Vampyr Walkthrough

4. Chapter 1: Quarantine

Act I - Eternal Thirst

Identify and confront the vampire who created me.

Reach North Bank.

Jonathan arises from the blood-soaked bed, and although the game doesn’t mention it, it is worth noting that as an immortal vampire, Jonathan can’t be killed by conventional means. In game terms, this means that even if you wind up getting destroyed by an opponent, you will reappear outside the combat area, without losing any XP or inventory.

There’s not much to do here, so start heading back down the stairs towards the exit you couldn’t use the previous day due to the sun rising. (Remember that corpse you got the watch from? It’s somehow wandered off while you were sleeping, and a blood trail is leading out the door you will want to use.) That door is now open, and there are Vampire Hunters outside the other door, trying to bash their way inside. As they bust down your barricade, Jonathan will instinctively realize he can leap up to the higher floor. (In game terms, press cn_A to “teleport”.)

In this new room, there is a locked door ahead of you and a staircase leading to the ground floor. The door down here is locked as well, but this is only to ensure that you pick up the weapon that is on the corpse in the middle of this room. Approach the corpse and use cn_A to pick up Used Stake (Off-Hand 1/13). Off-hand weapons are used with cn_Y and normally have special effects. The stake, for instance, starts off with 10 Stun and costs 30 Stamina per hit. You’ll also pick up a Shelter Key, which can be used to open the door on the ground floor.

Inventory Management: It’s worth noting here how to change your load-out, although there’s not a lot of options at this point. cn_back will open up your menu, and it will display your map page. Use cn_LT to switch to the Character tab. Here you can change your equipment. Your Autophagy ability will be automatically bound to your cn_LB, but you can change it (highlight the ability and press cn_A) to your Aggressive attack (default cn_RB if you choose. As you progress, you’ll be able to bind your skills to the triggers and bumpers as you see fit. If you’d like, you can equip your Revolver to the second off-hand slot by pressing cn_A in the empty cell, but you don’t have any bullets for it at this time. When you have more than one weapon equipped in the melee or off-hand cells, you can swap them while in-game by pressing cn_up for melee or cn_down for range and then cn_right to swap the active weapon].

When you leave the shelter, Jonathan will mention that he wants to return to the West End. This is a pretty lofty goal, as there will be a number of obstacles between you and the northern side of London. You’ll hear a hunter make a comment about stinking corpses as you exit; he will be off to the right of you. If you press cn_LS, you’ll be able to shift into your “Vampire Senses” mode. This changes your view to black and white, with splashes of red, very similar to when you woke up in the Prologue. This will let you spot enemies – or citizens – even through walls! If you use it now, you’ll see the Level 3 Hunter.

Once the Hunter spots you, the game will give you a tutorial on stunning opponents. Basically, you’re going to hit them with your off-hand weapon cn_Y to drain the gray bar. Once they’re Stunned (the bar is empty), you can Bite them. Biting an enemy drains them of blood points and hit points and will also refill your blood meter!)

The Hunter has a machine pistol, so be prepared to dodge out of the way when you hear the “click” of his weapon. One good smack with your stake will be enough to stun him. Bite him, and then unleash your Aggressive Attack with cn_RB once you’ve got some blood in your stomach! (Alternatively, you could knock him down a couple of times and fill your blood meter up a bit more. Later enemies will have an increased resistance to stun after you’ve knocked them down once.)

Face east to find a gap in the railing to allow you access to the wharf area below. There are three enemies waiting for you below – two Priwen Rookies, and a Priwen Gunner. If you observe them in Vampire Senses mode, you’ll notice that under their resistances, the range icon is red. This means that they are highly resistant to Ranged attacks (not really a big deal since you don’t have bullets). (Later on, the game will explain about resistances but there are four types – Melee, Ranged, Blood, and Shadow. An orange icon indicates a medium resistance, and red is high resistance.)

