1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York Walkthrough overview

Vampire The Masquerade: Coteries of New York

General Walkthrough Overview

This walkthrough will help you obtain all achievements across the 3 playthroughs (required for "The New York Trilogy" achievement) and the 2 partial playthroughs for the "Bad End" achievements.

The game is short in length; 2.5 - 3hrs for a single full reading playthrough, so it shouldn't take too long to play through all of the playthroughs. Additionally, players can scroll through the text at their own speed by pressing the cn_A button, making a playthrough significantly shorter, cutting down on required total completion time. It totaled to 5 hours for me, but depending on how much you want to read, it can vary from 3-6 hours.

The overall difficulty of the game is a 2/10 only because the game uses a dialogue line-by-line autosave, meaning if you choose the wrong option in a dialogue tree, it will likely require the player to start over. Sadly, there is no manual save function in the game to prevent this and it is, unfortunately, an omission many games in this genre seem to have.

Finally, most of the missable achievements are tied to the initial meeting between characters, once this is/is not successful, most choices in the game won't matter for these main characters. They are known as The Coterie Candidates (Hope, Tamika, D'Angelo, and Agathon) and I will lay out my choices and whether they proved successful or not during these meetings. If successful, these meetings will eventually offer 2 extra achievements per character up to 12 total missable achievements just for these characters.

There are also 3 Side Stories in the game each with its own achievement - 2 singular questlines and 1 quest which has 2 routes for 2 outcomes (Benoit, Frank, and Adelaide). Technically, if a player fails to do them in time or makes a wrong choice, all 4 of these are missable too.

Some later choices throughout these storylines do affect outcomes, which can void achievements, but they are very few. I counted only 2 events after the initial "meetings" and I shall endeavor to warn you of said traps as they approach in the game and guide you through them.

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