Vampyr Walkthrough

5. Chapter 2: White Coat

Act 1: Night Shift

Help the Pembroke Hospital to cope with the epidemic.

Answer the door.

Jonathan awakens to find Nurse Crane outside his door, alerting you to a crisis. Well, it wouldn’t be an RPG if there wasn’t a problem that only you seem to be able to solve. In this case, the hospital is woefully short on antiseptic supplies. Your first response to Nurse Crane won’t impact the game. You are directed to the old morgue southeast of the hospital to find some household chemicals that can be used to craft antiseptics. (Note: This is exactly why DONTNOD includes this commentary at the beginning of the game. Do not try this at home, gamers!) You will be given the Morgue Key to unlock the back entrance to the morgue.

Enter the old morgue.

On the way out, I’ll direct you to some notable objects. First and foremost is the locked door to your right. This is the office space of the three doctors wandering around on the ground floor. You can’t access it just yet, but I wanted to point it out in case I have to refer to it later. The door to your left is a storeroom that doesn’t have anything useful at the moment, although there is a locked chest that we’ll be accessing much later in the game.

As you wander around the hospital, you may decide to shift into your Vampire Senses to make it easier to track the citizens as they move about on their rounds. Occasionally, you may notice their heart auras growing brighter, and a message will flash at the top of the screen to Observe Citizen’s Actions. The game will explain how to do this much later, but it indicates that there’s an “eavesdropping” opportunity coming up. Notably, this happens with Rakesh, Mortimer, and Corcoran, but when these opportunities occur is random. If you want more information, check their character information under the Pembroke Hospital page.

On the ground floor, in the room left of the main stairs (as you face them), you’ll find two metal lockers. One of them is locked (and belongs to Nurse Pippa Hawkins), but the other has a Long letter in it that will give you Pippa Hawkins Hint 4. If you poke your head outside the east wing of the hospital, you will find a makeshift morgue area set up outside. Rakesh Chadana runs this area, and also has a shop of sorts. He’ll sell medical components as the game progresses, and oddly his prices increase as the district gets healthier – one of the rare examples of this. If you check his inventory now, you’ll notice he has An enigmatic formula for 70 shillings. Do not buy this. Not only is it a hefty price, but I’ll direct you to a free one long before you need it. (It provides recipes for three more medications) Any components purchased will be refreshed each day. If you poke around in the wooden shed north of Rakesh’s area, you’ll find a corpse you can loot for a Crumpled Letter. Read this for Milton Hooks Hint 3.

Head back into the hospital to explore the north wing and meet Doctors Strickland and Ackroyd, along with patient Harvey Fiddick. On the desk next to Harvey’s bed is an Unfinished Letter, which will give you Harvey Fiddick Hint 1. (This will also allow you to get Harvey Fiddick Hint 3 if you’d like to talk to him now) While talking to Dr Strickland, you may choose to ask “Your life in London?”, then “About the Pembroke hospital?”, and then “Do you need my help?” This will unlock your first Citizen Investigation “Missing ingredients,” and you get to learn the fun way Vampyr has of organizing these types of side missions. The missions are categorized by each district (although the mission may not occur in that particular district), and will show you the character portraits of the citizens who are affected by this mission. (In this case, Doctors Strickland and Ackroyd) You can track (or untrack) these Investigations with the cn_X button, but it doesn’t give you a recommended level for the mission. Maybe this is because Jonathan is an immortal vampire, and you can just wander off if things are too difficult. In this particular instance, “Missing ingredients” will take you into the Docks district, and will involve battling some Level 14-16 foes.

The west wing contains patients Thomas Elwood and Thelma Hawcroft (she is a nut, and provides many amusing conversations!) On the table to the right of the left bed (Thelma’s) is About the use of garlic and wooden stakes (3/40 Lore Keeper). Talking to Thelma can yield the “Wrong Target” investigation, which we’ll tackle a bit later. (If you use your Vampire Senses, you may notice another patient who is locked behind a door near where Sean Hampton is recovering. We’ll come back to her later in this chapter)

Out in the front of the hospital, you can meet Milton Hooks (an ambulance driver and another merchant), Doctor Corcoran Tippets, and Nurse Gwyneth Branagan. Milton is worth talking to not only because he offers quite a few crafting components, but also the investigation “Midnight in the garden of good and evil”, which we can take care of on the way to the morgue. The prize possession in Milton’s inventory is his Shotgun, which is not only part of our Keep your distance progression, but is also an outstanding weapon that can be upgraded to do either Incendiary (good versus monsters) or Chemical (good versus humans) damage. Currently it costs 315 shillings, which is quite hefty, but if you get the district to a Sanitized condition, the price will drop to 280. Alternatively, when you get to a high enough Mesmerize level, you can just Embrace him and take it. To gain access to his mission, ask him “Your life in London?”, “What is your occupation?”, and “You sound like you’ve had it rough?”

