Vampyr Walkthrough

12. Investigations


While wandering around London, you may stumble upon mysteries or uncover them while investigating the citizens. I’ve organized these in alphabetical order so they’re easy to refer to.

A cherished souvenir

NOTE It is also possible to receive this quest by talking to Clayton Darby directly, but doing so may cause the quest to glitch – especially if you quit the game before completing it. Following this walkthrough is a guaranteed way to be able to complete the quest and receive all the hints for Darby and Christina.

In the center of Whitechapel Old Street, there is an alley off the main road that travels south (On the map, you’ll also note a small courtyard area on the south-eastern corner of Old Street). There is a 15 Rogue Skal ahead that you can ignore as you continue along south-west, where you’ll encounter a pair of unavoidable Skal (14 and 16 Rogues). The alley continues south where you’ll face off against a 16 Large Beast. (A tough fight in this confined space, so whale on him as quickly as you can!) On the east side of this alley is a gate that leads to a small courtyard with two 12 Rogue Skals, and a 14 Blinker Skal. Defeat them and then search the corpse in the middle of the courtyard to find a Wool Scarf. (You could have activated this investigation earlier by talking to Cristina Popa, but there is a glitch in this quest that only allows you to return it to Cristina if you quit the game prior to completing the quest. Doing it this way allows you to return it to her or Clayton.)

Find out to whom the scarf belongs. Hopefully, you’ve already unlocked Christina Popa’s Hint 4. If you haven’t yet, just watch Clayton Darby until he and Christiana duck into the locked area south-east of the church. After receiving this hint, talk to Clayton about “Personal questions?”, “This woman really stole your wallet?”, and then “How did you meet her?” to receive Clayton Darby Hint 3. Now ask “Personal questions?”, “About your relationship with Christina?” and either “I apologize” or “You are right” to learn that the scarf belongs to Christina.

Choose what to do with the lost scarf. You can either give the scarf to Cristina or Clayton. You’ll gain 50 shillings either way, but giving it to Clayton will also give you Clayton Darby Hint 2 and Christina Popa Hint 3 and 160 XP. Otherwise, these hints are lost. (Your decisions in the Y-conversation with Clayton won’t matter)

A journey to the past

Search the desk next to Jonathan's bed in the Reid Mansion and you'll find a Small Key. This will allow you to open a door on the first floor of the mansion to your father's office. Search the office. On a desk, you'll find Aubrey Reid's first letter, which will begin this investigation.

Find the second part of your father's testament. Your father's letter says that to find the next message, "think green grass and tall trees on sunny Sundays." This refers to the park area north-west of the Reid Mansion. The chest is extremely well-hidden. Looking at the map of this area, there is an area that runs north to connect to the north-west area of West End. To the west of this connecting area is where the chest can be found. (Refer to the picture below!) Beware of Priwen and Skals lurking about the garden.

Image 1

Find the third part of your father’s testament. Jonathan mentions that he applied at the Pembroke many years ago, so that is where the next chest is located. It is located on the first floor of the hospital, in the storeroom across the hall from the doctors’ office.

Open your father’s safe. The safe is located back in Southwark, near where you started your vampiric journey. Fortunately, the waypoint marker is right at the building where this safe is located. You gain an expensive watch, which you can either sell, recycle for parts, or give to Avery.

Alignment of stars

When you enter the West End in Chapter 4, turn to the NW to see a scaffolding you can cross under. Doing so triggers a battle with a Level 27 Rogue Ekon, highly resistant to melee and blood attacks. Added bonus: He uses Blood Barrier to prevent damage for up to three attacks. After the battle, you MUST enter the nearby building and speak with Tadao Kimura, or he will be killed when you go to sleep. If you talk to him now, he will relocate into another area of town. (While inside this building, check the table in the back left corner for The heresy of the Pure Blood collectible)

Another body murdered

After rescuing Archer Woodbead “Old prune and good manners”, check the house behind him. On the second floor, you’ll find a watch of a corpse.

