Unravel Walkthrough

10. Chapter 8 - The letter

There's an achievement for breaking all of the patches of ice in the level in one go. There are only 12 patches but it can be somewhat easy to forget when they are coming up. You can die in between getting them, you just can't exit out of the level.

Start off by going to the right. Down a steep hill will be the first patches of ice. They take two jumps to break and it's possible to get stuck or drown if you fall into some of them. On the second jump quickly jump again to safe ground so you don't have to deal with that. The water here isn't deep enough but it's difficult to jump out of it once one is broken. Ice 1&2 of 12.

Head a little more to the right and you'll come to a road with a tiny patch of ice. Ice 3 of 12. Just a little more to the right are three more patches of ice. Ice 4, 5, 6 of 12.

Further to the right you will have to make a trampoline to get over a fence. In the next area there is a seesaw/teeter-totter. Climb up it and go to the left side of it. Tie a knot to the end and go down to the node below it. Hold cn_LT to get rid of the slack and then tie a knot to hold down the seesaw/teeter-totter. Now go to the right side of it and make a trampoline to get a checkpoint.

Further to the right there is another river with 3 patches of ice to destroy. Ice 7, 8, 9 of 12. Here you can drown so if you land in the water quickly jump to the shore if you do. You can use the node above you to make sure you don't drown but it's honestly not too hard.

After the next checkpoint, you will get attacked by crows. This part is not too hard if you have some patience and always watch the skies for when the crows are coming. Just wait until a crow (or two) passes and then hide behind one of the items nearby. You can also use the nodes to swing you faster than walking would be able to. After the shovel, there is a bucket and then a box with a checkpoint in it.

From the checkpoint run right and make a trampoline, hiding if you can't make all of it at once. Then jump up onto a board. If a crow is nearby it won't be able to get you because the board breaks and you can continue to run to the right. Head into the building here.

Once you get in the building there is a block on the ground in front of you. You'll need to get this block all the way to the upper right corner of the screen to get a secret. First you have to make several bridges with yarn to be able to push it all the way up there. Start with the two nodes to your right and then trampoline up to the left and make a bridge there as well.

Make a bridge to the node to the left and then use this trampoline to jump up to the light fixtures. Make another bridge to the light fixture and then tie a knot to the right side of the light fixture. This won't create a bridge but you need this node to make a bridge to the next node. Now use the previous trampoline to jump up to the rope above. You have to use the edge of the trampoline and move to the right to make it to the rope. This may take a few tries.

When you lasso the club hammer to the right it will fall over and you should be able to see the secret behind it. Tie one last bridge to the handle of the club hammer and drop down to the bottom. If everything was done correctly you should be able to push the block all the way up to the secret. Secret 36 of 55.

From here you need to get the block to the platform below you, so just untie the last bridge to the club hammer and drop down with the block. Push it to the right and jump through the hole to the next screen. If you push the box too far just make the necessary bridges to get it to the hole.

This room has some very simple platforming to start out with. Run and lasso as needed over a hay wagon to the right. Then you'll need to swing on some nodes hanging from the ceiling. These also swing as you're hanging on them, so you may have to swing a little more than usual, but it's not terribly hard. When you reach the checkpoint, you are close to two secrets.

Go to the right and lasso the node on the hooked pulley block. Pull it to the left and use it to swing to the light's pull switch. From here you'll have to swing to the far left. Since there are three pivot points you're hanging from, each with a different weight, it helps to hang down farther on your yarn to get more momentum. On the screen to the left there is a paint can that you want to push the right so it's on the ground. Drop down to it but make sure you hold onto your yarn tail or the fall will kill you. Keep pushing the paint can to the right under the hay wagon to some more paint cans for the secret. Secret 37 of 55.

Now climb back up your yarn tail to go back to the previous checkpoint. From here tie a knot on the pulley block. Then swing over to the top of the lampshade to the left and make a trampoline there. Jump up to the attic and head right to find a secret in the bird nest. Secret 38 of 55. You can then go out the window to the right and rappel safely down the building.

Head to the right where there is a covered well. Pull up the hatches by lasso each side and pulling away from the well. Tie a knot to the left node on the well and rappel down to grab a secret. Secret 39 of 55. Climb back out and make a trampoline with the two nodes. Then jump up and stand on the handle for the well bucket.

Once the bucket reaches the top push it to the right to detach it. You'll need to flip it on top of you for the next part, so jump on the right side or try to climb up it and it will hopefully flip on top of you. With the safety of the bucket you will be able to just push it all the way to the right, past the birds. By the gate it will automatically flip off and you can continue to the river to the right.

Break through the first patch of ice to reveal a log that can be pull to the left. Then tie a knot to it which will create a trampoline. Jump off the trampoline to the node above and swing over to the secret on the right. Secret 40 of 55. Now drop back down and destroy all the patches of ice, being careful not to drown in the process. Ice 10, 11, 12 of 12. If you did it all in one go you should unlock an achievement.

Obsessive in Unravel
Obsessive84 (30)
Break all the ice on the way to the letterbox in one go
  • Unlocked by 7,836 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 61,506

Now head to the right and you will come to a sealed cistern. Make a bridge/trampoline with the two nodes to the right of it. Then lasso up to the hay wagon and pull down the tailgate. Run under the hay wagon to pull out a rusted wheel. Pull it all the way to the cistern. Untie the knot to the right of the cistern and make a bridge up to the tailgate. Then push the rusted wheel to the right and use it to jump onto a hay bale.

As you continue to the right you will come upon a Eurasian magpie trapped in a fence. It can't hurt you, only knock you back a bit. Lasso the fence and pull it off. Then lasso its claw to get taken to the end of the level and unlock an achievement.

Reach out in Unravel
Reach out39 (20)
Find the seventh missing piece
  • Unlocked by 15,798 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.97) 61,506

When you're back in the house go to the far right room and climb the piano again to get to the next level.

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