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3. Chapter 1 - Thistle and weeds


After a brief cutscene, you will take control of Yarny. In the background, there is a pillow that says "Lycka blommar ur små enkla ting", which translates to "happiness blooms from small, simple things". This will be the basic theme through much of this relaxing puzzle platformer.

On the table to the right there is a photo album that has distorted, blurry photos. You can look through it but there's nothing to see yet. As you go through the levels it will fill up with pictures.

Continue to the right and jump up to a desk with a picture for the first level, Thistle and Weeds, and press cn_X. If you go too far to the right, you can get back by pulling on your yarn tail with cn_LT.

Thistle and weeds

In the first level, there is an achievement for pulling down all the thistle in one go. That means you have to pull them all down without dying. This level isn't too hard so just be careful and you should be able to get this without too much trouble.

Start by running to the right. You'll automatically interact with two butterflies on the way. Then you'll start to run out of yarn and Yarny will tug at the yarn trailing behind it. As the camera changes you'll see a large metal globe that is probably a sundial. There is a small tangle of yarn at the top and the tutorial will tell you how to get it. So hold cn_RT and move to the left to make the entire globe fall over. Grabbing the yarn will allow you to travel further in the level. Make sure you are always on the lookout for these as they will help you get further in the level and sometimes are needed for secrets.

Continuing to the right you will come to two buckets. Drag the bucket to the left with cn_B. Then hold cn_LT to climb back up the yarn dragging behind you. Jump over the bucket and drag it to the right. Then climb back up your yarn and jump across both buckets. Use your lasso and jump off nodes to the right twice.

After seeing the image of a boy with a stick in the background you'll come to a wall of ivy. The tutorial tells you that items that shimmer can be climbed, so climb up the ivy. Run to the right and lasso across to the stump of a tree. Here there is another ball of yarn for Yarny to wrap up. Swing to the right with the lasso and there will be two branches that you can tie your yarn to make a trampoline. Notice that the yarn will have a glowing red aura. This means that you can stand on it, jump on it, or push item across it. The tutorial will tell you to hold cn_LSd and release it to to jump to the top. It's too bad you can't jump on it like most games! Once you get up to the bird house you are by the first secret.

First tie a knot to the node on the bird house and then on the branch to the right of it--but don't jump up yet. First drop off to the right side and press cn_LT a few times to make sure you don't fall to your death. Once you get to the bottom there will be a patch of thistles to the right. Lasso them and pull them down. Thistle 1 of 6. Behind the thistles is the first secret. Secret 1 of 55. Climb back up and use the trampoline from earlier.

On the next branch, the tutorial will instruct you to lasso up and tie the yarn to the two branches up there. Then use this newly made trampoline to jump further up and to the right, where there is another clump of yarn. Hold cn_LSd and press cn_A to jump below the branch you're standing on. You'll have to do it again but make sure to hold cn_LT or you'll fall to your death.

Jump down once more and there will be another ball of yarn and a checkpoint. Shortly to the right there are two nodes with two apples between them. Push the apples to the left and tie the yarn to both of the nodes. Then push all 5 apples to the right until they fall in the pit. Pull the branch above to fill the pit with water and continue to the right. If you fall in the water rapidly tap cn_A to jump back out because Yarny can drown pretty quickly. This can be done with fewer apples but it's much easier with all of them.

Climb the stairs and you'll come to a folding chair. You can just run right under it to the right. When you fall down into the garden there is a patch of thistle to the left with a ball of yarn behind it. Thistles 2 of 6. Head to the left and stay on the bottom under the sunflowers. To the right is another patch of thistles with a secret behind them. Thistles 3 of 6. Secret 2 of 55.

Now you can jump up the sunflowers and go to the right. When you fall back down to the ground there is a patch of thistles obscuring a tricycle. Thistles 4 of 6. Pull the tricycle all the way to the left and use it to jump on the gate latch. Ride the tricycle until it crashes and you will almost be out of yarn. Luckily there is a ball of it right by you.

Above you there are four nodes that you can lasso to make your way up the tree. Swing back and forth to get a little more height and distance. If you're really struggling you can also tie a knot to one of the nodes so you can just hold cn_LT and climb back to it. Be mindful of which ones you tie a knot to, because you will be using up extra lengths of yarn that may be needed later.

One you're at the top of the fourth one you'll have to launch yourself far to the right and lasso another branch. Tie a knot to this branch a climb down the yarn. In a small alcove to the right there will be a secret. Secret 3 of 55. You may have to swing a little to get in the alcove.

Climb back up and swing to the ledge that is to the far right. Keep going right past the image of a girl in a tree house. Here there is another thistle blocking some yarn. Pull down the thistle and grab the yarn. Thistles 5 of 6. Keep heading right and you will fall onto a block. Slightly more to the right are two nodes that you should tie the yarn to. Then push the block across a sandbox until you get to a see-saw/teeter-totter.

Leave the block by the sandbox and go to the right to find the final thistle patch which will unlock an achievement. Thistles 6 of 6.

Gardener in Unravel
Gardener52 (30)
Tear down all the thistles in one go
  • Unlocked by 20,344 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.73) 61,445

This will bring down the see-saw/teeter-totter. Then push the block to the right side of the see-saw/teeter-totter and it will drop the right side of it. Then run up the slope to the left and there will be a lasso node with a secret. Secret 4 of 55. Drop back down and bring the block back to the left side of the see-saw/teeter-totter. Run up the slope to the right and continue to the tire swing. Lasso the node on the bottom of it and swing to get up to the greenhouse.

Below you there is a block that you need to get to the upper right platform. This is a little difficult to describe so watch the video if you're confused. Drop down to where the block is and tie a knot on the first node on the ground. Then jump up to the platform to the right. Tie a knot to this node. There is another platform up and to the right that you can lasso. Tie a knot on this node as well. If done correctly, you should be able to pull the block all the way to the upper right platform.

Once up there, jump on the block and then the thin wooden wall. Don't jump to the right yet! Instead, jump to the left and onto a hanging flower pot. Here is the last secret of the level. Secret 5 of 55. Now you can go back to the right, and a cutscene will take you to the end of the level and unlock an achievement.

Missing piece in Unravel
Find the first missing piece
  • Unlocked by 61,029 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 61,445

You'll be back in the house by the photo album. The next level is on the desk to the right again, just above the previous level.

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