Choose what to do with Jack Gillingham’s watch. This is actually kind of sad. You can either return the watch to Enid for 50 shillings or sell it Martin Nightingale for 50 shillings and a Silver mirror. Either way, the watch winds up in Martin’s possession, since Enid is convinced Martin is her son.

A simple token of filial love

Speak to Seymour and select "Your life in London?", then "What is your role around here?" and finally, "Is something bothering you?"

Retrieve the necklace lost by Seymour Fishburn. Seymour's necklace can be found in a sewer tunnel beneath the docks. The entrance is below the pier on the south end of the docks, due south from the Turquoise Turtle. If you use your blood sense, you can follow a trail of blood into the tunnel. You'll have to smash a pile of barrels to get inside. Once inside you'll find a corpse. Search the corpse to find the Bloody necklace.

Choose what to do with Seymour Fishburn's necklace. It’s up to you whether to give the necklace back to Seymour (and let him know you know his dirty little secret) or just give it to his mother. Either way, you’ll earn 40 shillings, 80 XP and Seymour Fishburn’s Hint 1.

A surprise for the London's lone gourmet

Speak to Calhoun Russel and select "Your life in London?","Any interesting local news?", and finally "I have specific tastes..."

Find an exceptional restaurant for Calhoun Russel

There will be three restaurants marked on the map, but to quickly finish this investigation, visit the Temple Covered Market (the northernmost mark on the map). The restaurant is on the ground floor, on the right (north-east) side of the street. Use [cn_a] to read the menu.

Report to Calhoun Russel. Return to Calhoun and tell him “I found an exotic restaurant.” He will reward you with 200 shillings and 140 XP.

Burn after reading

After eavesdropping on the Goswicks, speak to Mortimer about “Personal questions,” “You tried to kill yourself,” and then “Can I help you?” Mortimer will give you the key to his flat and ask you to collect the letter. The flat is just south of the hospital. In addition to the Crumpled Letter that is the quest objective, there is The Origin of Vampires: Fertile is the Belly of the beast! collectible in the flat.


During Chapter 2’s “A rat in the hospital,” while in the Sewer, head north from where you battled the Level 9 beast at the end of Act 2. Turn right at the top of these stairs and then take the next set of stairs down to find Oswald trapped by a 6 and 8 Rogue Skal. Oswald is in a blind panic so you can deal with these Skals however you see fit without giving away your Vampiric (Vampyric?) identity. After you’ve dealt with them, step into the cage Oswald has locked himself in and talk to him. If you don’t talk to him, even if you’ve killed the Skals, leaving and sleeping will cause Oswald to be killed. After you’ve spoken to him, you can leave; Oswald will return to the surface on his own and will rejoin Newton the next time you rest.

Emily is missing

Speak to Charlotte Ashbury and ask “Your life in London?”, “What do you do around here?”, and “How are the locals reacting?”

Locate Emily’s house. The waypoint marker will lead you to a home that you can’t access. If you look at the house across from this, however, you will note it is occupied by Venus Crossley. (If you stand here for a bit, looking into the windows, Venus will eventually wander into this room and you can eavesdrop on her activities for Venus Crossley’s Hint 3) If you want to save this step, just knock on the door of the Crossley residence and demand that Venus let you in.

Feel free to rummage around the ground floor for crafting materials (there’s quite a bit). You can talk to Venus if you’d like, but there are no additional hints to be learned here, it’s just extra background information. (Or, in my case, extra justification to want to embrace her later. As tempting as it is to do so now, just be aware that if you don’t kill Clarence as well, he’ll barricade himself in the house and you won’t be able to complete his investigation.) Head upstairs for more crafting materials and ensure you grab Venus’ journal from the nightstand next to the bed for Clarence Crossley Hint 4. On the opposite side of the bed, in Clarence’s nightstand, you’ll find The Lost Library.

Open the door in the bedroom leading out onto the balcony and then jump across to the opposite side. Jonathan is able to enter the house from here.

Search the room. To the right of the entrance is a desk where you can find Emily’s love letter. Loot the room for crafting materials, and then check the bed (on the right side) to find a blood trail.

