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1. Walkthrough overview

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In Vampyr, you assume the role of Jonathan Reid, an English combat medic just returning home to London from three years of frontline combat in France to visit his sick mother. Unfortunately, things have changed in his absence, with Romanian immigrants flooding the streets, an epidemic of Spanish Flu ravaging the populace … and something darker working from the shadows. Before Reid can get his bearings, he wakes up in a mass grave, somehow still alive and filled with unnatural power. You will have to make the choice to embrace your inner Darkness and deliver the killing blow to London, or resist the call and stand by your Hippocratic Oath.

Vampyr is a slightly open-world, combat intensive RPG with a rich environment of characters. This is the most massive walkthrough I’ve undertaken, and I hope I do it justice. It’s my intention to create the most sensible linear path available to maximize the achievements you can earn, while also letting you experience the full richness of this game. While it is not necessary to complete all the side quests in order to obtain the 28 achievements within the game, I’ve included information for them anyway in case you want to embark on these side journeys. Because of the sandbox nature of the game and the way certain choices can veer game events into a different direction, if I’ve missed something, please let me know!

My walkthrough is constructed utilizing the Normal difficulty settings, so if you want to kick up the difficulty to Expert, some enemies may be a little different in areas. The game doesn’t feature manual save slots, so unfortunately 2 playthroughs will be required to get all the achievements. (There are methods to do save manipulation on the Xbox One, but it has a pretty high chance of glitching some of the achievements, so I decided to ignore that). If you really want to maximize your abilities, I recommend option number 2 and a tenth playthroughs. (1: Anarchy playthrough; 2: Not even once; 3: Embrace Clay as soon as you encounter him)

Most of the sites I’ve looked at give this a 35-40 hour completion time for 100%, and it’s a not a steep difficulty. The majority of the achievements are story-based and could be accomplished without a guide. This walkthrough will try and approach the sandbox nature of the story in a logical manner to help you progress through as quickly as possible, without really missing anything, but I’m also going to add in separate sections in case you just want to reference a certain quest or explore London on your own. This walkthrough doesn't cover any of the DLC content, as they aren't tied to achievements. (So I didn't get the DLC!)

The walkthrough is broken down by chapters, followed by pages devoted to Skills, crafting recipes, weapons, Lore Keeper collectibles, Citizen Investigations, and District Citizens.

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