Unravel Walkthrough

5. Chapter 3 - Berry mire

Right off the bat there is secret that is far above you in the trees. To get up there lasso the second node that you see and climb to the top of it. Then hold cn_LSu. The node above you will shimmer, indicating that Yarny will be able to reach it if you grab for it. Quickly release cn_RT and press it again while still holding cn_LSu.

You can try to use this technique to go up to the next pair of branches but it's much easier to make a trampoline and use that to jump up there. When you get to the top pair of branches, make a trampoline and stand in the middle of it. If you stand to the sides you won't jump far enough. While you are in the air grab the node in the middle of the trees, and swing to the left to get the first secret. Secret 11 of 55.

Now you can go back to the forest floor and head right. Past the checkpoint there is a fallen log over some water. Jump off and press cn_LT to swing under to the branch with a node on it. This will break and start floating to the right. Before it stops on the shore tie a knot to the end of it and go to the screen to the right. Lasso the large lever which will open the flood gates. Then go down to the rock below it where another node is. Try to shorten the yarn a little bit by climbing up it with cn_LT and then tie a knot to the node below so the flood gates stay open.

Then go back to the left and untie the knot on the log, allowing it to continue floating downstream. Follow it to the right and after it crosses the flood gate, continue to ride it to the shore. Then drag the log out of the water and use it to jump on a rock to the right. Fall down for a checkpoint.

Tie a knot on the node to the right. To the left of the checkpoint is a rock that you'll have to push far to the right. When pull it away from the wall, make sure you don't pull it too far or it will start rolling on its own and crush you. As you push it to the right it will push another rock and land in a pool, allowing you to cross safely.

When you get to the next checkpoint don't keep running; there is a secret nearby. The rock in front of you will fall when you stand on it. So, run on it and jump back to the left before you get taken with it. If you do accidentally fall you can pull yourself back up by climbing up the yarn tail. Secret 12 of 55.

Go to the right and there will be a branch that sticks up that you can jump on. Use it to lasso another dead branch that is above you. Push that to the right and use it to cross another pool.

At this point you will encounter mosquitoes, which can't harm you. They will, however, annoy you by preventing you from jumping high. There is an achievement for going through the rest of the level without swatting a mosquito. This basically means you shouldn't use cn_RT unless you are absolutely sure that it's going to hit a lasso node. If there are no lasso nodes in range you will automatically swat at the mosquitoes. You should be using cn_X to tie knots, cn_B to push objects and cn_LT to drag objects or pull yourself back up.

You can choose to go fast and fly by the mosquitoes, or take your time and make sure you highlight every single node before throwing your lasso. If the mosquitoes are surrounding you too much you can move away to lure them over there and quickly make a break for it.

Once you make it to land, grab the log and push it into the next pool. Tie a knot to the log and drag it with cn_LT to the next pool, where you have to ride it across. The log will sink and you'll have to use your lasso here. I suggest making sure the node is highlighted before you throw it. Practice jumping a few times and watch the node highlight and un-highlight.

When you make it to the land again you'll have to jump and lasso. Even if the mosquitoes are preventing you from jumping you can still make the jump without swatting them. Alternatively, you can lure them to the left and make a break for it before they can congregate again.

When you make it to the second lasso node, tie a knot here. Then swing over to the right and tie a knot on the node over here. If you tie them in the other order you will not have enough yarn to make it to the checkpoint above.

Continuing to the right you will come to a seesaw/teeter-totter. Lasso the right side to bring it down and tie a knot to that node. Then shorten your yarn and tie a knot to the node on the ground. This should prevent the seesaw/teeter-totter from swinging up when you stand on the other end. Now lasso up to the hand axe on the tree house and then to the left side of the seesaw/teeter-totter.

Tie a knot here and make a trampoline with the node to the right. Jump up and into the tree house where there is a stove with a node on it. Use the node to pull open the stove door and two logs will come rolling out. There is a third log in the stove that you have to pull out. Then push all three logs to the left which will make a secret pop out of the other side. Secret 13 of 55.

Now stand on the stove and climb up the stuff that looks like camouflage netting. Tie a knot to the node up here and jump down and try to swing to the right side of the tree house through the inside. For example, from that top node, jump far to the left and then hold cn_LT until you start swinging fast to the right. Then let go and you should land on a checkpoint.

Continuing to the right you will have to jump across a log and a bog. Then there is a log that tilts in the water depending on which side you stand on it. Stand on the left side so it raises out of the water, then jump to the upper right branch before it goes back down.

The next part is a little tricky because your yarn starts to run out and you are bombarded with mosquitoes. Jump across some bogs and use the lasso node only if it's highlighted. Then you will come to another tilting log. There is a rock to the right with a node on it. At this point your yarn is also running low so try not to stray too far. Tie a knot to that rock and pull it back to the tilting log with cn_LT. It should flip up as it comes onto the tilting log.

Get the rock slightly right or center on the tilting log. Then lure the mosquitoes to the left and with one quick motion jump onto the rock and lasso to the point that is straight above you. This is a pretty hard lasso to make as you have to lasso it right at the peak of your jump. Once you get it don't go to the branch on the right, as it will fall down. Instead go to the branch on the left first and finally grab some lovely yarn.

Now you can make your way to the branch on the right. Continue on for a while as it is relatively uneventful until you get to a tractor. Make a trampoline here and use it to jump onto the tractor. Tie a knot on the node that is right by the front window and pull the lever to the right to unlock the door below. As you're pushing the door open you should be able to see another secret just below you. You can't swing down there so you'll have to get something that floats in the water.

Pull the lever to the right to open the front of the tractor. Then use the lasso node on the front of the tractor to get on top of the engine compartment. From here you can push the smokestack to the left and climb to the top of the tractor cab. Up here there is a broken headlamp that you can push down to where the secret is to obtain it. Secret 14 of 55.

Get back to the top of the engine compartment and make a trampoline between the front of the tractor and the smokestack. Jump up and to the right to get another checkpoint. From the checkpoint jump to the left and grab your yarn with cn_LT, which will launch you to the right. Be careful as there are only a few bogs to stand on. Shortly after passing a rock you will have a fun little cutscene with a moose.

Continue to the far right until you get to something that looks like a metal milk carton. I think it's a beehive smoker, but that's up to interpretation. Attach a knot to it and pull it all the way to the far left until it stops under a branch. Then get on it and jump straight up and lasso a node above you. Make a trampoline between the two nodes up here and use them to jump to the checkpoint to the upper left. There's a node above it to help you out.

Now you can go back down to the beehive smoker and push it back to the right. Use it to jump to the next checkpoint. Once you get here there will be two branches above you with nodes on them. Make a trampoline with them (The left branch will fall a little), and jump to the left to get the last secret of this level. Secret 15 of 55.

Use the trampoline that you just made to jump to the upper right to get a small amount of yarn. This will be enough to get the huge clump of yarn on the ground. Drop straight down and grab your yarn tail before hitting the ground. Then run to the left to get it.

To the right there will be a branch with a node on it. Lasso it and keep climbing up the tree. Once you get to the top it will fall down and you'll be able to just run right to the end of the level. This unlocks an achievement. You will also unlock an achievement if you made it through the level without killing any mosquitoes.

Found at last in Unravel
Find the third missing piece
  • Unlocked by 23,407 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.61) 61,465

Pacifist in Unravel
Pacifist244 (80)
Make it through the mire in one go without swatting any mosquitoes
  • Unlocked by 6,615 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.04) 61,465

When you get back to the house you can go to the next level. It's above the previous ones but you'll have to do some swinging to get up there.

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