Follow Emily’s blood trail. The blood trail leads back down to the street, to the south, through a gate, and into the North Docks region of The Docks district. The trail leads directly to a vampire crouched over a corpse. Speak with the vampire to learn about Emily’s fate, and then either decide “I believe you” or “You deserve to die.” Picking the latter causes you to have to fight the Ekon, who is a Level 30 Rogue, resistant to melee and highly resistant to blood attacks. But truthfully, he’s resistant to just about everything. While he’s worth quite a bit for an enemy encounter (200 XP), it may be better to just believe him!

Report to Charlotte Ashbury about her missing friend. Return to Charlotte and tell her “I have found Emily …” She rewards you with Charlotte’s Stake an awesome weapon, as it already comes in Perfect condition! (35 Stun!) along with 450 XP.


Speak to Edwina and select "Your life in London?", then "About this part of town?" and then"Thinking of somebody in particular?"

Come up with the Gravediggers. Travel all the way to the south-west corner of Southwark, to the burial pile where Jonathan woke up at the beginning of the game. In the northwest corner of this area are a pair of corpses, one of which a Warning note from Booth Digby. (Booth Digby’s Hint 3).

Choose what to tell to Edwina Cox. You can either Report the death of the gravediggers or Hide the truth. Either way, you’ll earn 50 shillings and 100 XP.

Hide and seek

Talk to the man hiding in the sewers. While investigating the sewers beneath The Docks during Give a dog a bad name, you’ll find a hideout of Skals. Near the room you are directed to during this quest is a staircase leading down. Follow this down a path into a tunnel, where you’ll find Rodney Grader hiding. He will refuse to leave at this point.

Find out the reason why the terrified young man is hiding in the sewers. Return to the surface and visit Enid Gillingham’s house in the Night Market (southeast of the Night Asylum). Inside her house, check the bookshelf next to the door to find an Unfinished letter. Read it to unlock Rodney Grader’s Hint 1.

Convince Rodney to go back to The Docks. Return to the sewer and speak with Rodney. Any response will cause Rodney to leave the sewers, but don’t select “You’re a spineless coward!”, otherwise, you’ll lose Rodney Grader’s Hint 5. On the following night, he will relocate to the Night Market.

Holy crusade

In Whitechapel, ask Father Tobias Whitaker about “Personal questions,” “Have you any family left?” and then “Where did you send him?”

Retrieve Samuel the disciple in the cemetery. Tracking this investigation will show you a general area of where to go in Stonebridge cemetery. You’ll want to focus your efforts on the west end of the cemetery, at the crypt where you rescued Hsiao Shun during “Widow in Distress.” (Or, more likely, where you’ll stumble upon Hsiao Shun to reveal “Widow in Distress.” Stepping deeper into the crypt where you just rescued Hsiao will update this investigation when Jonathan stumbles upon a number of bodies.

Inspect the bodies to find Samuel the disciple. Check the three bodies, but you won’t find Samuel here. Instead, Jonathan will decide to follow the blood trail. (As you turn around to leave, you may notice a locked box in the right corner, next to the stairs. This box belongs to Thelma Hawcroft and contains 10 screws, 9 rivets, as well as a mirror and bracelet. You receive the key after embracing her)

Follow the blood trail. Follow the blood spatters as they lead you south-east, where you’ll find a 14 Rogue Skal and Samuel, who is now a 16 Dazzled Skal. (Smart move, Father Tobias. Oh well, it’s not like Samuel was one of our citizens, right?)

Eliminate what remains of Samuel the disciple. Samuel may be resistant to melee damage, but I’ve found there are very few situations that barbed cudgel can’t resolve. He does a lot of damage (all aggravated), so take him down as quickly as you can. (Ranged attacks do quite well against him). After he is defeated, you’ll receive a Personal diary. Make sure you read this for Tobias Whitaker Hint 2.

Report to Father Whitaker. Return to Whitaker at Saint Mary’s church and let him know about his wayward disciple. He’ll give you 40 shillings and 160 XP.