When you take these three down, another enemy will ambush you. This Hunter is a Priwen Brawler, and he’ll be resistant to both Melee and Ranged attacks. He also sports a shotgun and a machete and doles out Aggravate Damage. Hopefully, you’ve got some blood stored up so you can unleash your Aggressive attacks against him. After you take him down, make sure you search the area for any items that were dropped.

Continue along the wharf to the east and you’ll find an open door leading into Southwark Bridge. The game will flash a message that you are entering Southwark District and that the current status is Stable. The status of a district will indicate the overall health of its citizens (There are 16 in each district), and also effects merchant prices.

Follow along the path in this area as you head up a staircase to the bridge proper. As you move along, you’ll notice an eye icon cn_A that indicates you can look at posters along the wall. These aren’t related to collectibles, and generally, don’t have any interesting information on them. As you cross the bridge, Jonathan will start lamenting about his sister. Ahead of you will be a locked door and a path to the left. If you turn to the right, there will be a second locked door and a corpse with 10 shillings. Continue along the western side of the bridge until you have to teleport across the gap.

Continue along the bridge on the opposite side of the gap, and when you are forced to turn eastward, you’ll find another locked door to your right and to your left an area with mattresses. On one of these mattresses is 5 shillings. Continue along the path to the north and as you reach the far end of the bridge, you should spot some rats zooming about. (You can spot these quite easily using your Senses) Chowing down on 10 of these will give you Pest Control, but rats are generally a quick and easy supply of blood, so they’re worth nibbling on even after you’ve earned this achievement. There’s only two or three in this area, but there’s plenty of other spots with rats about. This is a pretty hard achievement to miss!

Before you take the stairs down, duck into the alcove to your left to pick up another 10 shillings. The door on the next level is locked, so continue down and you’ll find an open doorway leading to the street. Before you proceed on, look underneath the stairs to find another 10 shillings on a barrel. Exit through the door to enter Lime House Docks area.

As you step outside, Jonathan will see a corpse lying by the water. He’ll examine it and then decide to follow the blood trail to see if he can figure out who turned him into a vampire. (That makes sense, right? “This body is dead; it must mean whoever turned me must be close.”) The game will also clue you into using Vampire Senses, but hopefully, you’ve done that by this point.

Follow the killer’s trail.

This is where the game will start to open up a bit more, so I will just be highlighting the main points of interest. If you’d like to explore on your own, I’ll include separate pages with the citizens you may run into. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I’m going to pretend that you are following the bright red blood stain on the wall above you. Since Lime House Docks is a populated area of the Docks, most of your vampire powers will be disabled, although you can still use the teleport ability (because that’s not weird to see, right?)

The blood trail will lead northward and then up to a balcony. Following this balcony around will lead you to a red door, indicating a hideout. The game will not only let you know that a hideout is close but inform you that you can spend XP or craft items inside. (Spending XP is not a good idea; you probably have a little over 500 XP at this point)

It is worth poking your head inside this hideout, however, as there is a box inside on the right wall that contains a Common Trigger part and Common Handle Part. On the left wall is another box that contains your stash. It is depressingly empty at this point; however, as you start collecting ammunition, and extra bullets beyond what you can carry will automatically be added into the stash. When you visit a hideout, you can then refill your ammo pouches from the stash. The back wall of the hideout has a crafting table, where you’ll be able to craft medicine to heal sick citizens (right now you have three recipes available – fatigue, anemia, and sepsis), serums to boost yourself, and weapon upgrades. You don’t have enough materials to really do anything with the crafting table just yet, although if you wish you can recycle -cn_LT to move to this tab – the Bottle of alcohol for 1 glass vial and 2 Ferrous tartrates and the Watch for 2 springs, 3 screws, and 3 grease. (Alternatively, the watch could be sold for a couple of shillings. This is up to you) Recycling these items still won’t give you enough to craft so you may choose to wait.

