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  • Spring ShieldsSpring Shields377,804
    18 Jan 2020 02 Oct 2020
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    Having bought the game on sale for $20 CAD a few months ago and liking some of the other games Dontnod has release, picking up this game was a no-brainer.

    The setting of early 20th Century alternative London I thought was well done. The art direction does a decent job of giving the player that feeling of being in a dark, depressing and gloomy world being ravaged by a plague with almost no hope in sight. Abandoned buildings, dead bodies wrapped up and pilled onto carts and vigilante patrols give a sense of dread and unease. There's a few interesting Sin City-esque scenes that I also enjoyed.

    The story and concept I think are fine; it's a branching story with choice and consequences. You play as Dr. Jonathan Reid who returns home to London from the frontlines of World War 1 only to discover he's turned into a vampire and has to figure out why and what impact it has on the world around him. The NPC backstories of each district are presented well enough and there's a motivation to get to know them as well. The more you unearth about them, the more desirable their blood becomes, which results in a huge bump in XP should you choose suck their blood. This is valuable for stat upgrades. You also have to craft them medicine if they begin to feel sick; their sickness decreases the value of their blood. If you choose to feed on any of the NPCs, their death will have rippling effects on the health of the district, particularly if one of the district "pillars" goes down.

    However, I thought the execution of all of this came up a bit short. As easy as it would be to just munch on a bunch of the NPCs for the giant XP boosts, I got by well enough with out having to kill anyone. Since you also get XP boosts from completing story missions, side quests, healing NPCs when they're sick and murdering thugs in standard combat. It left me a little bit under-levelled throughout the game, particularly in boss fights, but attack pattern recognition and a lot of patience are the keys to victory in that scenario.

    The combat is very Dark Souls-like: melee-centric with light attacks (one hand/off hand weapons), heavy attacks (two-handed weapons), stun locking, parrying, dodging and stamina management, instead of resting at bonfires, you rest in a bed in a hideout which you need to seek out and enemies comeback if you rest or die. However it's not as fluid or as tightly designed as Dark Souls. There's also special vampire attacks that rely on your "blood capacity". Some of them I found effective such as "Blood Cauldron" or "Claws", other I didn't even touch like "Shadow Mist" or "Coagulation".

    The dialogue flows a bit weird at times (Tell me more your job, tell me more about this city, tell me more about your relationship with... etc) and it sometimes makes it feel like a bit of drag knowing that this will the help the player get to know the NPC's backstories a little better. It also felt just plain drawn out at other times, especially after boss fights and towards the end of the game. There is a romance aspect of the story, but it feels rather forced and just seems to spring up out of left field.

    Overall, I think i can recommend Vampyr at a discount for around $20 CAD, but less so as a full priced game.
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    KanchanaburiI am personally very disappointed with this game. Far too much senseless dialogue options. Always asking the same pointless questions that could have been added into interesting cut scenes. Also the achievements push you to play a certain way which I hate. Slow pacing makes this suffering to return to play. 3.5 was overdoing it. 2.75 would be good by today’s standards.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 16 Feb 20 at 21:46
    Boots OrionI am enjoying this game, but the one thing that sticks out as poorly executed is the load times. I don't think I've ever played a game that has longer load times than this one, other than maybe Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) on the 360 [which is a completely awful game in general].

    This game is annoying at times and suffers most from trying to be too many things. The concept and setting are both phenomenal and the story is pretty good (so far - only halfway through) too.
    Posted by Boots Orion on 06 Aug 20 at 23:21
  • StiltongrenadeStiltongrenade510,906
    03 Apr 2020
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    I can't recall what compelled me to play this game, but I have no regrets, I made my choice. However, it's easy to see what could put one off the game. The most obvious comparison would be "like Dark Souls with an easy mode". But it's too hack-and-slash for that to work, in my experiences, the combat was far more forgiving, not that I find that a negative.

    The combat does become monotonous once I could detect the patterns, and the stronger the protagonist became the easier. As for everything else, well, the absence of a manual save and faster travel are nuisances, and the game is stingy about how much EXP is granted after the more grueling battles, come on, I defeat an enemy seven levels above me and all I get is a measly 10XP?

    I'm writing this review in wake of obtaining 100% gamerscore, I enjoyed the game, but, I couldn't recommend it to someone less patient.