is fine, but honestly, you aren't buying it for that.
    Rating - 6/10

    Multiplayer - The mulitplayer is the reason you grab this game up. You can go online and either play ranked matches or player matches. Player matches mean that you are going to join parties of friends hanging out together. Ranked matches are going to match you based on skill (Skill in uno...). Ranked matches are a lot less social than player matches. So I bet you're thinking to yourself "Gah, if someone leaves this will suck". Actually, no. In ranked matches a computer will sub in if someone leaves. Oh, and if they don't play fast enough on a continual basis you can press a button to "force play" which just means the computer picks a playable card from their hand. Though it is really insulting when the player who "isn't there" wins a game...

    In player matches you're going to have an interesting experience. Since it is such a laid back game plug in your headset and listen to some people. Since you can use your xbox live camera (if you have one) you'll be able to check out the people you're playing with. That being said, you're probably going to end up seeing some things you wish you hadn't seen (or maybe you want to, I don't know...).
    This is highly punishable by xbox live, and apparently they are attempting to crack down on it, but as far as I can tell that's going pretty poorly.
    If you don't like a player match there are plenty more to choose from. Choose one that is playing the rules you like. Or else go into a ranked match and try to test your "skill".

    Bad news about multiplayer? There is no offline multiplayer. Yea, I can see the flaws (Clearly the other person in the room sees your hand...) but maybe they could have figured a way around it? Made a special mode? I don't know, just, something.
    Rating - 9/10

    Others -
    Graphics in Uno? nah, I'm not going to rip on this because what do you want? It's a card game. You're set around a card table. For trying to be so simple it's actually pretty decent graphics. Your avatar will move around in the seat, laugh at other players who meet your misfortune of a "draw two", and what not. The cards actually come out of your "hand" (not your actual hand, hand as in your cards your holding) and falls onto the table. Just like a real life uno game the deck wont be perfectly stacked, so you can look at some of the cards underneath.
    Sound? Uh, yea, I guess there is some music. It's nothing special or really that noticable, but in all honesty that's what you want while you're playing this game. It's a chill game so it makes sense the music would be chill as well.

    Achievements? Yea, there are 200 points to get. I have 175 I believe. Most people have 175. I haven't won 40 games of Uno yet (the last achievement) which is definitely not impossible to get. The rest you'll get as you play through the game. You can change your rules around in single player if you really want to to make some of them go faster, but I wouldn't bother. Just play it. The one problem is the win games online achievement. You have to win 10 4-player games online. The problem is, if a computer finishes a game, I don't believe that counts. This means you'll probably need to win about 20 games online to get anywhere. Player matches I doubt count either, but I haven't researched it enough. When/If I make an achievement guide I'll be sure to look into it. I played about 6 hours of the game and have the 175. Another couple of hours will grab me the last 25, but I'm in no rush. It gives me even more of an excuse to play the game randomly. What I'm saying is the achievements are easy. Too easy?
    Yea, probably. Let's see if they qualify for my 3 categories of good achievements.

    1)"Complete the game achievements". Yea, there are some of those (call Uno for the first time and win)

    2)"Play the game differently achievements". Yea, there are some of those (successfully bluff on a wild draw four twice in a game).

    3)Offline multiplayer achievements. Hmm....there isn't an offline multiplayer. Online multiplayer achievements are kind of annoying as I explained above, but it's limited to one achievement, so the damage isn't that great.

    The DLC contains different types of decks. As in cool pictures on them. They include Street Fighter, Project Gotham Racing, and Kameo. Considering what they have to work with for DLC here, it's actually pretty solid.

    Graphics - 9/10

    Sound - 7/10

    Acheivements - 7/10

    DLC - 9/10

    Final Score - 7.7/10



    *Multiplayer is alive and kicking. Since this is the game that has sold the most copies on xbox live arcade you can expect to see a lively community. Perhaps too lively if you get into the wrong player's game at too early in the morning if you get what I mean.

    *It's so simple anyone can do it. I bought this game so my girlfriend had a game to play. She'll sit up at night playing random ranked games. You can do other things while you play (type on instant messenger, play your gameboy) so it is nice to play on the side. Just click the card and press the "A" button. It isn't that hard.

    *They successfully planned for the problems with multiplayer. They made it so that a computer will take over if someone leaves a ranked match. They allow you to "force play" if someone is taking too long, and that "forced play" button gets quicker and quicker for you to press the more time they stall.

    *Graphics/Sound is better than they needed, which is a plus. The DLC is good for what they had to work with. The achievements are easy to get.

    *You'll find it's a nice break when it's 4 am and you don't want to get corpse humped anymore in Halo 3. Just go on here, flip some cards, talk to some buddies, and cool on down.


    *The achievements are too easy to get. Yes, you don't need much of an excuse to play Uno, but maybe an achievement that you get from winning a LOT of games would keep the community even more alive. Though then they'd have to make an even more powerful anti-quitting mechanism...

    *Even though some of those achievements are too easy to get, some will just frustrate you. If ranked matches aren't your thing but achievements are you, you're going to have to play a good amount to win those 10 online without people quitting on you.

    *The computers in single-player are so stupid it's almost embarrassing to win. I almost feel bad calling them out for not saying "uno". Any 7 year old would have more competence than what you're going to see here.

    *It's a pretty one dimensional luck based game. If you want to feel like you've really demonstrated any true skill, you're playing the wrong game.