Like father, like daughter

In the southwest corner of Temple Church Park, there is a hideout. Just outside this hideout is a blood stain you can check to realize that the original occupant of the house is missing. This investigation can be concluded during the events of Chapter 5.

Find Louise Teasdale. Rather than ascend the second staircase, head past it to find a large tunnel on the far side of the room. At the end of this tunnel is a room with a 30 Rogue Ekon who has taken Louise, prisoner. After defeating him, you’ll pick up a Recent diary which clues you in on this psycho’s motives, and also gives you Louise Teasdale’s Hint 3.

Talk and check on the pugnacious young woman. Open the gate leading to Louise’s cell and chat with her. (Pugnacious, indeed!) After the conversation, she’ll relocate to the West End the next time you sleep. You are also rewarded 140 XP.

Midnight in the garden of good and evil

Talk to Milton Hooks about “Your life in London?”, “What is your occupation?”, and “You sound like you’ve had it rough?”

Enter the backyard garden. You will find Milton’s wallet in the garden southeast of the hospital.

Bring back the wallet to its owner. Bring the wallet to Milton to earn 40 shillings, 160 XP, Milton Hook’s Hint 2, and Pippa Hawkins Hint 3.

Missing ingredients

Talk to Dr. Strickland and select "Your life in London?", "About the Pembroke hospital?", then "Do you need my help?"

Reach the pharmacy. From the Pembroke, follow the lower wharf road past the 5 Rogue Skal until you see the steps leading up into Poplar Faubroug. Rather than take these stairs and tangling with the Priwen guarding the bridge, you can teleport over to the southern side. (You’ll want to teleport onto the upper street, rather than the lower tunnel.) From here, continue down the road south until you can take a left and face off against a 14 Dazzled Skal and a named 16 Skal. The 16 Skal is resistant to firearms and highly resistant to Shadow. Like the Skal you fought in the morgue, he has a shadow decoy. Unlike the morgue fight, this one’s Stun bar doesn’t reset, so he maxes at 6 bars.

Search for Thoreau Strickland’s order. On the ground where the named Skal was crouched are a couple of corpses. You’ll find Doctor Strickland’s List near these bodies.

Tell what happened to Thoreau Strickland. Return to the Pembroke and speak to Dr. Strickland. Tell him “Your drug provider is gone,” and you’ll unlock Thoreau Strickland’s Hint 3. You offer to help complete Strickland’s experiment, although you decide to remove the opium he wanted from the equation.

Gather the ingredients and formulate the medication. (1 sodium hypochlorite, 1 potassium permanganate, 6 ferrous tartrates) These ingredients need to be brought to your medical desk in your office, which is the long table to the left of your crafting table.

Choose what to do about Thoreau Strickland. You can either bring the medication to Strickland or choose to report him to Ackroyd. The choice doesn’t really matter as far as I could tell, XP wise, so use your own judgment.

Put the medication in the Doctor’s office. Regardless of your choice, you’re given the key to the doctor’s office and told to put the placebo away for safe keeping. Head upstairs, unlock the doctor’s office (the door on the left side of the hall before your office) and place the medicine inside for 100 XP. While you’re in here, loot the office for M. Goswick’s medical file (on the shelf in the back left corner) for Mortimer Goswick Hint 3 and Letter to Doctor Swansea (on the left-hand desk) for Gwyneth Branagan Hint 3. You may notice there are two locked cabinets and a locked chest in this office. These belong to Strickland, Ackroyd, and Tippets, and will only be available to unlock after you embrace them.

Occult oculus

By finding one of the four Texts in Braille, you will begin this investigation.

Find someone who can read Braille alphabet. Well, that’s a bit presumptuous, Vampyr! First things first, track down the documents.

