Vampyr Walkthrough

15. Craft Medicine and Serums

Crafting Recipes

Below are the materials required to craft the treatments and serums you'll find over the course of the game. Treatments are needed to heal 10 citizens for Hippocratic oath, although keeping citizens healthy keeps the districts stable and provides you with a source of XP in your Not even once playthrough. Serums don't have an achievement tied to them, but can give you a boost in combat!


Available at the start of Chapter 1

Treatment for fatigue - 1 glass vial; 1 Quinine; 2 Ferrous tartrate; 2 Sodium hypochlorite solution

Treatment for anemia – 1 glass vial; 2 Quinine; 8 Ferrous tartrate; 8 Sodium hypochlorite solution

Treatment for sepsis – 1 glass vial; 4 Quinine; 15 Ferrous tartrate; 15 Sodium hypochlorite solution

Chapter 2 – Receive An enigmatic formula from either the cabinet in the underground morgue (preferable) or buying it from Rakesh for 75 shillings.

Treatment for Cold – 1 glass vial; 1 Clove essence; 2 Codeine; 2 Potassium permanganate

Treatment for Bronchitis – 1 Glass vial; 2 Clove essence; 8 Codeine; 8 Potassium permanganate

Treatment for Pneumonia – 1 glass vial; 4 Clove essence; 15 Codeine; 15 Potassium permanganate

Chapter 3 – After leaving through the west gate of Stonebridge cemetery, turn south to find a broken piece of wall and a corpse holding A Strange Formula.

Treatment for Headache – 1 glass vial; 1 salicin; 2 ergotamine; 2 opium

Treatment for Migraine – 1 glass vial, 1 salicin; 8 ergotamine; 8 opium

Treatment for Neuralgia – 1 glass vial; 4 salicin; 15 ergotamine; 15 opium


Light Regeneration Serum (Chapter 1 – after analyzing Bishop’s blood)

Regenerate 300 health points instantly, then 150 health points over 15 seconds

  • 1 glass vial; 1 Watery sturdy blood sample; 2 ferrous tartrates; 2 Sodium hypochlorite solution.

Light Blood Serum (Chapter 2 – Analyze Water rich blood sample)

Regenerate 60 blood points instantly.

  • 1 Glass vial; 1 Watery rich blood sample; 2 Ergotamine; 2 Opium

Increased Stamina Serum (Chapter 2 - Analyzing Razvan Vasile’s blood [story progression])

Increase the stamina regeneration rate by 50% for 15 seconds;

  • 1 glass vial, 1 watery brisk blood sample, 2 codeine, 2 potassium permanganate)

Stamina Serum (Chapter 3; On the east side of Stonebridge Cemetery, the area you fought Samuel during “Holy Crusade”, enter the flat north of the south-east corner and find a Brisk Blood sample on a corpse. (Earliest time you can find this blood sample)

Increase the stamina regeneration rate by 100% for 15 seconds

  • 1 glass vial; 2 Watery brisk blood sample, 8 codeine, 8 potassium permanganate
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