When you’re finished poking around in the hideout, step outside and jump off the west side of the balcony (you’ll see a blood puddle below you) to find a trash can with a glowing lid. A glowing lid means that you can loot a container! In this case, you’ll find a Torn off page of a diary. Reading this diary page will unlock a hint for one of the citizens in the district, in this case, Hint 4 for Sabrina Cavendish. (You should be able to do this by pressing cn_back, but sometimes Vampyr gets confused and will open your map instead. If this happens, just use cn_LT to navigate to the Inventory tab, and then use cn_LB once to open the Quest Items section of your inventory. This will allow you to manually read the item you just picked up. (As a side note, the Quest Items inventory will arrange itself so that whatever you last picked up will be in the upper left)

Hints: Learning hints about citizens increases the blood quality that each of them are worth. Especially if you are not concerned about Not even once, you should be hunting for these hints as much as possible, as it increases the amount of XP you’ll get when you decide to feed off them. In addition, finding hints or secrets about citizens will allow you to use your vampire presence to force someone to give you more information about themselves, opening up new dialogue trees or revealing investigation trails. The hints for each citizen will appear above and below the blood quality bar, and for simplicity, I have labeled them in left to right order.

Okay, where was I? Right! Follow the blood trail. It leads through the doorway of the local bar, the Turquoise Turtle.

Speak with the locals.

This will be the first time you can interact with citizens in Vampyr. I will give you warning in case there are any quest-breaking or lasting impact conversations in the area, but for this first part, feel free to explore as much as the story of Vampyr as you’d like with the three characters in this area – Dyson Delaney, Sabrina Cavendish, and Tom Watts. You will not be able to max out their Blood Quality bars at this point or unlock any citizen investigations. Main quest relevant conversation branches will be highlighted in yellow, and conversations that require vampire prowess will be highlighted in blue. White options are just optional story information. When you’re ready to move the plot along, you’ll want to speak with Tom Watts and select his yellow options.

Confront the man on the second floor of the Turquoise Turtle.

A scene will begin as you approach the door upstairs. (Side note: This is London! This isn’t the second floor; it’s the first!) Eventually, you’ll be back in control of the conversation. Unlike the conversations below, this one presents a different type of dialogue tree, marked with a red Y symbol. These indicate that you only get one choice to direct the conversation; in some conversations, this could cause you to miss out on a hint or investigation. In this case, none of your responses matter, so you can answer as you like.

Track the killer.

While you can certainly blunder back out into the streets and try and find the killer, your quest log gives you an optional task of Interrogate the locals. This will give you an additional tutorial about learning information and piecing together clues from conversations (and how to use the blue-tinted conversation markers).

When you speak with Tom again, you’ll notice that in addition to the yellow-tinted conversation branch, there is a second option – locked – that says (Hint Required). You’ll see these frequently in future conversations and indicates that there is some sort of hint you’ll have to uncover. Some of these may unlock hints and increase blood quality for citizens, and some of them won’t. In this case, pestering Tom with “I think you’re hiding something” won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, go speak with Sabrina and select “I want the truth!” when you’re ready to move the story along. As a reminder, the white dialogue choices are optional. Select “Tell me about him?” and you’ll unlock Hint 5 for Tom Watts. Return to Tom and select “Talk to me about William!” and then “I need to find him” when you’re ready to proceed.

Head out of the bar and to the west, following the red Y icon on your navigation bar. This will lead you to a boat with yet another corpse in it. Examine the corpse and the letter he was carrying for additional information if you choose.

Now you’re ready to resume following the blood trail. From the boat, look to the west to be able to teleport over to the opposite side of the pier and the Western Docks region. As you follow the blood trail, just before it enters the building where you can “sense” a Level 4 Hunter, you can find 5 shillings on a crate opposite the door, and a box containing 5 Aluminum shards and 5 Aluminum powder.