When you’re finished poking your nose around the hospital, head through the south exit of the hospital. Now, the door in front of you is locked, and will not yield to your Morgue key. The key is actually for the rear entrance, which is located through the gardens. Turn right, and use your Vampire Senses to locate the Skals hanging around near the hospital. There are 3 Level 6 and a Level 7 Rogue Skal. If you’re tracking the “Midnight” Investigation, the marker will lead you right to the corpse with Milton’s wallet. You can return it to him when you next see him.

Follow the path around the back of the hospital and unlock the door to enter the morgue.

Find useful medicinal ingredients in the old morgue. Once inside, head through the first room and turn left when you enter the hallway. Proceed down this hall to reach a set of stairs leading up (and a locked door that will lead into the basement. Trying to open it will create another sub-objective to find the key.)

There is a 6 Rogue Skal up here for you to deal with. The desk near where he was chomping down on a corpse holds the Quinine you were searching for. The other doors up here are locked, but the body at the far east end of the hallway holds 6 bullets and 2 shotgun shells. The office to the left of where you found the Skal has the basement key. As you head back to the stairway, another Skal may show up to attack you. Check the office to the left of the stairway to find 3 Ferrous tartrate.

The upper floor contains a corpse you can search, which should contain some Watery sturdy blood samples. These are used to craft serums.

Head back down and unlock the basement door. There’s another Level 6 Rogue Skal down here. As you continue deeper in, the first doorway on the right holds a 5 and 6 Rogue Skal. Defeat them, then head through the connecting doors to reach the south-east corner of the morgue, which is an autopsy room.

There’s a corpse on the table in this room, and a clipboard on the stool next to it. Pick up the clipboard to receive the Death Report, which begins the Investigation “The harder they fall.” Inspect the corpse if you’d like, note the locked chest to the left of the gurney, and then pick up the Liston Knife (2/13 Off-hand) from the back table. This off-hand weapon is useful for draining blood from your opponents with each hit.

Exit through the double doors to the north-east to come up behind a 5 Rogue Skal. After you deal with him, turn right and proceed through the next set of double doors. As you enter, you’ll be attacked a Level 7 Blinking Skal named John Doe. This guy is probably the toughest fight you’ve encountered yet. He teleports around the room, leaving behind a shadow creature in his wake. The Skal is resistant to ranged attacks, and his decoy is resistant to Shadow. However, don’t bother attacking the shadow, as it doesn’t do any damage to John Doe. Bloodspear is the best way to deal with him, ensuring that you stun him to keep your blood supply up. John Doe starts with a Stun bar of 2, and maxes out at 4, although sometimes when he teleports, the bar will rest to 2 again, making him an easy target for bashing.

If you totally biff this and wind up getting killed, you’ll wind up back at the entrance to the basement. While you won’t lose any XP, the Skals will have repopulated, so ensure you use them to refill your blood meter before going after John Doe again. When you defeat him, you’ll automatically receive 3 tiny common handle parts and 2 Lead sticks.

Go to the operating table in the center of the room and pick up 2 Sodium hypochlorite solution.

Craft the treatment for Fatigue. With all the ingredients in your possession, it’s now time to make some medicine! (In the game; don’t do this in real life) While you can go back to your office (or any craft table) to do this, there’s a couple more items left to snag in the basement.

Teleport up to the raised area in the back of the operating room. Just ahead of you in the right is a cabinet with 2 Watery rich blood samples, and An enigmatic formula. (See, if you had been playing without a walkthrough, you may have bought that and then been really annoyed!) Now approach the worktable on the back wall and use it to analyze both the formula and the blood sample. You’ll gain the recipe for Light blood serum and Treatments for Cold, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia. Make sure you craft the Treatment for Fatigue before you leave!

Bring the medicine to Dorothy Crane in the patient’s room. Head back to the stairs and deal with the 5 Rogue Skal who comes blundering down the stairs. When you reach the ground floor, take the first door on the left and out through the double doors to leave through the morgue’s front entrance.

When you return to the hospital, close out the “Midnight” and “The harder they fall” Investigations if you’d like, and then find Nurse Crane. The game hints that you can use Vampire Senses to spot citizens. When you track her down, speak to her to receive a tutorial message about diseases. If a citizen is sick, it lowers their blood quality and also effects the overall health of a district. You only have to heal 10 citizens for Hippocratic oath, but if you’re doing the Anarchy playthrough, it’s useful to keep everyone healthy until you decide to drain them. (Oh, sweet irony.) Alternatively, if you’re doing Not even once, healing citizens gives you a decent chunk of XP, although nowhere close to what you’ll get from draining them. (However, in that playthrough, every little bit helps!)

