1. Valley Walkthrough overview

Hello, and welcome to the official TrueAchievements walkthrough for Valley, an interesting First Person platformer with light FPS elements. In this guide, I will try my best to give you a roadmap towards unlocking every achievement in the quickest way possible, while also keeping backtracking and the overall difficulty of the tasks relatively low (there are a few occasions where you can get some extras early, but they require incredibly difficult jumps so it is much easier to backtrack).

This game will require only one playthrough, but you have to take care not to die too much because you can void a potentially missable achievement:


Complete game without the valley dying

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Other than that, there will be a plethora of collectibles to obtain, but if you follow along with me you should be fine. There are a total of 11 Acorn Doors, 60 Energy Capacitors, 7 Energy Canisters, 7 L.E.A.F. Suit Upgrades, 8 Slender Pages and 80 Medallions (though you only need 70 for Medallion related achievements). I will have videos of full collectible/achievement runs with commentary for each Chapter of the game, along a with detailed written guide for those of you who prefer it that way. These videos were recorded and edited by me, and anyone who chooses has permission to share them to help anyone out.

There is a "fast travel" option in the pause menu, which you can use to warp to the beginning of any previously played chapter in the game. You can use this feature to backtrack and collect any missed collectibles at your leisure throughout the guide. There will be one occasion where I will mention this, after unlocking the Double Jump ability, but this will be the only time I will expressly instruct you to do so.

With that, let's jump right in!

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