The Hunter is intent on searching the area, so you get a tutorial message about making stealth attacks. It seems simple enough – hit cn_A when approaching stealthily from behind – but the “stealth” portion isn’t all that intuitive. Basically, you’ll want to move the cn_LS slightly forward so that Jonathan isn’t quite running in order to be considered stealthy. Once you’ve taken down the Hunter, check the box he was investigating to pick up 12 bullets. (Remember to equip your Revolver if you haven’t already done so.) If you move along the west wall, you’ll find a box next to a stack of pallets that contains 5 Screws and 5 Aluminum powder.

The blood trail leads north from here, but we’re going to take an optional diversion. Look to your right and you’ll spot a broken staircase that leads to the upper walkway. Teleport up and then head south along the eastern walkway. There is a Level 5 Priwen Fire Executioner up here – a ranged fighter who is resistant to Shadow and Ranged attacks. This is okay because if we approach him from the east, you can actually blindside him and get in a stun attack, then crush him with melee. He is guarding a box that contains two Lead plates and four Aluminum shards.

Now return to the ground and head north to deal with the Priwen Brawler (Level 4) and Gunner (3) outside. The blood trail vanishes, but it’s pretty obvious that you’ll want to investigate the next warehouse. There are a couple of different options available to confront the Priwen inside this building. You can either try the frontal assault way on the ground floor or teleport up to the balcony directly in front of the exit from the previous warehouse. From this upper vantage point, you’ll be able to spot the 3 Priwen inside the warehouse; there’s another Priwen walking along the catwalk outside the building to your right. I mention this one in particular because you’ll want to eliminate him first and continue along the walkway to reach the north-west corner of the upper balcony. Here, you’ll find a box containing a Used Lupara (2/11 ranged). This is a sawed-off shotgun that does a lot of damage but doesn’t have the stun ability of the pistol. In addition, you probably don’t have many shells for it. (We’re just picking it up now for achievement progression)

From the Lupara, you can either fight the Priwen or jump down from the northwest window to continue following the trail. Remember, you don’t gain that much experience from fighting enemies, but there is a chance they’ll drop some decent salvage materials. In addition, in this room there is a body propped against a pillar near the fire that holds New practices, new tactics (2/30 Lore-Keeper) so you may want to pick that up now. The trail seems to split in two directions here, part of it proceeding north-east across a bridge. The other leg (north-west) actually leads to a hideout, and the game lets you know that rats are often found near hideouts. (There’s roughly 4 of them here for Pest control progression)

Inside the hideout, you’ll find a corpse with 3 Common Handle Parts and 3 Lead plates. You should have more than enough right now to upgrade one of your weapons, although I don’t recommend it. The machete can only be upgraded to Level 2, and it’s not really worth upgrading unless you want to quickly earn Work in progress and That’s better. We’ll find some better melee weapons coming up so you may want to hold off on this for a bit. You could also spend some of your XP (roughly 800 at this point), but be advised that the enemies will respawn if you do, citizens will get sicker, and you’ll really only be gaining one or two additional skills.

Once that’s done, head across the bridge to reach the North Dock area. Follow the blood trail into the Canning Factory (check the corpse on the right as you enter for a Lead rod. You’ll hear voices on the other side of the wall as you proceed. Also, keep an eye on the right side of the corridor to find a Used Scythe (2/20 Melee) stuck into a wooden barricade. The Scythe is a two-handed weapon, so it takes up both your melee and off-hand slot. Two-handed weapons have a special ability that can be used with cn_Y in addition to their regular attack. The Scythe is slow and uses a lot of stamina, but it does tremendous damage and can be used to Parry incoming attacks. Parrying an attack will – if timed correctly – will instantly knock down and stun the enemy, allowing you to bite them. If you choose to use this, you can also upgrade it to absorb blood points when you attack with it. (Although you’ll need another Lead rod before you can do so! Check the Weapons page for additional information!)

Once you’ve got your equipment set up how you like, continue down the hall and open the gate at the end to confront your first boss!

Confront William Bishop.