Step into the room behind Nurse Crane (the Goswick’s personal room) and press cn_RB to check the Medical Status of Mortimer. Heal him (25 XP) (1/10 Hippocratic oath) and then leave the room. It’s time to solve the next crisis!

Note that as you leave Mortimer's room, the game tells you that draining citizens will give you a massive XP boost if you seek out citizens of equal or lesser Mesmerize level. This is a trick! There are only a handful of characters you have access to at this point with a Mesmerize of 1, and draining them now would actually wind up closing some Investigations and higher rewards for you. I suggest letting the citizens live for now.

Act II: A rat in the hospital

Talk to Edgar Swansea. Edgar’s office on the second floor of the Pembroke is now accessible. Step inside for a conversation detailing your next mission. During the Y dialogue choices, your responses do not matter.

(As a side note, the enemies in the next section culminate in a Level 9 boss. You can level up your skills if you want, but should have minimal difficulty at Level 5)

Talk to the hospital benefactor. Before tracking down your next contact, take a moment to look around Edgar’s office. On the desk on the right-hand side of the office, you’ll find a letter (actually two on top of each other, so check your inventory!) Warning Letter and Note to Dr Swansea that will give you Thoreau Strickland’s Hint 2 and Dr Waverly Ackroyd’s Hint 2 upon reading them. In the lower right corner of the office, on a low bookshelf, you will find Rare species of vampire (4/30 Lore Keeper). On the left side of the office, on the desk here, is a Letter of Rakesh Chadana, which with give you Rakesh’s Hint 3. (meaning this is the earliest opportunity to have all three of his hints and his blood quality maxed out at 5000 XP!)

Follow the objective marker outside the hospital to the medical tents. You’ll meet Lady Ashbury, the vampire who saved you from William Bishop back in Chapter 1! Again, you can answer as you like for the Y dialogue markers.

Talk to Harriet in the hospital. You next objective will have you meet Harriet Jones, the patient that is in the locked room near where Sean Hampton is recovering. Speak with her to receive you next clue, which will involve questioning the three nurses. Two of these are optional, but do give you additional XP, so I recommend starting with them first, especially if you are in your Not even once playthrough, as every little bit helps.

You’ll probably run into Pippa first, as she spends a lot of time around the central reception area. Question her regarding “Strange man visiting nurses?” to receive 75 XP.

Nurse Branagan will be your next stop, she is normally around the medical tents out front. Ask her the same question for another 75 XP. While you’re here – if you spared Clay Cox – swing by the southernmost of the medical tents by the river to find him hanging around. You can find a Crumpled Note in the tent near his location, which will give you Clay Cox’s Hint 4. If you want, converse with him to start his investigation “Tools of the trade” and max out his Blood Quality (after you cure him of Fatigue of course!) We’ll be heading in the direction of this Investigation, so it’s a good idea to activate it now.

On the way down to the river, following the main objective marker, you’ll receive a message from the game to eavesdrop on someone using your Vampire Senses. Before doing so, turn to the right and speak with a gentleman in a suit who is hanging around the area. This is Newton Blight, and you will gain Newton’s Hint 1 for speaking with him now, as well as a “soft start” (meaning it won’t show up in your quest log) for his citizen Investigation.

Now activate your Vampire Senses and head to the gate. After watching the pair by the water for a few seconds, a red mist will appear. Stand in this mist and press cn_A to trigger a scene. After the conversation, you are somehow on the other side of the gate.

Retrieve the thug in the sewers. Step forward and open the gated door to your left to enter the sewers.

The gate directly in front of you is locked, but as you approach it you’ll hear the shouts of distress from a citizen near you. This is Oswald, Newton’s friend. Turn left to find another gate that you can open to proceed deeper into the sewers. At the bottom of the staircase, open up two boxes to find a decent amount of medical crafting supplies.

Head through the next gate and you’ll face a slight choice in directions. (I say slight, because going up the stairs to your right will allow you to unlock the gate from before) There’s a giant puddle of blood on the floor that Jonathan will remark on, so the obvious trail leads to the left.

