Unravel Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview


Welcome to the walkthrough for Unravel, the unique puzzle platformer from Coldwood. This game made quite a splash at 2015's E3 when it won the award for Best Original game. The basic story is about the bonds of love and relationships. This is represented by yarn which connects everything together. Sometimes it can get messy and tangled and sometimes it's tight and true... Sometimes you can jump on it like a trampoline and use it to swing from hooks.

This walkthrough will guide you as Yarny through 12 chapters. Most levels have 5 collectibles and a miscellaneous achievement for completing a certain task that's always different. There is one achievement that is likely to test how strong your relationships really are, which is "Not So Fragile." This is for completing each chapter without dying once. There is level select, so you only have to complete a chapter once without dying for it to count.

Grab some balls of yarn and let's get unraveling!

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