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4. Chapter 2 - The sea

Start jumping up the hill to the right and as you're going down you will pass a trash can. Lasso the soda can inside and push it all the way to the right. Use it to climb up the ledge to the right. Then jump on the fence and then onto the telescope. Tie a knot to the telescope and then jump down to the bench and tie a knot onto the node down there. If you're having trouble jumping to the bench, you can always pull the soda can a little to the left and use that.

This will create a trampoline that you can use to launch yourself to a lasso node to the upper left. This is a somewhat difficult jump to make but you will get some more yarn when you get up there. Lasso up and to the left and tie a knot on that node. Then lasso further to the left and tie another knot there. This will create a trampoline that can be used to reach the branch above you.

Up here there is some more yarn and a kite. The controls while you are riding the kite take some getting used to. You have to make sure that neither the kite nor Yarny get stuck in any of the branches for too long.

There is also a coin in the branches of one of the trees. Do NOT get the next checkpoint until you get the coin, otherwise you have to start the whole level over again to get to the same kite location.

When going for the secret, you can count by the trees in the foreground or the background, but the background is much easier. When you are counting by the background trees it is in the upper branches of the fourth tree (on the right side of the tree). If you are counting by the foreground trees it is after the first one and right before the second one. To get up there properly you have to go at an angle and you'll probably die a few times. Secret 6 of 55.

Here is a picture for better reference:

Eagle Eye Secret

For getting the secret you will also unlock an achievement.

Eagle eye in Unravel
Eagle eye65 (30)
Find the secret hidden in the tree tops where you fly
  • Unlocked by 13,310 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.15) 62,056

After you get the collectible land the kite on a branch on the far right side. If you undershoot it, there is another branch with a few nodes that will help you get back up. From the ball of yarn on the top branch jump off the right side of the tree. Jump of the branch that you land on, except this time you will need to hold cn_LT or you'll fall to your death. There is a node at the end of this branch that you can tie a knot to. Then jump off and swing to the left under the branch to get another ball of yarn.

Drop down again making sure to catch yourself with cn_LT. Back on the ground again there are seven pine cones that you can push into the pit to the right. Then cross the pit and swing across two lasso nodes. Stay above the water or risk dying. Continue to the right near the water for two more lasso nodes and you'll get to a checkpoint. Down and to the left is a small pool with a rock in the middle. If you go a little bit off the left side you will find a secret hidden below the surface. Secret 7 of 55.

Now you can continue to the ledge above the checkpoint. You can lasso the node right above you, tie a knot, lasso the node above that and swing to the right. Heading to the right will cause you to stumble, but won't do any more harm. At this point you can pull the branch below the large piece of driftwood to the right. Keep going right past a checkpoint until you get to the docks with some large waves.

There is a node right on the edge of the dock that you should tie a knot to. Then swing under the dock and get the ball of yarn. You can continue to the left by pushing the piece of wood. Continue under the dock to the left and you'll come to a small alcove with a secret. Secret 8 of 55.

Now continue back to the part of the dock where you first made a knot. This next area will have some tricky swinging with less room for error. Swing across three lasso nodes until you get to a checkpoint on the shore to the right.

Here there is a piece of driftwood on a chain. If you pull it out a little bit, it will help you reach the lasso node above the checkpoint. Now you will have to swing on some lasso nodes that are above the waves. You can take more time with these to make sure you have some more momentum. When you reach the third lasso node (it's just past the edge of the dock above you), tie a knot to it. Lasso to the node slightly to the left and tie a knot there.

Next, climb down until you're almost touching the waves. It will be a little below the lasso node that you used previously. Then swing back and forth until you get enough momentum to reach the secret to the far left. Secret 9 of 55.

Climb back up to the trampoline that you made and jump up and to the right. There will be two more nodes that are perfect for making a trampoline. Use it and fall of a small cliff to another checkpoint. To the right there is a pole with rope on it that can be climbed. Don't be afraid of the seagull as it will just fly away. Take the clam that was by the seagull and push it into the pool of water to the right.

A crab will sidle along and will "eat" it (really just jiggle above it). Jump on the crab and quickly jump to the land to the right. If you stay on the crab for about two seconds it will grab you and kill you.

Further to the right there is another crab guarding a checkpoint. You'll have to get the shell in the pool of water to the right to bring back to it. Start by lassoing the node on the large wheel and rotating it clockwise. Then tie a knot to it and tie a knot to the node to the right. Push the clam on the rope bridge and all the way to the crab. Grab the checkpoint but don't follow the crab into its hole. It will probably kick you out but can also kill you.

Once you get the extra length of yarn you can continue to the right on the trampoline. Going down the hill you will see an image in the background and get another checkpoint. This next section will have the waves again, but this time you have to move a flotation device to the far right.

First run over to the rock on the right when the waves are low. There are two nodes in the next section, with the off-white flotation device on the upper ledge. You can get up there from jumping off the right node and climbing up. However, it is much easier to make a trampoline and jump up to it.

Push it off to the right and follow it down. There is a wall here with a small gap in the bottom. Place the flotation device right in the center of it and stand on it. If it's not in the center it will probably flip out and you may drown. Do it correctly and a lever will drop to the right. If you push the flotation device just under the left side of this lever and stand on it, the wave will raise it and you to the top of the lever.

From here tie a knot to the node on the right and tie another knot to the node on the rock to the upper right side. Now you can push the flotation device across this yarn bridge and use it in the next area to float you to the dock.

After the checkpoint, there is a crab by a crab trap. Jump past the crab and the trap. Then lasso the handle on the wheel and rotate it clockwise. This will raise up the crab trap and the crab will conveniently crawl under it. Jump up to the platform to the right of the wheel and pull the latch to drop the trap.

Ride the trapped crab to the right, where there is antique pike pole (a spear with a hook on it, commonly used in logging). Pull the pike pole out then jump on it and pull the metal loop on a chain. This will pull out a fishing gaff (hooked pole to pull large fish in). Climb up it and continue to the right.

You will come to a chain that is attached to a pulley block. When you stand on the chain the pulley block will slip loose. Lasso it before it gets away and jump off onto some boxes. If you miss there is a log that you an jump off to get the height to reach the pulley block. Otherwise you can always restart the checkpoint.

Next, you will have to swing yourself over several crabs. There are three lasso nodes and enough room to swing comfortably. After you make it across the area with the crabs you will get to a door that will swing shut if you're not pulling on it. To get through, tie a knot to the door and jump over the left side of the log above you. Now when you pull on your yarn it will open the door as you approach it.

Now that you are in the boat house, you are just about done with the level. Grab the checkpoint but don't go on the boat yet. Make a trampoline on the two nodes to the left and jump up to another platform. Push the two boxes to the right, which will swing up the platform. On the ceiling, there are three hooks that you can swing from. You can tie a knot to each one so you can just pull yourself back up. There are also two pulley blocks in between the hooks that you will have to stand on. If you over shoot these you can pull yourself back up. When you get to the far right there is a secret on a ledge. Secret 10 of 55.

Now that you have the secret you can start the boat. Pull the cord out to start the motor. Then lasso the node on the motor and pull back to lift the motor up and cut the rope. When the boat reaches the shore, jump out and run to the right to finish the level and unlock an achievement.

Watch the waves in Unravel
Find the second missing piece
  • Unlocked by 37,993 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 62,056

When you're in the house, run to the desk again. The next level is right next to the previous one.

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