The murderer turns out to be another vampire – not really surprising. He is resistant to melee and highly resistant to ranged attacks, so you’ll want to lean heavily on your Aggressive attacks. He starts off with two stun bars and will max at four after he’s been stunned a couple of times. Using the Revolver is a waste of bullets at this point; I would suggest utilizing the Stake or Scythe for stun damage (although the timing with the Scythe is tough to master during this quick fight)

In addition, his HP will constantly regenerate, and at this point, only your Bite attack deals Aggravated damage. Conversely, all of William’s attacks deal Aggravated damage, so make sure you are paying attention to your health bar and using Autophagy as needed. The vampire will primarily swipe at you with his claws, stringing up to three attacks. He can also jump and bite you.

After you defeat him, you’ll automatically gain Used Bludgeon (3/20 Melee). It starts off with more damage than your Machete, but it’s slower and uses more stamina. However, you can upgrade it all the way up to Level 5 and you can add Stun damage to it.

Check on the victim.

Investigate the muttering man leaned against the railing to trigger a scene.

Gather a blood sample on William Bishop’s corpse.

Not only do you want to collect this sample (cn_A at William’s body), but there’s a box in the west corner of the room with two Lead Rods, 5 Aluminum shards, and 2 Lead Sticks! Now we can definitely start upgrading weapons once we have a chance.

Board the boat.

Return to the boat and use cn_A to board it. Dr. Swansea will take you to your new hideout, as well as provide you with a compelling cover as a doctor at Pembroke Hospital. You will also unlock At dawn we row during this scene.

At dawn we row in Vampyr
Take a ride with Doctor Swansea (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 21,655 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 28,673

Act II – Take Me to a Hospital

Analyze William Bishop's blood in the Hospital.

Enter the Pembroke Hospital.

(Side Note: DONTNOD is missing their opportunity to make full use of the Queen's English in this game! This quest should really be called "Take Me to Hospital") The quest object seems easy enough, but Dr. Swansea and Nurse Crane are blocking the main staircase. Instead, head to the left of that staircase and proceed along the wharf north. After a few steps, you’ll hear an altercation up ahead. Close the distance to start a scene.

This is the first major decision you’ll have to make in Vampyr: deciding the fate of Clay Cox. There are two main options you can make: Follow the tutorial and embrace him, or resist your vampiric nature and let him go. Either choice you make will lead to an achievement. If you’re going for the Anarchy in the UK, this is the first step to plunge the district into chaos, and obviously, you want to let him go if you’re pursuing Not even once.

However, I’d like to suggest a third option. As stated before, the more you learn about a citizen, the better their blood quality and the more XP you get when you feed from them. Clay is worth 500 XP if you embrace him now, 1000 XP if you come back for him later. Regardless of which playthrough you are going for, I suggest letting him go now and saving Just take a bite for your third(ish) playthrough. With that said, if you choose to embrace him now, you gain access to a really decent melee weapon (Clay’s Hatchet), and embracing him does not overly prove detrimental to the district. The choice is yours.

With this in mind, the first choice you make in the conversation with Clay doesn’t matter. You then get a tutorial on how to feed off citizens. It’s not enough to simply bite them, you have to be able to Mesmerize them first, which means that your Mesmerize skill must be equal or greater to their resistance. (Mesmerize increases during story events) In this case, you both have a one so press cn_LB to Mesmerize Clay. You’ll then see a trail of red sparkles leading roughly eastward into the shadows. Once you’re safely hidden, you’re given the choice to cn_A Embrace or cn_B Release him. Make your choice and earn either Merciful Release or Just take a bite.

Merciful release in Vampyr
Let Clay live during your first meet with him (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 12,207 tracked gamers (43% - TA Ratio = 1.53) 28,673


Just take a bite in Vampyr
Embrace Clay during your first meeting with him (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,944 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.61) 28,673

There is a box just to your south that contains 2 Springs, and to the north one that contains 2 Tiny Common handle parts. Continue north and as you approach a set of stairs leading up to the main street, you’ll find another box containing 2 Aluminum Powder. When you reach the main street, you’ll see a number of medical tents set up to care for flu patients. It’s important to note that as you poke around this area, you’ll meet a number of doctors and find quite a few crafting materials. The containers in this area restock every day, and their components change each time you loot them. Just keep an eye out for shiny containers, as the game is going to start opening up significantly!

