Unravel Walkthrough

9. Chapter 7 - How much is enough?

The first part of this level is a little cruel without a guide. You have to take the can from the left of the starting point and push it all the way to the right. As you're pushing it you may see a secret to the bottom right. To get there continue up the hill. There will be a sudden cliff. Drop off and quickly grab the first node to the left.

This next section can be very difficult but there are a few hints that will help immensely. Always tie a knot to every single node. And from here, until you get to the last ring, always hold cn_LT. Make sure you're highlighting the next node and briefly let go of cn_RT and immediately press it again. You should continue to hold down cn_LT. Then move cn_LSul to get rid of the slack and get closer to the next node. Tie a knot there and repeat the process two more times. Tie a knot, hold cn_LT the entire time, highlight node, briefly release cn_RT and immediately press it again, then move closer to reduce the slack.

On the last node, you will have to swing a little so continue to hold cn_RT and then release cn_LT. Swing until you get enough momentum, then release cn_RT to get this painful secret. Secret 31 of 55. Here, it is probably best to just reload the checkpoint so you don't have to bother going back through that mess.

Okay, continuing on the normal path. This is going to sound a little confusing, since it's a lot of swinging from many different nodes, but here goes. From the checkpoint, lasso the node to the right and swing to the wall of tire treads. Climb to the top and then lasso to the right node twice. From here drop down one node and swing to the right nodes two more times. This should take you to another wall of tire treads. Climb to the top and get the checkpoint.

Jump off the right and climb on the wall of tire treads to the right. There is a node on a cliff to the right, which you should tie a knot to. Then jump off and by holding cn_LT swing over to another node. Adjust for length if you're getting too short or long and continue swinging across three more nodes. Then swing and cliimb out of the hole to the right.

Once you're out of the hole you will be under a rock with a node on it. Jump up to the right side of the flat rock nearby. Lasso the node and pull the rock down. This will launch you at another secret. If you land a little short go into the alcove to the left. Secret 32 of 55. Climb back out of this alcove and head to the right until you get to an outlet box and a copper pipe. Tie a knot to the copper pipe and make a trampoline with the node to the bottom right. Jump up to the window and climb into the building.

This building has a ton of cockroaches on the ground that will kill Yarny for some reason. Tie a knot to the lampshade and swing to the left under the desk to land on a power strip. This will turn on a light and make this area safe. Go to the right and climb up an office chair and then onto the fax machine. To the right there is another light. The switch is the small button next to it. Press the button and knock the light off the right side so it hangs down.

Now start moving the office chair to the right and just before it goes into the darkness jump on it and then onto the next desk. Push the binder over and pull the switch by jumping on it. On top of that there is a something that looks like a letterbox or mail slot. Tie a knot to the handle and climb on the shelf to the left of it. Pull the power sander closer to the letterbox and tie a knot to that as well. Push the power sander to the left and it will allow you to go through the letterbox.

Back on the outside, you will be running across some power lines. When the lightning strikes the power lines, you will die if you're still on them. The ceramic insulators are safe to stand on, but you can get shocked if you are in the air next to a power line (like when you jump through platforms). That means you can't swing through one or quickly press cn_LSd + cn_A to jump through a platform to avoid the lightning. This is one of the hardest spots in the game and will easily ruin a deathless run. There are two ways to do this, although I much prefer the 2nd method, as it's a lot less risky.

  1. Depending on your reaction time you can go balls-to-the-wall and just run for it. This is so tight that input lag and TV delay will play a part in it. You should jump as the thunder makes a sound and the screen flashes so you're in the air when the lightning strikes the lines. This may take many times and is surprisingly difficult; luckily this area is very short.
  2. The lightning strikes in sets of three. The first gap is about 3 seconds, the second gap is about 4 seconds, and the third gap is about 7 seconds. You usually won't be able to get very far in the first two strikes, but the third gap is long enough to get to the next platform. Just take the area one platform at a time and don't try to get too daring. If you lose count just start over until you know it's safe again.