1: Chapter 2; Found in the abandoned tenement where you find Cadogan Bates in Whitechapel (see “Retaliation”), on the large bed in his “panic room”. (Chapter 2)

2: Chapter 3; Found in the alley in the western corner of The Docks, on the opposite side of the alley from where you rescue Archer Woodbead. (See “Old prune and good manners”)

3: Chapter 4; Just before you reach the bridge crossing into bridge crossing the river into Stonebridge Cemetery, take the steps leading down to the river’s edge. There is an entryway to the sewers on the right wall. This area is filled with Priwen and a handful of Skals. Inside, follow the path until you see a large sewer tunnel on the right wall. Go past this to where the large sewer tunnel curves to the right and you should see a burning trash barrel with a corpse next to it. Search this corpse to find Extermination of the Rodents (17/30 Lore-Keeper).

From here, proceed along the tunnel (roughly east) until you see a tunnel on the left wall. At the next intersection, head left, up a set of stairs, and then make another left. Follow the tunnel until you can see a door on the north wall that would exit the sewers. Instead, look at the right wall to see a sewer tunnel just above you. Jump up there, head down the tunnel a bit until you see an opening in the left wall that leads into one basement of sorts. On the right is a dresser that contains Braille Document #3. (If you head up the stairs here, you’ll find the door is locked and requires some sort of code so we will come back here later.)

4: Chapter 4; Just east of the Temple Garden is an entrance to Temple Covered Market. Clear out the Priwen in this area, then jump up to the upper walkway via a broken rail. On the right side is Wakefield Chocolate, where you can find double-barrelled shotgun on the floor. On the left side, enter the upper floor of the clothing shop (marked by “BEWARE” at the entrance) and descend the steps to find a 25 and 26 Rogue Skal. Get rid of them, and then search the corpse they were munching on to find the fourth document.

Find someone who can read Braille alphabet. The obvious choice here is the only blind man in the game, Mason Swanborough.

Bring back the Braille notes to Mason. You have to speak to Mason four times to present him all four pages of the journal and learn their contents. Mason will tell you the location of a laboratory, as well as give you a code for the door.

Find the laboratory of the Brother of St Paul’s Stole. The entrance is back in the basement area where we found Page 3 of the journal, just south of the entrance to Stonebridge Cemetery.

Retrieve the potion recipe in the laboratory. Head through the building and up the stairs to learn that the chemist is now a 20 Skal. You should be able to put him down without difficulty, and then you’ll pick up a Chemist diary that tells you how he was turned. While you’re here, check the medical cabinet to find The Blood Goddess heresy (22/30 Lore-Keeper)

Choose what to do with chemist diary. You can either give the diary to Mason, earning 3 salicin or keep it, in which case you get yelled at by a blind man. What you decide doesn’t really matter, as Mason blinds himself again after seeing what London looks like. (Pessimist)

Old prune and good manners

When you gain access to the Docks during Chapter 3, take a moment to investigate the area in the south-east corner of the map to hear an old man being attacked by Skals.

Save the old man by defeating the Skals. It only seems right to rescue this poor bastard. Take a few steps in that direction, but be aware that a 17 Blinker Skal will appear behind you. Turn around and take him down, and then loot the body in the far west corner of the alley to find your second Text in Braille for “Occult Occulus” (Look at us, multitasking!) Seriously though, enough messing around, because the old man is being trapped by three Skals (19 Dazzled, two 16 Rogues) The Rogue Skals can seriously mess you up if you engage them in the close quarters of the alley, especially since they are resistant to melee and ranged attacks, so lure them in your direction with your vampire powers before erasing them.

Talk and check on the old man. After the fight, open the gate and meet the man, Archer Woodbead. After you convince him to return to the Docks, you should take the time to loot the house behind him. On the second floor, you’ll find a body with a Bloody letter which gives you Enid Gillingham’s Hint 4. You also pick up a watch, and unlock the investigation “Another body murdered.”

Promising recruit

As you cross the bridge into Whitechapel from Pembroke, there is an 18 Ferocious Skal on the side alley just north of the street. Killing him with give you a Wet Boot Boys Note, and Albert Palmer’s Hint 2.

Choose what to do with the recruiter’s note. You can either give the note to Albert for no reward or give it to Benjamin Palmer for 50 XP and a Swanborough Cordial, which can be examined for Loretta and Mason Swanborough’s Hint 1.