Be wary, as there are 3 Skals in this room, an 8 Rogue Skal on the upper platform, a 6 down below, and a 7 in the tunnel. They shouldn’t be too difficult to put down, especially if you take them on individually. The tunnel the 7 Skal came from is a dead end, but the box nearby it has some bullets and shells within it. If you check the platform you fought the 8 Skal, you’ll find a box containing 2 Lead Rods and a Rusty box of pills. There is also Common barbed cudgel (5/20 Melee) leaning against the wall. This is another two-handed weapon, but it does a lot of damage and a significant amount of stun.

Continue southwest until you reach another split in the path. The right path will lead us to save Oswald, but he’s fine for now. Instead, we’ll focus on the left path. Just around the corner will be a 4 Rogue Skal. Take him down quickly, then check the corpse for Ban of the Dragon (5/30 Lore Keeper). There are also a couple rats running around to resupply your blood. (You should be really close to Pest control at this point, so I’ll just drop this here….) Also in this room (up the short stairs) is a box containing 2 Light regeneration serums. This can be assigned to D-pad Up or D-pad Down and can give a 300 HP jump in healing (which may be necessary just ahead)

Pest control in Vampyr
Eat 10 rats
  • Unlocked by 12,815 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 28,680

The blood trail continues past a round tunnel with “Beware” written on the wall. This is a good warning to check your equipped items, as there’s a Level 9 Sewer Beast just ahead of you. Sewer Beasts (and Large Beasts) are similar to werewolves in appearance. They are big, quick, and powerful. They are highly resistant to Blood attacks and resistant to melee. Shadow Mist may seem like a viable alternative, but Beasts are very quick, and it’s hard to time when the attack will go off. Ranged attacks (especially the Lupara) are the way to go here, and the Cudgel you just picked up should level the playing field as well. (The issue with the Lupara is its abysmal reloading speed). Beasts also do Aggravated damage, so you can’t count on your natural healing in this fight. Just keep dodging and hit him when you can! The Beast starts off with a resistance of 4 to Stun, then caps at 7. Beating him will earn you 600 XP.

Search the thug’s corpse. Search the marked corpse to find a clue that will lead you to investigate Whitechapel. Before that, I suggest we clean up a bit of our quest log.

Start by backtracking to the previous split in the path, and this time take the staircase leading up. As you reach the top, you will trigger the Investigation “Claustrophobia”.

Claustrophobia: Turn right at the top of these stairs and then take the next set of stairs down to find Oswald trapped by a 6 and 8 Rogue Skal. Oswald is in a blind panic, so you can deal with these Skals however you see fit without giving away your Vampiric (Vampyric?) identity. After you’ve dealt with them, step into the cage Oswald has locked himself in and talk to him. If you don’t talk to him, even if you’ve killed the Skals, leaving and sleeping will cause Oswald to be killed. After you’ve spoken to him, you can leave; Oswald will return to the surface on his own and will rejoin Newton the next time you rest.

Tools of the trade: Take the stairs up to the west and step back out onto the river. Turn south (to your left) and continue along the river for roughly 50 meters. There will be an 11 Rogue Skal up ahead, but if you sneak up on him, you should be able to rough him up with Bloodspear or Shadow Mist and then whale on him with your Cudgel. Check the boxes in this area to find 2 Lead Plates, 2 Lead Rods, and 2 Lead Sticks, as well as a Large Knife. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of your melee weapons, but you can return it to Clay. (40 Shillings and 50 XP)

The easiest way back to the Pembroke is the follow the river northward. You can, if you choose, go up the steps and follow the road through Poplar Fabrook district, but there are some Level 10-12 Priwen Hunters up there. Not that you can’t handle them, but it’s only worth 5 XP apiece. If you choose to take the Fabrook route, you may notice a red “Keep Out” door at the corner that indicates a hideout. This is actually Mortimer’s flat, so we can’t access it just yet.

The reason I suggest returning to Pembroke is to spend some of that well-earned experience (you should have roughly 3800 by this point, plus an additional jump if you decide to get rid of Clay after returning his knife and curing his fatigue … because that’s the Vampyr way.) In addition, you should considering upgrading your weapons and crafting treatments for any Citizens you’ll encounter. (Recommend 4 Fatigue, 2 Colds, and 1 Bronchitis). Check around the hospital for the necessary crafting materials if you’re short) You should have enough crafting materials to upgrade the barbed cudgel to its highest level.

