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11. Chapter 9 - Winter sun

There is an achievement in this chapter for clearing all the snowy branches in one go. It's not quite clear what it means by this, so it is best to clear every possible branch to avoid missing the achievement. Some you will have to pull on with your lasso and some you will just have to jump on.

This is another level that is a little cheap to start out with. First go left and lasso a pinecone down from the branch and push it to the right. It will turn into a large snowball and will help you reach the ledge to the next section.

Here there are two branches with snow on them. Snow 1, 2 of 29. Swing up them and continue to the right for another branch covered in snow. Snow 3 of 29. Continue to the right and there will be another branch covered in snow. Snow 4 of 29. This branch may fling you up to the secret to the upper left, but since it's pretty unreliable and you can't reload the checkpoint to try it again, an alternative method will be listed later.

Go to the right and there will be another branch that you can lasso up and another just to the right with some snow on it. Snow 5, 6 of 29. Go to the left and there will be a pinecone. If you can try to swing and hit the fallen branch right next to it to knock down some more snow. Snow 7 of 29. Hanging on the pine cone will make it drop, allowing you to push it all the way to a cave to the right to get some more yarn.

Head left out of the cave and climb up the branch above you again. Make a trampoline here and jump up to the branch above you. Snow 8 of 29. Right above the node on this branch there is a secret that is completely concealed. Secret 41 of 55. If you have trouble getting it here, you can get it when you are on top of the branch later.

Here is a screenshot in case you're having trouble finding it:

Head to the left, jumping on the branch pointing towards the foreground and on the branch pointing to the left. Snow 9, 10 of 29. Then lasso the node above you and tie a knot here. This is just to get back from the next step. Jump to the left two snowy branches. Snow 11, 12 of 29. Now jump off to the left and lasso the node before you fall completely. Swing over to the secret on the branch to the left and then jump back on the pine tree to the right. Snow 13, 14 of 29. Secret 42 of 55.

Go to the right side of this tree and lasso the node to the right and make a trampoline with the two nodes here, clearing the left one of snow. Snow 15 of 29. Now use the trampoline to lasso the branch above you and swing to the right branch and clear the snow from it. Snow 16, 17 of 29. Climb up to the node and run to the right to get a whole line of snow. Snow 18 of 29.

Tie a knot to the first node here and make two bridges with the next two nodes. Knock the pinecone off the tree above the left trampoline and push it to the right. You will enter a cave and the snowball will be able to break the ice. From the checkpoint hold cn_LT and swing to the left below it to find a secret. Secret 43 of 55.

Climb back up to the checkpoint and head left out of the cave. Now you jump on the first trampoline to the cliffs to the right. Snow 19, 20 of 29. Keep going right up the snowy branches to get another checkpoint. Snow 21, 22 of 29. Make a trampoline with the node to the right and jump to a node up and to the left. Then swing over to the left pinecone to make it drop. Push it right until it breaks the branch, allowing you to go through to a little toboggan ride.

Keep going right over two branches and use the node above you to swing to another checkpoint. Snow 23, 24, 25 of 29. Not sure if the snow in the background counts but it's necessary to continue. Keep going right and there will be a snowy branch above you (by the first rock). Climb up it on the right side and go left to where the snow is. Hopefully this will fling you twice and get the secret on the branch far to the top right. Snow 26, 27, 28 of 29. Secret 44 of 55.

As you're walking to the right, you will fall through a snow-covered crevasse. Then you will have to go right and cross three ice stalagmites. Wait a second or two for them to start falling before you make the jump to the next one. Use the node in between the larger gap. After you swing on the node you will probably start to fall down another crevasse but your yarn is too short. Hold cn_LT and pull yourself back up to the checkpoint.

The next section doesn't allow a lot of freedom so make sure you're careful going down the crevasse. There are three more ice stalagmites and a node to swing you to another slope. The next node you'll probably lasso too close to it, so let some slack out so you can swing to the right.

Climb up to the branch above the checkpoint and start heading up the hill. Snow 29 of 29. At this point, if you've been getting all of the snow-covered branches, there is a good chance that the achievement will unlock. There are still some more snow-covered branches; so if you don't have it yet, there is still a chance that you could get it before the end of the level. I also died several times before making to this point and it still unlocked, so results may vary.

Snowfall in Unravel
Snowfall72 (30)
Clear all the snowy branches in one go
  • Unlocked by 10,917 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.39) 62,564

Heading up the hill there will be a branch above another toboggan ride. Snow 30 of 29. After the short ride lasso the branch above you and swing to the right. Snow 31 of 29. Pull down the pinecone above you and start rolling it to the right. Snow 32 of 29. Further to the right the pinecone will turn into a snowball and you'll be on an icy lake. There are two holes that have been carved out of the ice but they are switched. The small ice plug is on the right side and the large ice plug is on the left side.

So, jump over to the right side and push the small plug to the left. If you accidentally push it in the large hole you can lasso it and pull it out. Then push the large plug into the large hole to the right. Now you can continue to roll the snowball to the right. Use the snowball to reach the ledge high up and continue until you get the checkpoint.

There is a bench to the right, next to a camp stove. Make a trampoline between the two and jump onto the camp stove. Push the kettle off the left side and tie a knot to the right side of the camp stove. Then make a bridge to the bench and then to the bottom of the camp stove so you have several ramps set up. Go to the right and there will be a pinecone that you can roll up the ramps, turning it into a snowball in the process.

Push the snowball into the kettle and it will swing the pot holder lever up. Climb up it, lasso the antlers mounted on the firewood shed and tie a knot to this node. From here let out a lot of slack and then swing to the right to get the secret. Secret 45 of 55. Climb back up to the antlers and head right to end the level.

Cold but warm in Unravel
Find the eighth missing piece
  • Unlocked by 15,767 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.99) 62,564

In the house go to the room to the right with the piano. Climb up it and start the next level.

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