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Type Game
Publisher Blue Isle Studios
Developer Blue Isle Studios
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 24 Aug 2016
Last check 23 Apr 2019
Last on sale 04 Jan 2019
Release date 24 Aug 2016

Explore the vast and beautiful world of Valley using the power of the L.E.A.F. suit: a fierce exoskeleton that grants exceptional speed and agility along with the phenomenal ability to manipulate the life and death of all living things. Experience the adventure of a lifetime Valley is a First-Person adventure unlike any other. Hidden deep within a remote region of the Rocky Mountains, you find yourself bewildered within a secluded valley. With the power of a recently discovered L.E.A.F. suit (Leap Effortlessly though Air Functionality), run and jump your way through beautiful forests, dangerous ruins and vast environments; all the while utilizing the power to control life and death to uncover the startling secrets of the mysterious valley. Be forewarned, with these new-found abilities comes a daunting repercussion: the more you experience death within the valley, the more the valley will die around you.

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United States $19.99 $3.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
United Kingdom £15.99 £3.19Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Europe €19.99 €3.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Australia $26.95 $5.39Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Canada $19.99 $3.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Brazil R$39.00 R$7.80Xbox Live Gold Discount View
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Included in
Light & Dark Bundle

Blue Isle Studios is proud to present The Light and Dark Bundle - A collection of Blue Isle's indie hits: Valley and Slender: The Arrival.