Solid metal gear in Vampyr
Upgrade a weapon to level 5
  • Unlocked by 5,193 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.34) 28,680

Act III: Blackmail in Whitechapel

Put an end to the blackmail plot against Lady Ashbury. Reach Whitechapel. If you’ve rested, Oswald will join his friend Newton down on the wharf area outside Pembroke. It is possible to get all the hints possible for these two to max out their experience. While it is also possible to embrace Oswald now, I suggest holding off on that. Newton goes a little crazy if his friend disappears, and will become a powerful enemy (a 27 Beast with a handful of Skal attendants) you’ll have to track down later to receive his weapon. I recommend keeping them alive until you can embrace both at the same time. It is possible to complete “Missing Ingredients” at this point, but the reward is only 100 XP and you’ll have to tangle with a pretty powerful 16 Skal. It’s better to hold off on that until you’re ready to start embracing doctors, sending Pembroke into chaos, or when you’re a higher level and can tackle this easily. (Risk vs. reward)

The best route into Whitechapel is to cross the bridge west of the hospital. If you’d like, you can tackle Thelma Howcroft’s Investigation “Wrong target” along the way, as the routes parallel.

Wrong target: Find out who is spying on Thelma. The first objective will be the building just north of the Pembroke side of the bridge, where two Priwen lay in wait, watching the hospital.

Find the local command post of the Guard of Priwen. Cross the bridge to enter the Whitechapel Street district. If you use your vampire senses, you’ll note an 18 Ferocious Skal on a ledge just above you to the right. He’s a bit of a beast, although that Barbed Cudgel you picked up in the sewers if a handy tool to bring him down to size. You do get 70 XP for taking him down, along with a Wet Boot Boys Note, which gives you Albert Palmer’s Hint 2, along with the Investigation “Promising recruit”. (As a side note, the first step in this quest is to “choose what to do with the recruiter’s note,” but it only gives you one choice. This is because you haven’t met Albert’s father yet. We’ll get to that.)

Continue along the alley to the west to encounter three Priwen, two 12’s and a 10. One of those 12’s is a Fire Executioner, and will pelt you with flaming crossbow bolts if you don’t handle him first. (You may not spot him with your vampire senses at first, as he’s at the far west end of the alley. Using vampire senses, you can spot a blood mark just before the Brawler, which indicates there’s a ledge you can teleport up to and then sneak around to the Fire Executioner. The next area is a little tougher. Just through the gate on the west side of this area will be a 15 Brawler, along with Levels 16 and 17 Rookies. These Rookies carry torches that deal an absurd amount of aggravated damage, and they’ll be alerted once you go through the gate.

Steal the reports leading to the Pembroke Hospital. Enter the building at the west end of this area and loot the ground floor before making your way upstairs. There is another 17 Priwen Rookie up here, just waiting to set you on fire. After you take him down, you can pick up a Used Priwen Stake (3/13 Off-hand) along with a Report about Pembroke from the table. There is also a green safe in this room, between the tables (face north from the back of the room, and you should spot it) that contains The Great Hunt: hail to our fallen comrades! (6/30 Lore Keeper) (Returning to Thelma will net you 150 XP, but you can wait until the next time you’re at the hospital to do this.)

Retaliation: You may have noticed as you passed through this area the first time, but in the north-east corner of the area where you fought the three Priwen (including the Fire Executioner) is a doorway splattered with blood. Entering this building will trigger the Investigation “Retaliation” where you have to rescue Cadogan Bates from some Skal attackers.

Save the shocked man by defeating the Skals. Run up the stairs and, using your senses, you’ll spot a 14 Blinker Skal accosting an unknown citizen (Cadogan Bates). The door won’t open from this side, so you’ll have to proceed up to the third (or second, if you’re English) floor. The door up here will open, revealing a convenient hole in the floor leading down to Cadogan and the Blinker. However, there are two 13 Rogue Skals up here that you should deal with first. And you may as well loot the upper floor (Cadogan’s fine; trust me!). On the west wall is a bed with a corpse on it. The corpse holds a Petition Letter that will give you Cadogan Bates Hint 2. Reading this may not give you a good fuzzy feeling about saving Cadogan, but if you’re going full Vampyr, you’re going to want to embrace him yourself; and if you’re doing Not even once, well … he’s got to stay alive, unfortunately. Drop down and sneak up behind the distracted Blinker to get a good Stun attack on him before eliminating him.

Talk and check on the shocked man. Simply converse with him to gain 50 XP. Cadogan will relocate to Whitechapel’s main area the following night. There’s quite a lot of loot in this little room, but you can also find a Text in Braille on the large bed. This is the first of four documents, and triggers the “Occult Oculus” Investigation, although it will be a bit before we can do anything more with this.

Exit the room through the door to the stairwell and then leave the building.

