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Untitled Goose Game

For those who have not experienced the wonder that is this game, boy are you in for a surprise. In this game, you play as a goose, whose sole purpose - much like all geese - is to make everyone's life just a liiiiiiiittle bit worse. Except for yours, of course. The achievement list is incredibly simple, requiring us to just complete all of the in-game objectives, though some of them can be quite tricky, namely the speedrun ones. We will be doing "two" playthroughs of the game, but they will be in the same save. One will be for completing all of the main and side objectives, and one will be explicitly for speedruns. This game will probably take you upwards of 3 hours, though it may take longer if you have bad luck with the speedruns, or it may take less time if you nail them. I'd recommend you do the entirety of the first playthrough in one sitting (so if you don't have 2-3 hours to spare, you should probably wait), as this walkthrough is optimized to accomplish all the tasks as efficiently as possible, but when you quit, you will automatically reset the messes you have made, meaning any items that we have collected or strategically placed for use later, will be reset back to where they started, making things a bit harder. When doing the speedruns, we will be resetting constantly, so you can do those whenever you'd like.


The controls for this game are very simple:

cn_LS - Move

cn_X - Honk

cn_A - Run

cn_B - Interact/Pick Up

cn_LT - Crouch

cn_RT - Flap Wings

cn_LB - Zoom In

cn_RB - Zoom Out

cn_start - Pause

cn_back - View To-Do List


There are four kinds of objectives in this game. These aren't what they're officially called, but it's what I'm calling them for the sake of classification. Main Objectives are the ones that are required to be completed in order to progress to the next area. They are what must be completed for the speedrun objectives, as well as for the "Complete X to-do list" achievements. Secret Objectives are the ones that appear as question marks in your to-do list. These objectives are specific to one area. Compound Objectives are similar, in that they are also just question marks, but they require you to do things in multiple areas and often include backtracking. Finally, we have the Speedrun Objectives. Each area has one of these, requiring you to simply beat all of the main objectives before the church bell rings, which takes 7 minutes. We will be completely ignoring these objectives in the first playthrough, which is why you won't see them listed.

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