Just across the bridge leading into Whitechapel from Pembroke Hospital is a side alley to the north. Follow this alley into a square guarded by three Priwen (a 12 Brawler, 12 Fire Executioner, and a 10 Rookie). After dispatching the Priwen, look at the blood-covered door in the north-east corner of this square. Enter this doorway to unlock this Investigation.

Save the shocked man by defeating the Skals. Run up the stairs and, using your senses, you’ll spot a 14 Blinker Skal accosting an unknown citizen (Cadogan Bates). The door won’t open from this side, so you’ll have to proceed up to the third (or second, if you’re English) floor. The door up here will open, revealing a convenient hole in the floor leading down to Cadogan and the Blinker. However, there are two 13 Rogue Skals up here that you should deal with first. And you may as well loot the upper floor (Cadogan’s fine; trust me!). On the west wall is a bed with a corpse on it. The corpse holds a Petition Letter that will give you Cadogan Bates Hint 2. Reading this may not give you a good fuzzy feeling about saving Cadogan, but if you’re going full Vampyr, you’re going to want to embrace him yourself; and if you’re doing Not even once, well … he’s got to stay alive, unfortunately. Drop down and sneak up behind the distracted Blinker to get a good Stun attack on him before eliminating him.

Talk and check on the shocked man. Simply converse with him to gain 50 XP. Cadogan will relocate to Whitechapel’s main area the following night. There’s quite a lot of loot in this little room, but you can also find a Text in Braille on the large bed. This is the first of four documents, and triggers the “Occult Oculus” Investigation, although it will be a bit before we can do anything more with this.

Shortage of essential product

Speak to Tom Watts after returning to The Docks in Chapter 3 and select "Your life in London?", "How can you keep this place open?", and finally "Is there anything I can do?"

Tom's gin supply is inside the quarantine zone. As a doctor, you're allowed to cross the border, and as a vampire, you're immune to disease.

Retrieve some gin bottles from Tom Watts' stash. This is located in the warehouse on the east side of the western docks. From the warehouse where you fought “The Spark”, follow the waypoint north to reach another warehouse. Inside, there are some Priwen and a 22 Large Beast fighting within. While it’s possible to let these factions battle it out and then tangling with whoever is left standing, you can also run inside and teleport up to the first-floor walkway. Use the key Tom gave you to unlock the door and head inside. The bottles of gin will be located on the south wall of shelves. As an added bonus, in a locker on the north wall is a Newspaper article, which will give you Tom’s third hint.

Choose what to tell to Tom Watts. You can either give him the gin or decide to keep it. Talk to Tom and tell him “Your warehouse wasn’t empty!” to earn Tom Watts’ Hint 1. Keeping the bottles will add six bottles of alcohol to your inventory while giving him the gin earns you 50 shillings and 150 XP. (This should be a no-brainer…)

Spoils of war

Speak to Giselle Paxton in the West End Docks (outside Night Asylum) and select "Personal questions," then "Are you a Trade Union activist?" and finally "No support from the Trade Union?" You'll learn Giselle's 3rd hint, and unlock this investigation.

Seek for Giselle Paxton's thieves (Literally what the quest step says, a subtle reminder that DONTNOD is French) Head to the southwest portion of the Western Docks. You'll find a group of Priwen (16 Rookie and 17 Enforcer) on the pier here, fighting a Level 8 Rogue Skal. Defeat the enemies and search the bodies nearby to find a Small bag of money.

Choose what to do about Giselle Paxton's stolen money. You can either return it and receive a hint and keep it and not receive a hint.

The harder they fall

While exploring the Morgue during Chapter 2’s Night Shift mission, you’ll come across a corpse on the autopsy table in the basement. Pick up the Death Report on the stool next to the body to begin this investigation.

Find out the cause of death. Inspect the corpse. (You’ll gain Corcoran Tippets Hint 5.)

Interrogate Gwyneth Branagan about medical error. “Personal questions,” then “Tippets’ medical error.” (You’ll gain Gwyneth Branagan Hint 2.)

Interrogate Corcoran Tippets about medical error. “Personal questions,” then “About your medical error.”