Blackmail in Whitechapel: You may have noticed that Whitechapel begins in a Serious condition, due to many of its citizens being lost or sick. At any rate, continue along the main road here – heading west – until you encounter an 11 Priwen Rookie leaning against a wagon. He’s a tempting target, but be aware that there’s also a 10 Priwen Gunner and 12 Priwen Brawler lurking in this area. After you’ve removed them, check the north-west corner of this area for a high ledge you can jump up to. A large hole on the east side of this area (connecting this square to the Priwen outpost if you did “Wrong target”) is a hideout. There’s nothing of note aside from some standard loot in here, but it’s a useful spot to conduct upgrades if you’d like.

Continue westward, and in a little alcove to the left will be a 10 Rogue Skal you can pretty much ignore, unless you want to interrupt him from his feast of rats. Maybe take a couple for yourself? Cross the bridge a bit further west, ignoring the Priwen below and instead focusing on the ones in front of you. There are four in this area: two 11 Rookies, a 10 Rookie, and a named 12 Brawler that functions as a mini-boss to prevent you from entering Whitechapel prematurely. I say that because he is highly resistant to melee and resistant to firearms, so he’s a tough battle if you haven’t leveled up at least once (beyond the tutorial). He’s appropriately named “The Wall”!

Once he’s defeated, you can enter Whitechapel proper through the western gate (the one to the north is locked at the moment, so curb your exploratory tendencies!)

Find and talk to Darius Petrescu. As you enter Whitechapel, you’ll get a notification of a new hideout, but it’s a block to the north of your location. Continue westward to the intersection and you’ll witness a conversation between two citizens that results in a gunshot. No investigation pops up, but this is something to look into, surely? Jump up to the ledge before you and turn to the right to talk to the young man leaning against the wall. (If you picked up the Boot Boy letter, you’ll notice a green option “The man you were looking for is dead.” I don’t recommend doing this, as it gives you no reward!)

You can, however, select “Your life in London?”, “Did you steal that man’s medication?” and then any response thereafter to receive Benjamin Palmer’s Hint 1. He’s an obnoxious young man, but you can at least treat his fatigue for progress with Hippocratic Oath before moving on.

Approach the other man in the alley to meet Albert’s father, Benjamin Palmer, and also receive an update to “Promising Recruit.” You can now give the letter to Ben. Do so to earn 50 XP, along with a Swanborough Cordial. It seems like a useless item (it can only be recycled for a glass bottle), but examine it in your inventory to learn Loretta Swanborough’s Hint 1 and learn one of the reasons Whitechapel is in such a serious (er, Serious) condition! If you follow the street northward and then look to the left at the next area, you can meet Loretta herself. She is a merchant, after all, and does sell medical crafting components, although her prices are a bit inflated due to the Serious condition of the district. (There don’t diminish that much by stabilizing the district, and you’ll only save a couple shillings).

You can wander around Whitechapel and seek out the inhabitants if you like, but you’re almost forced to do this anyway as part of the main quest. I will say that if you encounter Clayton Darby, be very cautious when you are talking to him. There is an odd glitch with his Investigation quest that causes it be broken, locking out one of the hints for Cristina Popa. His character page will give more info if you run into him before it’s time to do his quest. Continue to the objective marker and knock on the door. Darius turns out to be an efficient doorman and turns you away.

Investigate Darius Petrescu’s actions. Well, that was rather rude. Trigger your vampire senses and watch Darius leave through the back door of his house. Head south from the house and then westward to stand at the gated entrance to the Dispensary. After a few seconds, the area you’re standing will turn red and you can eavesdrop on his conversation with Dorothy Crane. This will give you Darius Petrescu’s Hint 1.

Find the Clayton Darby The mission objectives states that you need to meet with Richard Nithercott and Clayton Darby to learn more about Darius, but it’s worth tracking down a couple other Whitechapel citizens to learn more about Dorothy Crane as well. (Specifically, tracking down Barrett Lewis and Father Tobias Whitaker). The reason to do this is to get all three story options when you confront Dorothy at the end of this chapter.

Head north from Darius’ home and take the first road north-east. You should encounter Barrett Lewis against the left wall. He’s another Whitechapel merchant, selling crafting materials for much better prices that Loretta. Ask him about “Your life in London?”, then “Noticed anything out of the ordinary?”, and finally “Violence is increasing?” to unlock his Citizen Investigation “Trinkets and more”. In addition, tell him “I’m looking for Nurse Dorothy Crane?” and then select any option to receive Dorothy Crane’s Hint 1. Joe Peterson is normally hanging around this area, and you can speak with him if you like, although it won’t progress anything.

