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7. Chapter 5 - Off the rails

The start of this level is nice and simple. Keep running to the right for about a minute. You'll pass train tracks, an image and finally a walking bridge that doesn't have a middle section. Start by making a trampoline on the two bottom nodes and jumping up and lassoing the top of the board. Pull yourself up, which weighs down this section. When it gets to the bottom tie a knot to it so it can't swing back up. Go to the right side of the board and use the node here to swing to the next section of the bridge. It's usually easier if you tie a knot to it and hang off with cn_LT.

Under the next checkpoint, you will see a secret, which can be obtained through use of the log raft. It should be noted that there is an achievement for getting through this section without the raft. However, you can get both the achievement and the secret in one playthrough without dying.

First open the latch to the right while trying to stay out of the water. This works best if you don't jump at all when you lasso the node. Then tie a knot to the node inside, creating a bridge to the checkpoint. Push the log raft all way to the left and off the platform. Fall onto and ride to the secret. Secret 21 of 55. Hold cn_down to restart the checkpoint and go for the achievement next.

This time jump off the platform as far to the right as you can and lasso the node under the raft. Then swing off to the right and quickly grab the next node and start climbing out of the water before you drown. Lasso the node above you and crawl over the right side of the pulley. Then swing over to a wooden platform. Jump on a log protruding out of the building and onto the structure to the right.

Now climb down the structure where there is a secret. While hanging over the water, swing over and get it. You may have to let go of cn_LT as you're swinging to the right to get the proper distance. Secret 22 of 55. Now climb out of the structure and continue to the right. There will be a chain off to the right.

It's tempting to just jump off and reach for it, but it's too far and you'll drown. Instead hang off the edge of the structure and swing until you get enough momentum to swing towards it and grab the chain. Swing to the right and you'll unlock the achievement for making past this section without using the raft.

Pathfinder in Unravel
Pathfinder76 (30)
Make it to the water wheel without using a log raft
  • Unlocked by 9,664 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.52) 61,481

Head to the right and jump over the gap to get some more yarn. Climb up and swing to the left and lasso a node on the large gear to open the flood gates. Now your yarn will start to wrap around a giant gear, so you have to move quickly or you'll die. Dropdown and run to the right to the gear that's wrapping up your yarn. Then pull your yarn tail so you are on the gear.

As it rotates counter-clockwise it will bring you close to a chain with a node on it. Lasso the node to remove your yarn from the gear. It will also drop a piece of wood that you should ride on. When the wood reaches the bricks on the other side jump up and onto the next screen.

This room has a series of large pistons that can very easily crush you. Jump down to the conveyor belt and move so the pistons don't drop down on you. After passing all three, lasso a node on the spinning wheel which will take you up to a checkpoint.

Now you have to cross back on top of the pistons. Be patient and jump right as the pistons are at their highest point. When you get across, go to the left to go to the previous screen. Here you'll have to climb up and make a trampoline/bridge on the top node and one a little bit to the right. Under the right node there is a wheel which you will have to pull to the left and push up the bridge that you just made. Keep pushing it to the right until it locks into place on a tilting board.

Now cross over to the right and grab the checkpoint. Now you have to backtrack a little bit to get a secret. Go left until you reach the gap with the tilting board and rappel down into the gap to find the secret on the right side. Secret 23 of 55. Climb back out and start to climb the wooden structure above you. Pull the pin out which will launch the wheel to the right.

Note: There's a bug here where if you die the wheel will spawn back to its original position. If that happens you'll have to push the wheel back in place before removing the pin.

Follow the wheel to the right and pull it to the left and stand on the left side of the tilting branch. Now push the wheel on the tilting branch to act as a counterweight. Go up the branch and continue right until you get to another checkpoint. Tie a knot to the bottom right node and then to the node on the branch above you. Go left from the checkpoint where there is a movable rock. Push it all the way to the right and it will prop up the branch. Now climb up your yarn tail to get to the other side where there is a checkpoint.

Make a trampoline here and jump to the left. Climb over the rock to the left and tie a knot to this node. The rock will also reveal that it has a node as well. Make a trampoline and jump up to the vines above. This section will have rocks that fall from above when the screen shakes so climb somewhat quickly up the four vine walls.

Once you climb on top of a log the screen will shake again, so run to the alcove to the left to avoid the rock. Now lasso up and swing on the vines to the right. Make sure you don't let go of cn_RT until you are actually climbing on the vines or you could fall. Lasso up once more and make a trampoline for the two nodes that are here. Use it to jump into the alcove to the left.

Above you there is a lasso node but don't climb up it. This jump can be a little difficult so it's a good idea to tie a knot to this node. Now use it to swing to the far right where there is another lasso node to grab the secret. Secret 24 of 55. Climb back to the node to the left side of this canyon and run all the way to the left. Another stone will come rolling by and you can then jump up to the checkpoint.

Run on the ground to the left some more to trigger more stones rolling at you. Quickly lasso up to the branch above you and wait for them to pass. Keep running and lassoing up the mountain past two more checkpoints. Rocks under your feet will start to slip but you can just jump over them several times. The next rock that comes will force you to hide behind a rock on the ground. There isn't a lot of room for error on this one so press all the way up to the rock wall.

As you're going up further you will reach a checkpoint. Here there will be another rock rolling towards you. Quickly lasso the branch on the ground and pull it back to shield yourself from the rock. Then lasso up to another checkpoint to get some more yarn. Head back to the left where the rock that you just block came from and climb up the hill some more for a secret. Secret 25 of 55.

Now you can go back to the checkpoint again and finally continue. Lasso up three nodes on wires and the third wire will detach. Now climb down a little bit and swing back and forth to get a lot of momentum. You should be able to swing up to the lasso node on the next wire to the right. Repeat this for two more long jumps. These may take a few times to get correctly.

Once you get to the checkpoint climb up some cables and swing across two more lasso nodes. Then you will land on a piece of steel that is just tied to some rope. You have to run back and forth to get the piece of steel to lift on the right side while you are there. This can be a little tricky but there's no rush to do it quickly.

Climb up some more cables to get to another checkpoint. Lasso up and to the left and swing onto the pipe to the left. Now you will have to do two lasso jumps that are pretty far apart. Once you get them you can either swing up to the last one or make a trampoline here. The goal is to get up to the shimmering cables. Once you're up there run to the right to end the level and unlocking an achievement.

Everlasting in Unravel
Find the fifth missing piece
  • Unlocked by 18,737 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.81) 61,481

Once you're back in the house you can go to the end table at the far left where the last level was. Lasso up and start on the level called "Down in a hole." Uhhh, did you notice the house is getting dark?

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