Unravel Walkthrough

6. Chapter 4 - Mountain trek

Drop down to the ground and run to the right. Go past a tilting log with a node above it and come to a log that is propped up by a rock. Pull the rock and lasso up to the branch above to the log. Keep going to the right and jump over a small gap to get to a checkpoint.

Climb up a few branches and you will come to two nodes with a branch up and to the right. You can make a trampoline here and jump up to the top right branch. You also can make a trampoline and push the large rock to the left over it and use it to reach the high branch. From here jump to the right and get another checkpoint. To the right is a log that you can pull down to continue to another screen. Make sure you're not too close to the log or it will crush you.

On the next screen, climb up some roots and jump to the right for some more yarn. There's a lasso node above if you need assistance with the jump. When you head to the hole to the right you'll start sliding. If you want to stop you can simply grab your yarn tail with cn_LT. There is a water pit with a secret towards the bottom that you might not be able to see at first. To get it, stand on the rock above it and get it to fall in the water. Then you can use the node and lower yourself down or swing down and to the right. Secret 16 of 55.

Go to the little alcove to the upper left and tie a knot to the node here. Then jump out from the alcove and grab your yarn tail to swing to the right. When you get the next checkpoint to the right you will notice that there seems to be a node under the mushroom to your right. You can't use it yet, but you will be able to in a second. Keep heading right and you will get chased by what I believe is a Norwegian lemming.

Immediately start running back to the left and back to safety by the checkpoint. The lemming will knock over the mushroom top, so you are able to make a trampoline between those nodes. Use it to jump up to the vines above. Climb up and lasso up until you get the checkpoint. Here, you should be able to see a bird house to the top left. Make a trampoline here and then jump up to the birdhouse and make another trampoline to reach the secret. Secret 17 of 55.

Drop down to the right side and you'll be on the other side of the lemming. Jump or walk on the puffballs (fungus that emits dust-like spores) to make the lemming retreat into the cave. Be careful as the lemming can still bite you if you're not walking on the puffballs. Once the lemming retreats far enough you will be able to lasso a piee of wood that looks like a toy boat. Push it all the way to the right and start riding it.

After a short while a European perch will swim up and try to knock you off the boat. It will continue to do this until you lasso the fishing lure on its dorsal fin. Once you do that it will take you for a short ride and smash your boat on the opposite shore.

Once you walk past the checkpoint there will be three nodes. Tie knots to each one so they create a ramp going into the cave. Then trampoline up and push the tin can into the cave using the ramp that you created. Once inside the cave you will see a large tilting log. Push the can to the right side of it and go under the left side of the log to get a secret. Secret 18 of 55.

Now you can push the can back to the left side of the tilting log and go to the checkpoint to the right. Further to the right, there are several nodes and a little platforming. Swing across and then tie a knot to the upper right node that is in an alcove. Then jump off and grab your yarn tail to swing to the right. As you're flying to the right lasso another node and swing to safety.

At this point you will be chased by your old lemming friend. You have to use the lasso nodes above the pools of water or you'll get slowed down too much. Try to get somewhat close to the nodes before you lasso them so you don't swing right into the water. There are four of these nodes altogether and then a vine at the end that you'll have to crawl up before the lemming goes crashing through the floor. It may take a few times to get just right, but once you get the lassoing part down it's much easier.

After climbing up the vines and getting a checkpoint, you will come to larger area with a more complicated series of paths. First, make a bridge/trampoline. Then climb up the vines on the right side and pull on the node to the right to release a rock. Then pull the wooden pail down and push it to the left. If it gets stuck just pull it back out and try again.

Drop down to where the rock dropped and push it over to the first trampoline. Now make a bridge with the two nodes to the left and push the rock onto this ledge. From here you can jump up and get the secret. Secret 19 of 55. This will also unlock an achievement.

Get a clew in Unravel
Get a clew55 (30)
Get the secret hidden in the mountain maze
  • Unlocked by 18,173 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 61,504

Now you have to untie all the knots that you've made in this section or your yarn won't be long enough to reach the next checkpoint. From the first trampoline lasso up and climb up the right ledges where the pail is. Lasso up and you'll be back outside.

Head to the right and pull the spool of wire off the ledge. Now push it to the right until you almost get to the water. Don't push the spool in the water yet. First, climb up the tree to the second node and the tree will bend down a little bit. Tie a knot to this node and then tie a knot to the spool of wire. Now when you push the spool of wire into the water it will pull the tree down a little bit. This will allow you to get to the top and jump over to the checkpoint.

The rest of the level is pretty straight forward platforming with one more secret. I apologize if the descriptions are a little vague; it's because every platform is a branch. Swing across a gap and then there is another larger gap that you will have to swing across. From here climb up to the mossy branch above and swing across a small gap.

Climb up some branches and swing over to a node on a larger branch. Tie a knot here and jump off, while swinging to the right. Climb up a little to get to a checkpoint by a bag. When you lasso the bag, it will detach and carry you to the shore. Hold cn_LSr to get a little more distance while gliding.

After seeing another image climb up a woodshed and pull open the door to release the logs. Try not to slam the door right on you and then run to the right. Lasso to the branch and climb up to get out of the way of the logs. Then head to the left and go inside the woodshed for the last secret. Secret 20 of 55.

Now that the logs are creating a bridge, cross them to end the level and unlock an achievement.

Walkabout in Unravel
Walkabout34 (20)
Find the fourth missing piece
  • Unlocked by 20,751 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 61,504

Once you are back in the house look for the level called "Off the rails." It is to the far right on an end table. You can easily reach it from the node in the door's keyhole to the right of the desk.

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