Unravel Walkthrough

8. Chapter 6 - Down in a hole

The beginning of this level is really straight forward again. Just keep running right. A car will drive above you but you don't have to worry about dodging it. Make sure to grab the yarn on the next gate; it looks like half a skein of yarn. If you know Swedish, you'll be alerted to some contaminated soil ahead... hope that doesn't affect Yarny.

Keep going right and you will come to a sign on the ground. Run over it and grab the crushed soda can. Put it on the right side of the sign and lasso up to the pine trees to the left. Make a trampoline here and jump up to some more yarn that is tangled around a tree branch. From here you can lasso to the right two times and then lasso once more to the right to reach the top of the chainlink fence. Climb over it to get to another checkpoint.

Keep heading to the right until you get to a barrel with a crow on it. Pull down the lid of the barrel and climb on top of it. The lasso twice to the left to get some more yarn. Now you return to the ground and continue to the right.

You will come to two nodes and a small bottle. Make a bridge here and push the bottle to the right over the bridge. Use the bottle to climb up the ledge, but make sure that the bottle is far enough away from the ledge that you can stand on the right side of it. You need to do this for the next section.

Up the hill a little further there are two barrels tied up with some chains. Lasso the node on the chain and pull it back. These barrels will be able to crush you, so quickly run to the left and lasso up the short tree and stay there until the first barrel passes under you. Then quickly drop down and run to the left and hide under the ledge with the bottle. You have to be directly under the ledge or the barrel will kill you. This allows only a very narrow margin of error.

Once the barrels are past you can continue back to the right of where they were. Shortly you will come to the toxic water that the previous signs were foreshadowing. If you touch this you will instantly die. Jump over the first pool and lasso across the second one. After this there are two barrels being held up by a stick. Once you stand on the middle of the second barrel they will start rolling to the left. Jump back to the left before they get too far. Then pull the bottle out of the barrel. It looks kinda like a sports drink bottle but clearly is marked toxic. Behind it is the first secret. Secret 26 of 55.

Now push the toxic bottle to the right and jump up the logs. Make a trampoline here and jump up to the next branch. From here there is a lasso point to the left that you can use to get to the branch above you. Hold cn_LT and swing to the checkpoint below you. Then head to the right and drop all the way to the ground here, making sure to stay to the left by the tree you just climbed. When you get to the bottom there will be two nodes and another toxic bottle.

Make a bridge here and push the toxic bottle to right. Keep pushing until it goes into the contaminated water. You want the bottle to be about in the middle of the water. If the bottle seems to get stuck on one of the sides, you can get it to move by running in one direction and stopping suddenly. Then make a trampoline on the two nodes on either side of it, using the bottle to safely get across the toxic water. Jump up and lasso the node on the left side of the pallet above you. When you swing over to the node on the right side of the pallet the barrels will start to roll of into the water. Make sure that you are back on the left node to avoid getting hit with them.

Now you can swing to the right node again and then swing onto the barrels that are now in the water. Continue to the right until you see a secret on a barrel. First get the checkpoint that is to the right of the barrel. This is just because the secret is dangerous to get. To get it, go back to the left and swing dangerously close to the toxic water. Once you get swinging, jump off to the right and get the secret. Secret 27 of 55.

Keep going to the right and there will be a long jump over toxic water. If you think you can't make it you can wait a little while a log will come floating to make it a little easier. Past this section, you start running down a hill with many differently shaped rocks. When you get to the checkpoint at the bottom you are forced to try to go to the left. This triggers the rocks to start sliding towards you. Quickly jump over the smaller ones and when the bigger one with some moss on it slides down jump on it. This should give you enough height to jump to the platform to the right. A huge rock will come sliding down and destroy the barrier, sending you flying to the right.

From here keep heading to the right under a trailer mounted generator. Slightly further to the right there is a small box. Pull it towards the generator and climb up the generator. Make a trampoline with the two nodes (the lever will automatically pull when you try to make a trampoline). Now you can jump off to the right and push the box unto the red button to the right.

Then climb back up the generator by grabbing your yarn tail. Using the trampoline to get to the top you will notice that there is a power cord next to an outlet to the left. This will activate a pounding barrel to the right (as long as the red button is also pressed. There will also be an electrical cord on the ground that will kill you if you touch it.

Before you go over there you have a secret to grab. Jump up and lasso a node off the screen to the right of the ladder in the background. Once you've lassoed it, swing to the left and jump onto the ladder. This will cause it to fall to the left and now you will be able to get the secret on the lampshade. Secret 28 of 55. Now head to the right, back to where your trampoline is. Jump off the right of the trailer coupler (the thing that attaches to the ball hitch on a truck) and grab the node that is on the chain to the upper right. The chain will detach and you can swing to the right where the red button is. Run under the crushing barrel as it's going up and grab the checkpoint.

As you're continuing to the right you should be able to see a secret below the sloped platform that you are on. Keep going to the right and drop down. Simply pull out the hard hat and get the secret to the left. Secret 29 of 55.

Now go to the right of the hard hat and push the wheel hub to the right a little. This will allow you to make two bridges on either side of the wheel hub. Push the hard hat up the two bridges and into the next gap. Jump onto the excavator's tread and run to the right. You will come to a box with two nodes on it. There's a faint red sparkle inside the box if you look carefully. That means that the secret is inside the box, so you'll have to smash it with the excavator.

Start by pull the box all the way to the left and making a trampoline on top of it. Then jump off the trampoline and lasso a handle from the cab of the excavator. Tie a knot here and drop back down to the ground. Then push the box all the way to the right so that it's up against the shovel. Do not pull the handle for drop the excavator bucket unless the box is in place! You'll have to replay the entire level if you do.

Now you can pull yourself back up the to the excavator cab with cn_LT. When you get on top of it, hold cn_LT and swing over the seat to the two handles inside the cab. Push the handle under the seat to swing the seat back up and then pull the on above it to drop the bucket, which should destroy the box and the mound of dirt.

From here drop back down to where the box was to get a secret and an achievement. Secret 30 of 55.

Dig where you stand in Unravel
Use the excavator to find a secret
  • Unlocked by 8,372 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 61,502

From here you just need to run to the right and swing once. This will give you the sixth missing piece. That is, until the carrion crow takes it.

Scarred earth in Unravel
Find the sixth missing piece
  • Unlocked by 17,615 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.86) 61,502

When you're back in the house, the next level is right above you.

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