Vampyr Walkthrough

10. Chapter 7: Healthy Carrier

Find a way to enter the castle.

Follow the only path available to you as the sun slowly rises until you’re once again confronted by the horned vampire. Once he disappears again, Jonathan learns the main gate is locked. There is a path leading around to the left, so follow the walls (rule of right!) until you reach an area of the battlements where you can leap across a gap. This will lead into an area of the castle where the wall has crumbled enough to allow you passage into the interior.

Wow, it really freaks me out that the sun is shining so brightly.

Explore the castle.

There are quite a few collectibles scattered about that continue to deepen the Vampyr lore. Pick them up if you wish to further the mystery behind Lady Ashbury. Continue down the hall until you find an entryway on the right wall with a hole in the floor for you to drop down. When you emerge from this room, Jonathan will comment that he can smell Elisabeth’s perfume, which somehow indicates there’s a secret passage nearby.

Locate the secret passage.

From the banquet table room, turn around (east) to locate a room with a large staircase. Ascend the staircase and Jonathan will mention how the large painting looks suspicious. With your vampire senses, a moon and sword are highlighted, so that indicates you should look for those symbols elsewhere.

Return to the banquet table room, and Jonathan will now spot several switches about the room, specifically two on either side of the fireplace – shield and sword – one to the left of the left window on the north wallflower… or fire… maybe corn? – and the final one is to the right of the north window. Hit the moon and sword switch, and you’ll hear a door open.

Confront Lady Ashbury.

The door is actually inside the fireplace, but on the left side of it, cunningly hidden out of sight. Descend the staircase here and follow the long path until you trigger the final set of conversations.

A taste for blood in Vampyr
Complete the game (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,131 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.63) 28,679

For your Not even once playthrough, you can pretty much follow an identical path (with the exception of draining citizens, of course!), as the quests are the best source of XP for you, in addition to keeping citizens health.

Not even once in Vampyr
Finish the game without killing any citizens (not unlockable in Story Mode) (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,446 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.45) 28,679

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