    Reminder: Final Score: 7.7

    Note - There's a reason that it is the best selling xbox live arcade game. It's simple, it's got great multiplayer support, you'll have an easy 175 points.
    What more could you want. Except maybe something that takes skill.
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    Tasty PastryWhy thanks King
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 09 Nov 09 at 23:39
    Tasty PastryThanks Dark, comment appreciated.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 23 Jan 10 at 00:06
    SouperH2OAnd here I thought the reason so it's the best selling is the same reason that wii play is so popular, it comes with other things. It's included on the original arcade disc and also came with the arcade version of the 360. Not a bad review but I think you missed a big issue in your reason why you think it sold so much so I just thought I'd throw my two cents in. Also if anyone decides to buy this game now...head to your local gamestop and check the used games bargain bin for the arcade disc, perhaps even the one bundled with sega tennis. It'll usually be under 5 bucks and you get a lot more with it.
    Posted by SouperH2O on 19 Jun 12 at 08:15
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    It the great classic card game we all grew up with and know how to play. The best feature I found of this game is fact it allows you to use custom rules to make you games feel more like your home games. It also has a wonder feature of downloadable decks with different themes. I picked up the Kameo deck and 35th anniversary edition. The Kameo has a special card and some special rules which add a new twist to the game and I don't want to spoil it for you folks who would like to check it out. The incorporated avatars into the game also so you can look at you goofy little cartoon self show all types of emotions while you play the game. On the sound not much can say it you standard arcade game fair nothing impressive and not the worse I have ever heard in the game. Do what I do in this situation play your own tunes in the background. Also for graphics well it a card game not much you can do to show off.

    Also it has live function so you can sit there whittle away your time with your friends playing this classic game.

    I give it a 4 due to the fact it Uno .. I plays well, runs well, and it gives you the same classic feel of playing the game at the table, but with no human contact this time Lol.
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    Uno is a port of the classic card game that you have played for many years. There is a lot of game customizability which is very nice. The online mode has a very large community and there is usually never a shortage of a good mulitplayer game. While playing online mulitplayer you can play with up to 3 other players. While online you can view your avatar reacting to the game, which is kind of lame, but a good touch nonetheless. If a player quits the game, he will be immediately replaced by an AI bot. Overall a very relaxing game with a good amount of fun.

    This is a card game, so there isn't much to look at, but the menus are pretty sleek.
    Basically elevator music. Very relaxing but you will get bored of it soon.
    Gameplay: 5/10
    Not very much strategy involved, except for having to choose whether to play a "Yellow 3" or a "Red 3." Basically it is usually up to the probabilities of getting a good hand.
    Though the gameplay isn't spectacular, there is a good mulitplayer presence and the AI bots are a good addition if you get into a game where everyone quits.
    Replay Value:7/10
    Lots of customizability, but it depends on how much you like hitting the "A" button.
    Very easy achievements with almost all of them except for 3 (I think) are progressive achievements. The only one that you will have difficulty on is winning 40 games which shouldn't take more than an afternoon. Very easy 200/200
    Last Thoughts: Nothing really special about this game, but can be very relaxing and has very easy achievements. Please don't be afraid to comment even if it's about something negative on my review. I am a natural pacifist so don't worry about that. Your feedback helps make my reviews better!
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    04 Jan 2010
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    First let me start by saying this is my first review...just kiddinglaugh! Actually Tasty Pastry has an amazing ability to write the longest reviews on the smallest of games. With that being said, here is my review:

    Single Player: 2/10
    Really not that difficult. You can tweak the house rules to where you win every time. But, lets say you play a standard game. No home rules. You'll get a lot of draw two's and four's. If you use a draw four when you still have the color, the computer 99.9% will never call your bluff. The game is basically rigged for you to win. The computer also picks the best possible card for you to play. So there is no real thinking in this game. Just press (A) when it is your turn. Boring and tedious. And time consuming achievements.

    Multiplayer: 4/10
    Use to be a lot better. Not too many people play this online anymore. There will be at most 10 active games, and you may spend 10 min. just waiting to get 4 people in a game. Another really big problem like any Xbox card game, is if people start losing, they leave the game. Every time without fail. Haven't been to the end of game yet. If people leave, the online game will no longer go towards the achievement. You can dowload extra decks for a couple bucks, but that isn't to exciting. I gave the game a 4 out of 10 only because it is UNO, who doesn't like UNO!

    Graphics: 2/10
    Unless you download the couple extra decks they have for sale, it's always the same background and cards. No customization what so ever. The only reason I'm giving it a 2, is because it displays your Avatar! Other than that, nothing to impressive.

    Achievement Difficulty: 2/10
    These achievements are not are not hard to achieve in any way. Although there is nothing tough behind them, there is a factor that may prevent you from getting one of them. The "Win Ten-Online games of Uno", may prove to be impossible without a boosting session. As said in the multiplayer section, there is not many games available to play online anymore, and of those, people tend to leave when they start losing. Of the 12 achievements, 11 of them can be earned offline.

    Price: 5/10

    If you purchase this game through the arcade, it is a rip off! It is $5. Or you can go to Gamestop and for $2.99 pick up the Xbox 360 arcade promo disc, that has Luxor 2, Feeding Frenzy, Pac Man Championship Edition, Boom Boom Rockets, and of course UNO on it. Which would you rather do? I'm sure you could also find this disc on Ebay for a $1 for those of you who are not from the U.S.

    All in all, this game is pretty pun intended laugh. If you want to spend $5 on an arcade game, I suggest Hardwood Spade #1 or Hearts.