Vampyr Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

  • Dr. Reid has somehow been turned into an immortal vampire, although he doesn’t know how or even have a good grip on his powers. In the chaotic streets of London, it seems like everyone’s out to kill you, whether they be Order of Priwin vampire hunters or various strands of vampires. The good news is that since you’re incredibly difficult to kill, even if you lose all your health, you reappear in a safe area just before the fight that killed you. There is no loss of XP or inventory you've picked up when this happens, so if you blunder into a fight that’s too difficult, you can just calmly walk away and try again later, while still keeping any loot you managed to snag.
  • During the first playthrough, we will be aiming for London’s burning, which requires turning all districts to “hostile” status. The easiest way to do this would be to just kill the named citizens as soon as you run into them, but I actually recommend a more… sinister method. It’ll take a bit more effort, but the rewards all well worth it, especially since it’ll allow us to find all the collectibles without worrying about quest lines getting closed out because you killed someone too early (or, alternatively, them being killed when a district turns hostile). The way to do this is to gather as much information about the citizens as possible and completing their investigations. Not only does this keep the districts from descending into chaos and flooding the streets with enemies for you to climb over, but when you do harvest citizens, their blood is worth more XP.
  • A district’s stability is based on the health of its citizens. There are 16 citizens in each district you have to find, all with some sort of burden that they are carrying. In addition, since London is ravaged with flu, some citizens will be carrying some sort of infection. Since you’re a doctor – and there’s an achievement tied to it – I recommend curing these ailments, solving their quests, and finding out everything you can about them. This makes the districts more stable, and also makes the blood quality a lot better (and more XP) when you begin harvesting them. So, in true vampire fashion, turn your blood banks into nice stable, happy citizens, and then in one night wipe them all out, which will instantly flip the districts to hostile.
  • Only “rest” when you absolutely need to! Using a bed is the only way to spend your experience points; however, it also advances time to the next night. What this means is that NPCs could disappear if they were in danger, any consequences of your actions will start affecting district health, the Spanish Flu epidemic will continue to spread and infect other citizens, and you could miss out on certain quests. (Plus, XP costs are kind of high. I’ll keep us on track of where we should go so that Reid doesn’t get staked too often!)
  • Pick up everything! Beyond the collectibles, there is an absurd amount of rubbish cluttered in the streets, in trash cans, chests, drawers and especially off the bodies of your enemies. Most of the containers are replenishable so you can loot them again when you pass through an area. Enemies also respawn if you leave an area, and while killing them doesn’t grant you a lot of XP, the materials they drop are essential for crafting.
  • When you level up, focus on the Autophagy ability. This is hands down one of the best abilities in the game, allowing you to heal in combat using your own blood as a resource.
  • There are a variety of weapons in the game, and I’ll go into more detail later, but especially at the beginning, you’ll want to pick one that has a low stamina usage and preferably restores some blood points to you when you use it. One-handed weapons are extremely fast, granting you extra mobility in fights.

This is how the playthrough breakdown should work:

First Playthrough: I recommend going full vampire to maximize your XP collection and receive all the collectibles. The XP gain from combat is rather minimal, but you get a decent amount from finishing quests as well as harvesting blood from civilians. In Vampyr, however, it doesn’t make sense to just start feeding on someone as soon as you meet them. The more you get to know a person, finding out everything about them, the richer their blood, and the more XP they will be worth, so I’ll keep you informed of when is a good time to start boosting XP off of them. This will also flesh out the rich story quite nicely, and should only leave you with 2 achievements to snag on the second playthrough. (Or 3, but I’ll discuss that in more detail at the appropriate junction) (26 achievements)

Second Playthrough: This one will be a little harder because you won’t have access to the massive XP gains from chomping on civilians, but if you followed the above guide, it’s not too much of a stretch anyway. The main objectives during this run are to obtain Merciful release (if necessary) and Not even once, which means finishing the game without killing any citizens. It sounds daunting, but it’s actually quite avoidable, especially since you don’t have to avoid killing anyone that’s aggressive. More on that later! (2 achievements)

Third(ish) Playthrough: I’ll get into more detail on this later, but early in the game you’ll be given a choice about what to do with one of the characters, which will net you either Just take a bite or Merciful Release. Depending on how you made this choice in your first playthrough, you may choose to breeze through the first part of the game just to snag Just take a bite. (1 achievement)

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