Unravel Walkthrough

12. Chapter 10 - Rust

Start out by running to the right until you get to a car (probably styled after a Volvo station wagon from the 60's). Make a trampoline on the right side and jump up to the node above. You're already starting to run out of yarn. Tie a knot to this node and then untie the knots in the trampoline. Climb back up to the top node and then untie the knot there.

Keep going right until you see two nodes on the body of a car. Make a trampoline here and jump over the barrier to the right. After the next checkpoint, you will encounter a tricky platforming section. From the stack of tires, jump onto the tire that starts rolling. When a car bumper comes within reach, jump to it. Then you have to jump back onto the rolling wheel and back onto a second bumper. From here you can jump to the stack of tires to the right.

From here you can see a node to the upper right side. Lasso that and make a trampoline between the two nodes here. It's a little difficult to get to the node with this trampoline, but it's up and to the right. Once you get to it, tie a knot. Then let out enough slack that you are almost to the trampoline. Start swinging back and forth until you get enough height to get the secret to the right. Secret 46 of 55.

Don't forget to untie the knot on the high node, because you'll be short on rope otherwise. Then get back to one of the nodes start swinging across the three nodes to the right. There's no rush, so take your time so you don't fall. Keep going right and climb the pile of tires.

When you get to the top you'll have to do some more tricky platforming. There are several tire towers that are going to fall like dominoes and you have to jump or swing to the next one before it falls to the ground. Once you get to the hooks with nodes, you can take a short break. The next tower won't fall until you land on it.

Keep heading right past the gas tank and you'll get to a checkpoint. Now swing over on the hanging node to another node on a small platform. Tie a knot to this node. Notice that there is a secret above the target. We'll come back for that in a little bit. Swing off while holding cn_LT to get to the can hanging from a string. To the right there is another can on a string. Push the thing hanging from it so it drops down. Now you can make a trampoline and jump up to the checkpoint. From the checkpoint, there is a secret down below. Jump off the right side and go to the left under the checkpoint and you'll get the secret. Secret 47 of 55.

Remember the secret that was above the target? Now it's time to get that. Climb up to the checkpoint and lasso to the right. Then swing a little and lasso to the right one more time. Now you will have to let out some string. Swing back and forth until you get a lot of momentum. Then get ready. Jump off to the left with as much momentum as you can. This should take you close to the secret. Just in case make sure to throw out a lasso so you can catch the can that is just to the right of it. Secret 48 of 55.

Now get back to the node that you just jumped really far from and instead of swinging to the left, swing to the right. You're aiming for the lit window on the building. Once inside you will be introduced to an interesting puzzle with a crane magnet. Drop down to the left of the car and you will see a foot pedal on the right with four buttons to the left of it.

First, bring the magnet down into the car to pull out a steel block. Then bring it over to the left where you came in. When it's all the way to the left turn off the power to the magnet with the foot pedal. Then pick the block back up and climb up to the secret that was inside the box. Secret 49 of 55. This will also unlock an achievement.

Reckless in Unravel
Reckless77 (30)
Find the secret in the engine room
  • Unlocked by 9,369 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.56) 61,517

Now take the steel box to the far right and drop it on a pallet as far right as the crane will go. Now you can climb up and lasso the node on the car. Make a trampoline on the right side with the two nodes over there and jump up to the steel box. Use it to reach the node above you and continue to the right.

Drop down to a lever and when it's in the down position tie a knot to the engine piping (probably the intake or exhaust manifold) below it. When done correctly this will keep the lever in the down position. Now climb back up to the top and swing over to the node on the right. Tie a knot here and swing to the right with cn_LT.

Head to the right and lasso up to get to a checkpoint. The next section has a lot of mufflers on a conveyor belt. Be careful of where they drop; an alarm will buzz when they are about to. Stand on one of them as they head towards the metal shredder. Jump up to the left just before it gets shredded. While up here, lasso one of the yellow boxes coming off the right conveyor belt. Then push it up the ramp to the left and then up the ramp to the right. Push it all the way right so it depresses the button which lifts a gate.

Tie a knot to the yellow box and swing off the right edge with cn_LT. Swing back and forth until you can jump to the checkpoint to the right. Now keep running right on the conveyor belt, watching out for the dropping car parts again. At the far right there will be two nodes, perfect for making a trampoline. Jump to the right and you get a checkpoint.

Here you have to be very fast or you'll get killed by the car crusher. To make it a little harder there is also a secret in the glove box. Run to the right and open the trunk/boot by pulling the latch. Then inside, go to the bottom of the front seat. Pull it back so it folds down. Then, while on the top of the seat lasso the glove box to get the secret. Secret 50 of 55.

Quickly jump up to the window and press the button to the right to stop the car crusher. If you want you can just run for the off switch and then go back for the secret. When you're done go to the right to finish the level.

Time will catch up in Unravel
Find a broken half piece
  • Unlocked by 14,901 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.03) 61,517

Once you are back in the house you can go to the piano room. The next level is the picture frame by the far right window.

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