Unravel Walkthrough

13. Chapter 11 - Last leaf

This is a nice short chapter without any collectibles or miscellaneous achievements. You pretty much just pull a lantern for a few minutes and do a few easy puzzles. If you try to get away from the lantern when the wind is blowing you'll die, so watch out for that.

Start by lassoing the lantern to pull it down. Then while you are pulling it, just use cn_RT. If you use both triggers you're going to be moving very slow. Just keep pulling it right until you get to the first checkpoint. Then there will be a light on a pole. Wait for the wind to die down a little and pull it down to create a bridge for the lantern.

The next thing you'll have to pull down is a branch. You can also just hold onto the branch when the wind blows. Then when the wind slows again try to climb up the branch with the checkpoint and it will fall down.

As you are going up the hill, you have to tie a knot to each node here. This time when the wind blows it will take you and the lantern. So, for this part, you want to hold both cn_RT and cn_LT when the wind blows. One will hold you to the previous knot, and the other will keep the lantern from going too far. Make sure you're not getting too much slack on the yarn that is holding the lantern or you won't make very much progress. To get rid of the slack let go of cn_RT and then press it again while the lantern node is highlighted.

When you get to the top of the hill lasso the gate latch to open it. Now the wind won't blow the lantern so you can go back to just holding cn_RT. When you get to the river the ice will start to break up. Now you won't have to worry about the lantern anymore. Just jump across the floating pieces of ice. If you land in the water you can get to a piece of ice by rapidly pressing cn_A, and hopefully you will reach a piece before you drown.

After a while there will be a checkpoint on a branch. Lasso up to it and continue on the pieces of ice on the other side. These are especially small so you'll have to tap cn_A quite a bit until you reach land again.

Once you do reach land you don't have the lantern again so you'll just have to let the wind blow you away. It won't kill you this time around though. After a while you won't be able to progress unless you lasso a node in the snow before the wind blows.

From here just keep walking to the right until the level is finished.

The end is not the end in Unravel
Find the other broken half piece
  • Unlocked by 14,941 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.04) 62,586

Every time that you're done with this level you will go straight to the next level. If you just need to get to the last level, you can get there by going to the window on the far right side of the house.

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