Choose what to do with Dr. Tippets. If you tell Tippets “I’ll cover for you,” you gain Corcoran Tippets’ Hint 1, 60 XP, and 100 shillings. Alternatively, you can tell Branagan “I won’t reveal Doctor Tippets’ error” and still gain 100 shillings, but you’ll miss out on the hint.

They are among us

After learning Clarence Crossley’s Hint 2, ask him “Personal questions,” then "What have you discovered about vampires?" Finally, select "What do you mean you're not alone?"

Find 6 articles (collectibles) about vampires for Clarence Crossley. Clarence wants The heresy of the Pure Blood; The antique figure of the Vrykolakas; Fertile is the belly of the beast!; Supremacy of Ekons; Rare species of vampires; and The violence of Vulkods. Check the Lore Keeper’s section if you are missing any of these.

Report to Clearence Crossley. After you’ve found all six documents, return to Clarence and tell him “These are the documents you wanted.” You’ll earn 480 XP. (Of note, you don’t lose these collectibles by turning them in. I guess Jonathan has a fancy copier somewhere in his office)

Tools of the trade

During Chapter 2, you can find a Crumpled Letter in the southernmost of the medical tents by the river, which gives you a hint for Clay Cox. Speak to him and select, “Personal Questions,” Your wife’s letter pissed you off?”, followed by “Don’t you want it back?”

Follow the path next to the river south. There will be an 11 Rogue Skal up ahead, but if you sneak up on him, you should be able to rough him up with Bloodspear or Shadow Mist and then whale on him with your Cudgel. Check the boxes in this area to find 2 Lead Plates, 2 Lead Rods, and 2 Lead Sticks, as well as a Large Knife. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of your melee weapons, but you can return it to Clay. (40 Shillings and 50 XP)

Tribute to the victims

Speak to Dyson Delaney and select "Your Life in London?", then, "Anything you like about this district?", "No reason at all to rejoice?" Finally, select "All right. Go on..."

Locate the site where the bombing took place. Head across the long bridge running north-south that leads into the Southwark area of The Docks. Follow the road as it leads west, then south, and finally east through a gate until you reach the alley you ran north along back during the Prologue to reach the first hideout. From the red door of the first hideout, head south along the road until you spot a small area to your right. There is a stone monument in this area, and Jonathan will make a comment that this is the location where the bombing took place.

Find some flowers to pay respect to the victims. Fortunately, there’s a bouquet of flowers just across from this small area, and a little further south along the road.

Put the flowers on the bombing place. Return to the monument and use [cn_a] to place the bouquet. The next step will be to talk to Dyson about the bombing, which we will do next time we’re near the Turquoise Turtle.

Talk to Dyson Delaney about the bombing. Return to the Turquoise Turtle and speak with Dyson, telling him “I have found where the bomb exploded.” You will receive Dyson Delaney Hint 3 and 170 XP.

Trinkets and more

Ask Barrett Lewis about “Your life in London?”, “Noticed anything out of the ordinary?”, and then “Violence is increasing?”

Retrieve Barrett Lewis’ box. Follow the west alley from the church. There’s a 10 Priwen Gunner, an 11 Priwen Rookie, and 12 Priwen Exterminator this way that you’ll need to eliminate. After this, head into the large building. Within will be a 10 Large Beast. After he is dispatched, stand roughly in the center of the building and face west. Look up to find a ledge you can teleport up to. From up here, turn slightly southward to find another ledge you can teleport onto. On this second ledge, you’ll find a corpse with a Small box. Examining it will reveal Barrett Lewis’ Hint 2. Drop down from this ledge and look at the corner post (facing east) to find Used Hatchet (6/20 Melee).

Choose what to do with the box. You can either return it to Barret for a small bag of junk (variety of crafting materials) and 50 shillings or give it to Joe for just 25 shillings. Either way, you will earn 100 XP.

Vampire hunter extraordinaire

Speak to Ichabod and select "Your life in London?" then "About your work?" and "Do you need help?" Ichabod will ask you to post flyers around the town, warning people to be on the lookout for vampires.

