Vampyr Walkthrough

3. Prologue


As a reminder, this walkthrough is structured around a Normal difficulty setting.

The opening cutscene will drop you right into the mouth of madness without much warning. Jonathan Reid awakens in a mass grave, extremely disoriented. Everything will appear in black and white, with the exception of a few splashes of blood. Once you gain … for lack of a better term, control … of your character, stagger forward, following the splashes of red.

After a few seconds, you will see a silhouette of a woman meandering about ahead of you. You can’t make out who this is, because you’ll be distracted by the bright aura of their heart and blood. When you get close enough, use cn_A to start a conversation – WAIT, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU TALK TO SOMEONE! (Don’t worry, since this is story-driven, it does not invalidate the Not even once achievement).

Jonathan comes to his senses a bit too late as color returns to the world, but before he can completely get oriented, a group of hunters stumbles upon them. Being English, Jonathan attempts to explain why he’s holding a dead girl in his arms, but these hunters are more of the “Shoot first, ask questions never” persuasion. Jonathan jumps off the ledge to escape.

Once you regain control, you have little choice but to run along the path before you. Your pursuers will occasionally score a shot on you, but you’ll heal from this damage quickly. You can hold down cn_B to sprint. Eventually, you will ascend a staircase and follow along an alley as it turns to the right and then back to the left. Ahead of you will be a truck, blocking further access to the street.

Before you reach the truck and the absurd amount of hunters coming from that direction, duck into the alley to the right. You’ll drop down into a trench, and be forced to turn left (to the right is a dead end). Run down this path until you’re blocked by barrels.

To the right of these barrels is a corpse with a machete sticking out of his chest. Approach the corpse and use cn_A to pick up your first weapon Used Machete (Melee 1/20). The machete will automatically be equipped, and you can swing it using cn_X. Attack the barrels to clear your path and continue forward. The tutorial will let you know that melee attacks drain stamina. (You start off with only 100 stamina, and while you recover it quickly, it also drains rapidly during combat. Each dodge costs 10 stamina, and a swing with your machete costs 15. Different weapons will drain different amounts of stamina)

Now that you’re armed, you can start fighting back, and in a true tutorial fashion, the game will provide you with an enemy. Since this hunter is hostile, he – and all other hunters and enemies who attack you – can be slain without invalidating Not even once.) You can lock onto an enemy with cn_RSc and use cn_B along with cn_LS to dodge in any direction.

While this hunter may have a weapon, he’s no match for even a fledgling vampire. You can dodge if you want, but you can also just soak up bullet damage as you close the distance and chop him apart with your machete. Once he’s down, make sure you search his corpse with cn_A. Enemies will usually drop something when they’re dead, but it’s usually random bullets, money, or crafting supplies. (The first handful of enemies may not drop anything, so don't fret if you don't find anything.)

Continue along until you’re confronted by another hunter blocking the entry into a large building (a foundry). This one is armed with a melee weapon. Melee fighters can block your attacks, and they can also deal Aggravated Damage, which doesn’t heal normally. If your opponent is blocking, don’t bother swinging at him. Once he takes a swing at you, dodge out of the way, and then chop him down.

Once he’s out of the way, head through the doors of the foundry. There are two more enemies in here, which gives you the opportunity to learn how to switch targets with cn_RS. You can use the large minecarts for cover as one of the hunters is armed with a gun. Once they’re both down, continue through the foundry and open the door on the opposite side.

Jonathan will be confronted by another hunter and during the cinematic, he’ll learn that vampires don’t do well in sunlight. (No Twilight sparkles in Vampyr!) Sunlight deals Aggravated Damage so your health bar will start diminishing the longer you stay in lit areas. Race forward along the corridor and sprint down the alleyway towards another hunter … who starts shooting flaming stakes your way. Well, that seems unnecessary. Close the distance quickly and chop him down.

Just behind this hunter, you’ll see a locked gate on your left and a red door with Keep Out spray painted on it ahead of you. These red doors indicate hideouts that Jonathan will be able to find throughout the city. Not only are they places to rest and spend XP, but later on you’ll be able to use them to craft recipes and improve your weapons! For now, it’s a good spot to get out of the sun so head through the door.

Jonathan will block the door. When you regain control, check the low shelf in front of you to examine a picture. After this scene, head into the small room to the left, check the drawers on the right for a handful of shillings and the bookcase on the left for Fire and Sun (Lore-Keeper 1/30). The door on this wall leads outside, so head to the right side of the abandoned house to find a staircase leading up, and a corpse in the middle of the room.

Examining this corpse will trigger another scene, and you’ll also pick up a Watch. The dresser in this room (on the right wall as you face the staircase) should contain a Bottle of Alcohol. These items can either be sold for shillings or broken down into crafting materials. Head up the stairs and follow the path until you can examine yourself in a mirror. Check the dresser next to the mirror for a couple more shillings.

Head right and another scene will trigger as you approach the corpse in the chair. You’ll receive Used Revolver (1/11 Ranged). Move toward the bed and examine a Bloody Diary on the nightstand to the left of the bed. When you’re ready, use cn_A to lie down on the bed. After the scene, you’ll unlock From here to eternity.

From here to eternity in Vampyr
Go to the Shelter and rest… (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 28,604 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 28,665

Jonathan’s attempt to end the game early was unsuccessful. Instead, you get a tutorial on how to spend XP. Every skill you purchase will also raise your effective level by one. The only skill that can be purchased at Level 1 is Autophagy, which is an awesome skill on its own, as it allows you to heal both Normal and Aggravated Damage. After this, you have a choice of one Aggressive attack skill: Claws (short range and quick melee attack); Bloodspear (long range projectile that deals Blood damage); Shadow Mist (mid-range area of effect attack that deals Shadow damage) [I chose Bloodspear for my first playthrough and was not disappointed; not a lot of enemies this early on have a resistance to Blood damage.] After you select "Confirm" to save your choices and advance to Chapter 1, you will be a Level 3 Vampire with a whopping 135 XP left to spend.

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