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14. Lore Keeper Collectibles

Lore Keeper Collectibles

There are 30 items that count towards the Lore Keeper achievement, documents that are scattered about the landscape of London. Below, I have the list organized by each category, along with the earliest opportunity you'll be able to pick them up. These items are also listed in the main story guide.

The legendary vampires

  1. The Blood Goddess heresy (Chapter 4; found in the St Paul’s Stole laboratory – see “Occult occulus” for details)
  2. The myth of the horned vampire (Chapter 6; During Guinea Pig, you will enter the sewers near the Ascalon Club. While down here, follow the singular path until you spot a short staircase ahead of you. To the left of these stairs is a box tucked into an alcove that contains this article.)
  3. The vampire knight (Chapter 5; during Science without conscience, just before you reach Edgar, there is a small room you can enter. On the shelf to the left of this door.)

The skals

  1. Extermination of the Rodents (Chapter 4; Found in the sewers beneath Stonebridge Cemetery. To access them, just south of the bridge that accesses the cemetery’s south side is a set of steps on the right. Follow these to access the tunnel, then follow the path down until you find a burning barrel with a corpse next to it.)
  2. Origin of the Skals (Chapter 3; just outside the Night Asylum, to the right of a Swanboroug Medicine cart)
  3. The Ichor’s Threat (Chapter 4; Found on a corpse in an area northwest of Lady Ashbury’s manor. Take the road west from the manor, turning north at the first opportunity, then follow the road leading north-west at the next intersection. From here, follow the blood trail to the corpse containing this note.)

The need for blood

  1. Of the recreational use of Blood (Chapter 4; found in the Ascalon Club basement, on the right wall after descending the steps)
  2. Blood as addiction (Chapter 2; in Whitechapel, in the hideout near the Joe Peterson)
  3. Vampires feed on our soul!

The great hunt

  1. The Blood Night tragedy (Chapter 4; in Lady Ashbury’s study)
  2. The Crime of Lost Knowledge (Chapter 5; in front of Usher Talltree’s desk)
  3. The Great Hunt: hail to our fallen comrades! (Chapter 2; Found during investigation “Wrong target”, in the local command post of the Priwens, upper floor in the green safe)

The origin of vampires

  1. The heresy of the Pure Blood (Chapter 4; found in the courtyard where Kimura Tadao is rescued. This is the courtyard north-west of Reid Manor)
  2. The antique figure of the Vrykolakas (Chapter 2; in Whitechapel, in Darius’ house)
  3. Fertile is the belly of the beast! (Chapter 2; in Mortimer Goswick’s flat, during the investigation “Burn after reading”)

The story of Ascalon

  1. 1: History and Purpose of the Ascalon Club (Chapter 4; found in the Ascalon Club, on the desk in the room to the right of the staircase)
  2. 2: The vampire club (Chapter 3; During Red Rivers, inside the hideout to the left of the tree at the end of the blood trail)
  3. 3: Vampire factions and Skals (Chapter 3; purchased from Martin Nightingale in the Night Market)

Species of Vampires

  1. 1: Supremacy of Ekons (Chapter 3; in the left corner of the room visited in the Skal’s sewer hideout)
  2. 2: Rare species of vampires (Chapter 2; In the lower right corner of Edgar Swansea’s office)
  3. 3: The violence of Vulkods (Chapter 5; while going through the sewers, you’ll encounter Leon Augustin and receive this after defeating him)

Weaknesses of vampires

  1. 1: About the use of garlic and wooden stakes (Chapter 2; To the right of Thelma Hawcroft’s bed in Pembroke Hospital)
  2. 2: Holy symbols and Orichalcum (Chapter 3; Just to the right of the central area of Stonebridge Cemetery, on a ledge you can jump up to.)
  3. 3: Fire and Sun (Prologue; Found in your first hideout, on the bookcase in the left room)

The Guard of Priwen

  1. Laughing at the Guard (Chapter 3; Top floor of the foundry in Southwark)
  2. Professional Vampire Hunters (Chapter 3; in the Peterson home, upper floor)
  3. New practices, new tactics (Chapter 1; On a corpse in the second warehouse you traverse through during Act I’s main quest)

The brotherhood of saint-paul stole

  1. The Ban of the Dragon (Chapter 2; In the sewers during A rat in the hospital)
  2. Origin of the Brotherhood (Chapter 6; finish “Pandora’s Box” investigation without reading the notebook)
  3. The lost Library (Chapter 4; in Clarence Crossley’s nightstand, north-east of the Ascalon Club)
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