Take some posters from the pile. You can find the pile of posters just outside the fence around the Night Asylum.

Choose what to do about Ichabod Throgmorton’s campaign. You can decide to hang the posters up along the street or just burn them all and call it a day.

Stick 5 posters in the streets of the East End Docks: There is a heavy Priwen presence in the area where Ichabod wants the posters hung. You'll be facing around 5 Priwen of levels 16-17, including a couple of Chaplains. The five locations are all on one street that runs through the middle of the western docks from east to west. It's best to start at the west side and simply follow the street east, placing posters and fighting Priwen as you go.

Burn all the posters: If you decide to burn the posters, look for a stone furnace with a tall chimney southeast of the Night Asylum. Burning the posters is the easier option, although you won’t get paid for completing the mission.

Report to Ichabod Throgmorton. If you hung the posters you'll select "Your posters are everywhere."
If you burned the posters, you'll simply say "Your posters were destroyed." leaving out the fact that it was you who destroyed them. No matter which option you chose, you'll earn Ichabod's 2nd hint.

If you hung up the posters for him, Ichabod will also pay you 50 shillings for your efforts.

Widow in distress

Just beyond the front gate of the cemetery, the path splits in three directions. Take the leftmost path and you’ll hear a woman cry for help just ahead.

Save the isolated woman by defeating the Skals. Continue westward and then wade into the midst of three 14 Rogue Skals and defeat them.

Talk and check on the isolated woman. Unlike other rescue missions, talking to her at this point doesn’t remove her from immediate danger. Despite being trapped by Skals, the woman (Hsiao Shun) refuses to leave the cemetery at this point so we will have to resume this investigation later. The next time you rest, she’ll still be wandering around the cemetery.

Convince Hsiao Shun to go back to Whitechapel. As you enter the cemetery, you should run into Hsiao Shun on the eastern edge of the cemetery. Speak with her to start gaining her character’s hints (Hsiao Shun’s Hint 2 when you initially speak to her), and to convince her to leave the graveyard. The dialogue options to make this happen are: “Your life in London?”, “About your husband’s death?” (Hint 4), “Why are you blaming yourself?” (Hint 3), go back to “Personal Questions” and select “I let my sister Mary die.” After this, you can finally tell Hsiao “You should go home now.” You’ll be able to learn her Hint 1 after she returns to Whitechapel the following night.

Wrong target

Ask Thelma “Your life in London?”, “Are you a patient here?”, then “We’ll take care of you.”

Find out who is spying on Thelma. North of the hospital and just east of the river is an alley that will lead around a building. On the back of this building, you'll find an entrance. Enter the building and go upstairs, where you'll find a 6 Priwen Cadet and 7 Priwen Rookie watching the hospital. After you eliminate them, there is a note on the small table to the left of their observation post that will unlock Thelma Howcroft Hint 3.

Find the local command post of the Guard of Priwen. The command post is well fortified, located on the northern side alley of Whitechapel just after crossing the bridge from Pembroke. The first area is guarded by a 12 Brawler, 12 Fire Executioner, and a 10 Rookie. Beyond the gate to the west will be a 15 Brawler, a 16 Rookie, and 17 Rookie. Watch for the Rookie’s torches, as they deal an absurd amount of aggravated damage!

Steal the reports leading to the Pembroke Hospital. Enter the building at the west end of this area and loot the ground floor before making your way upstairs. There is another 17 Priwen Rookie up here, just waiting to set you on fire. After you take him down, you can pick up a Used Priwen Stake (3/11 Off-hand) along with a Report about Pembroke from the table. There is also a green safe in this room, between the tables (face north from the back of the room, and you should spot it) that contains The Great Hunt: hail to our fallen comrades! (6/30 Lore-Keeper)

Reassure Thelma Howcroft about the spies. Return to the Pembroke and find Thelma on the ground floor of the hospital. I don’t think your response matters, but I chose “Nobody is looking for you” and earned 150 XP. (If you select "It was a misunderstanding," Thelma gives you a Watery rich blood sample.)

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