If you’re proceeding with the main mission, you’ll spot Nurse Crane waiting outside the hospital. Nurse Crane will give you directions to your office on the second floor of the hospital. (For the purpose of walkthrough clarity, I'm going to ignore the staff and patients at the hospital for now, but feel free to explore at your leisure!) I don't recommend leaving the hospital grounds at your current level, as there are some high-level enemies just on the other side of the bridges leading deeper into the district.

Find your office on the second floor.

Enter the hospital and climb the stairs just past the reception desk, turn left at the top of these stairs and head down the western hallway.

On the left wall will be a doorway into an operating room, and if you poke your head in here, you will find Used Hacksaw (4/20 Melee) on a gurney. The hacksaw is a decent replacement weapon, dealing out blood absorption as well as damage in contrast to the bludgeon’s stun. In this same room, on the left wall, you will find a file detailing T. Elwood’s Medical File. This gives you Thomas Elwood’s (a patient on Pembroke’s first floor) Hint 1. Continue down the hall to enter your office.

Analyze William Bishop’s blood at the workbench.

The objective marker will lead you to the crafting table in your office. You may notice the dead flower in the pot in between the crafting table and the large lab bench. Don’t worry about this flower yet; we won’t be able to deal with it until much later. Take a moment to poke around, and you’ll find a box to the right of the door that contains 5 Aluminum powder and 25 shillings. Pinned to the pillar in the middle of the room is a message from Doctor Swansea. Beyond that, on the back wall of the room, is another clipboard with Article on Ekons (oddly, not a collectible, but interesting information about the Vampyr world) Use the crafting table and receive a tutorial about analyzing components. Basically, from your Craft menu, you hover over the item in the “To Analyze” box and hold cn_A to analyze it. In this case, William’s blood grants you the Light Regeneration Serum, which – when crafted and equipped – regenerates 300 hit points, followed by 150 health points over 15 seconds.

While you may not have enough materials to craft any treatments (unless you were supremely lucky with your combat drops), you should have more than enough to upgrade one of your melee weapons and install a module onto it. I don’t recommend the Machete or Stake, but the Hacksaw, Bludgeon, or even the Scythe are good choices to enhance. Doing this now will earn you Work in progress and That’s better.

Work in progress in Vampyr
Upgrade a weapon
  • Unlocked by 17,508 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 28,673

That's better in Vampyr
Upgrade a weapon with a module
  • Unlocked by 13,324 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.46) 28,673

Rest in bed until the next night.

The game informs you that the sun is coming up and Jonathan should rest. Granted, you can just wander about some more, as the sun doesn’t actually rise until you lay down, but this is decent advice. Although the game is a lot more open at this point, you will find that there are some areas that you will quickly be overpowered (especially if you are still at Level 3). You should have roughly 1335 XP to spend at this point (or more if you Embraced Clay) so sleeping will allow you to spend that XP accordingly.

With the small pool available, you can either select a second Aggressive attack or increase your health points and Biting abilities. At this point, I would definitely suggest taking at least a level in Big Thirst, which gives you more blood points when you utilize Bite during combat. Leveling up to 4 also gives you access to your Defensive skills – Coagulation or Blood Barrier. The former is a skill that will actually freeze your opponent in place; Barrier will absorb a couple of hits for you. At Level 5, you’ll gain the Tactical skills Spring (jump forward and deal Shadow damage) and Shadow Veil (a cloak that lets you become invisible until you attack) as well as the Science skills to carry more rounds or serums with you.

Level up what skills you can (bringing you to Level 5 or 6, depending on Clay’s fate), and then Confirm your choices to advance to the next night, and concluding Chapter 1.

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