Head up the steps of the church to meet Father Tobias Whitaker, another class act here in Vampyr. Tell him “I’m looking for Nurse Dorothy Crane?” and then “Why hate Nurse Crane?” to receive Dorothy Crane’s Hint 3. You can also speak to him about “Personal questions,” followed by “Do you have any family left?”, and “Where did you send him?” to unlock the Citizen Investigation “Holy crusade,” because with all the madness in the streets of London, Whitaker sent his disciple out to preach in a cemetery …

Clayton Darby may be in this area as well. As I mentioned before, his Investigation will glitch if you don’t complete it in one shot, so I recommend only asking him “About an underground medical dispensary?” at this time. I’ll approach his Investigation from a different angle to prevent the glitch. At any rate, after asking about the dispensary, select any response you’d like, followed by “He never goes out?” to learn that Darius tore a letter up beside a mail box.

While I don’t recommend talking to these two just yet, you can save yourself a bit of time by observing Clayton Darby and Cristina Popa’s actions. They will eventually duck into a small locked area south-east of the church. Jump up to the catwalk above this area to eavesdrop on them for Christina Popa’s Hint 4. This will lay the groundwork for us to do the citizen investigation “A cherished souvenir” (covered in more detail during Chapter 3 and also in the Investigations page.)

Find the mail box and the letter. The mail box is on the right side of the church, and next to it is a trash can with Darius Petrescu’s Letter, giving you Darius Petrescu’s Hint 2. While you’re picking up objects, you can also interact with any of the flower pots on the right side of the road to get Camellia’s Hint 2 by finding a Flower Bouquet.

Find Richard Nithercott. Richard spends his time in the graveyard behind the church, being a mopey poet. Go to the left side of the church and open the gate, but be prepared to face some Skals that are in this area looking to ruin your day. (Specifically, a 10 Dazzled and a 10 and 12 Rogue that will join him after he spots you). With them out of the way, continue around the church to find Richard. It’s actually possible to net all of Richard’s Hints in one fell swoop by investigating his little hobo camp at the rear of the church. Checking the trashcan, you will find an Editor refusal letter, which gives you Richard Nithercott’s Hint 3.

Ask Richard Nithercott about Darius Petrescu. While that’s the main objective, you can also ask Richard “Personal questions,” “Why seek inspiration in Whitechapel?” and then “Do you not think it a little morbid?” to receive both his and Camellia’s Hint 1. Also in “Personal questions,” ask “Do you make a living from your writing?” followed by either “You don’t seem to suffer from poverty” or “A rich artist is rare to receive Richard Nithercott’s Hint 2. Now all that’s left is to cure his cold, and you’ve got a nice juicy 3000 XP blood bank waiting for you. (Unless you’re not doing that this playthrough.) Finally, you can ask “I’m looking for Dorothy Crane,” and then “About Darius Petrescu?” to get Darius Petrescu’s Hint 3.

Find a way into Darius Petrescu’s house. You can leave the graveyard by either gate, although proceeding east will give you a shortcut if you want to pay the mopey hobo poet another visit. This is the quickest way to get back to Darius’, but I ventured off the beaten path to clear up my quest log a bit. (You can unlock the east gate without proceeding through it)

Trinkets and more: Head out the west gate from the graveyard and as you emerge onto the street in front of the church, turn around and duck down the west alley from the church. There’s a 10 Priwen Gunner, an 11 Priwen Rookie and 12 Priwen Exterminator this way that you’ll need to eliminate. After this, head into the large building. Within will be a 10 Large Beast. After he is dispatched, stand roughly in the center of the building and face west. Look up to find a ledge you can teleport up to. From up here, turn slightly southward to find another ledge you can teleport onto. On this second ledge, you’ll find a corpse with a Small box. Examining it will reveal Barrett Lewis’ Hint 2. Drop down from this ledge and look at the corner post (facing east) to find Used Hatchet (6/20 Melee).

Choose what to do with the box. It’s best to backtrack the way we came in, otherwise you’ll wind up tangling with Skals on the other side of the building for minimal rewards. Either route you take, head back to the area in front of the church to find Barret and Joe. You can either return it to Barret for a small bag of junk (variety of crafting materials) and 50 shillings or give it to Joe for just 25 shillings. (I personally chose Barret not out of morality, but just because I kind of wanted those extra crafting materials.) Either way, you’ll earn 100 XP.

