Unravel Two Reviews

  • Darth6unnerDarth6unner509,149
    12 May 2021
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    The first edition of this title was fun, quirky, with a few tough parts to keep it from being a pushover.

    I was pretty disappointed in this sequel.
    It has some of the look and feel of the original, but for my money, it took the worst parts of the original, and made the whole game all about those parts.

    Hate inconsistent control response?
    Get ready for even more!

    Hate doing the same part twenty times in a row, and get less far along each time?
    Too bad, it here and it's most of the game levels.

    Remember that one or two cheevo that was a repetitive grind?
    How about we make 90% of the cheevos that way!

    If you haven't started this already, don't.
    Thank me later.
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    PuckJunkieNo downvote from me, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and your review was pretty clear at least.

    But just a note to anybody reading: I could not disagree more. The first game was slow-moving and fairly boring, and I did not complete it. This game was far more entertaining and the incredibly difficult time trials were a blast, especially if you have a couch co-op partner. I did all but one solo, but they are much more fun with a friend. Highly recommended.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 24 Sep at 17:58