More simply: Strike---3 seconds---strike---4 second---strike---7 seconds... the next strike starts at the beginning. It can get a little confusing, since the count starts and ends on the same strike. That means you still have to wait three strikes until you are good to go again. It can take a while to get used to, but once you have it, you pretty much can't fail. In the video I jump once, then twice, then on the third one I run for it.

Start by running right to the first ceramic insulator and then up the lines to the left. Tie a knot on the node here and swing over to the satellite dish for a checkpoint. Make sure you don't accidentally get shocked while swinging to the right. This will automatically create a trampoline if you tied a knot to the previous node. Now use the trampoline to jump over the satellite dish to the left to find a secret. Secret 33 of 55. Now you can climb your yarn tail to get back to the checkpoint.

Head to the right on the top power line and be careful with your timing of jumps. After a short while you'll reach a dump bucket above you. Climb up to it and then lasso the node above you which will release it from the zip line. Get to the right side of it because you will have to time the next jump to land onto a conveyor belt. Lasso up the right side of the checkpoint and then push the light off to the left. When the light moves to the right you can use it to reach the ledge above it. Head to the right for a checkpoint.

This next section can be a little difficult to explain so if there's any confusion, refer to the video guide above. There is a large roller chain with nodes moving around. There are also a few copper coils that can shock you. Technically, these look like electromagnets but I don't understand why they're randomly on the exterior of construction machinery.

Anyways, you'll have to ride along the roller chain to progress in the level. Go onto the gear to the right and a node will come by on the roller chain above you. Once you lasso it you can climb up and you will see a secret above you, but you can't get it yet. You can also swing down and to the right to get to the next node on the roller chain or just wait it out on this one.

Now you will have to increase or decrease your distance from the node depending on where the copper coils are. Try not to swing too much as this will only make it easier to get shocked. For the first one below you, you will have to be close to the node and on the next one you will have to be far from the node. At this point there is a checkpoint, so quickly grab it and get back on the node.

For the next one you have to be close to the node. Then you can swing over to the left to get a checkpoint. This is about where you'll be able to get the secret that you may have seen earlier. Go to the left past the crushing piston and get back onto a node to the left. Here you can swing to get the secret. Alternatively, you can just jump off the piston to the left and you can hit it, but you'll probably die. Secret 34 of 55. This also unlocks an achievement.

Undaunted in Unravel
Undaunted64 (30)
Find the secret in the crushing, zapping death machine
  • Unlocked by 13,473 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.13) 61,497

Here's a picture if you're having trouble seeing it:

The best way to get back is to swing to the gear to the bottom left and reload the checkpoint. Once you get back to the previous checkpoint you can stand on the piston to get shot up in the air and caught by a horizontal platform. Head to the right and there will be a node below you. Jump down the platform to the right of it and pull the piece of machinery out. Then push the bracket above it to the right. This will make two nodes appear that will allow you to make a trampoline and get to the next checkpoint.

Go to the left and swing across a node and climb up the wires. Run all the way to the right where there is a node on a latch. Lasso it and pull it to the right to open up the latch. This will automatically close behind you. Go to the left and push over the Swedish pipe wrench. This will scare the carrion crow away and reveal the piece that you've been looking for.

Go to the left and pull out the bottom drawer all the way. Now pull out the drawer that was above it to get the last secret of the level. Secret 35 of 55. Climb up to the checkpoint and pull on the node to the left. This opens up a hole in the wall to the left that you can go through.

Tie a knot to the electrical box and jump over the pipe to the right. Make sure you go over it so you can pull on the electrical box's latch. Then lasso the switch inside, turning off the power in the entire building. Head back through the hole in the wall to the right to return to the checkpoint.

Since it's dark the cockroaches will be back on the floor. You won't need to go down there now though. Lasso onto the light to the right. You might have to climb up it a little bit to make the next jump. Then jump to the crow nest to finish the level and unlock an achievement.

Shut down in Unravel
Shut down39 (20)
Steal the sixth missing piece back
  • Unlocked by 16,565 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.92) 61,497

Back in the house you will be able to go to the room to the far right. Climb on top of the piano to find the next level.

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