Blackmail in Whitechapel: Before we progress, let’s make life a bit easier on us in the future and take the road leading south-east from in front of the church. This leads to the area of Whitechapel Street where you fought “The Wall.” Unlock this gate and then head back up the road (north-west). Remember that hideout we got notified about upon entering Whitechapel? Now it’s time to explore it. Head down the alley near where Joe Peterson is usually standing (it runs south) You’ll see the ledge you can teleport up to on the left side of this alley, with the trademark red door, but it is locked from this side. Head a little further down the alley to find a door with DEAD INSIDE painted to the right of it. (There’s a light over this door and an ominous bloody handprint on it)

Wow, they weren’t kidding about dead inside! There are a number of corpses to loot, as well as containers in this small area. Head up the stairs to enter the hideout proper, which you can also loot. You’ll note there are two red doors in your hideout. Very convenient! The west door will lead you out to the balcony entrance you couldn’t utilize before (useful if you want to use this hideout in the future, irritating as it takes a couple loading screens to unlock it and then reenter) The northern red door leads into a corridor with two 14 Rogue Skals hanging out feasting on a corpse. Well, that’s just rude! This is your territory! Teach them some manners.

On the right side of this corridor is a table with Blood as addiction (7/30 Lore Keeper) on it. Continue down the corridor and you’ll emerge from your hideout above the gate you just unlocked leading from Whitechapel Street. Now it’s time to pay another visit to Darius.

Now that you’re equipped with more information about Darius, you can use your vampire wiles … oh, no wait, you can’t. Vampyr infuriatingly hints that you would need Mesmerize 2, so instead select “Let’s have a man-to-man talk.” Since he invited you in, it’s only decent of you to loot his house. While inside, duck into the right room to find The antique figure of the Vrykolakas (8/30 Lore Keeper) on a shelf. Speak with Darius again so that you can cure him of bronchitis, if you’d like. Then step outside the back door to enter the dispensary area.

Find Dorothy Crane. There’s quite a commotion going on upstairs, but ignore it for the moment while you loot the ground floor. Of special note is the small table to the right of the stairs, which holds a Letter to Dorothea which gives you Dorothy Crane’s Hint 2. Now head upstairs to confront Dorothy.

Help Dorothy Crane. Before you can talk to her, there’s a medical emergency you need to face. There will be a series of decisions to make, but – in true DONTNOD fashion - none that will change the outcome. However, if you want to act like you know what you’re doing, select “Anything else I should know?”, “I must perform a tracheostomy!”, “Don’t question me!”, “I must suture the artery!”, and finally “Epinephrine, now!”

Confront Dorothy Crane. Approach Dorothy and confront her. You can ask her about whatever you’d like, but eventually will have to select “The blackmail must stop!” After this, you are present with the first of Vampyr’s key decisions regarding a Pillar character. There are three options available (if you found all three of Dorothy’s hints): Charm, Spare, Embrace. I’ll break down each one so you can choose.

Charm: Jonathan tries to Mesmerize Dorothy to forget about Lady Ashbury. It seems like this is the best choice since you had to extra work to get it, but it’s actually the worst. She’ll soon become a 24 Ill-formed Dazzled Skal with resistance to melee and blood damage and poisons you like crazy. You’ll lose the resource of the dispensary, but you won’t invalidate Not even once. You will get 1000 XP for killing her as a Skal, which is a decent chunk for fighting an enemy. However, 1000 XP is nothing compared to the 8000 XP you would gain from embracing her.

Embrace: So let’s talk about that. If you got all three hints, you could embrace her now, gaining that 8000 XP and giving you a significant boost in the next portion of the game. Again, you lose the dispensary as a resource, and Whitechapel will be significantly impacted. However, it will also make your final push toward London is burning easier, although that is many chapters away.

Spare: If you keep Dorothy alive, you’ll gain access to the dispensary store, with a huge supply of medical components at the lowest costs you’ll find. Even if you’re going for an Anarchy playthrough, I would suggest keeping her alive if for no other reason that to have a cheap supply of medical supplies.

Regardless of your decision, you will unlock Interview with the vampire. You’ll also be upgraded to Mesmerize Rank 2, and you’ll be told the district will suffer for your choice, regardless of what decision you made. (Really, no hints DONTNOD?)

Interview with the vampire in Vampyr
Take care of Dorothy's fate (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,020 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.69) 28,680

Report to Lady Ashbury. As you prepare to leave, two Priwen burst into the dispensary and begin slaughtering the patients. (Wow, where were you, Darius?) It’s a 10 Rookie and 11 Executioner, but there are three more (10 Rookie, 11 Cadet, and 12 Brawler) outside. Eliminate the Priwen, and then leave through Darius’ house. Now it’s time to backtrack to Pembroke Hospital, taking the road leading south-east from the church.

As you reach the end of Whitechapel Street, Jonathan will notice human blood in a deliberate trail on the ground. This should alert you that there’s an ambush up ahead. Sure enough, as you descend the steps, you’ll be attacked by the Sheen brothers, two named Priwen. Both are Level 14 (Vincent is a Brawler, while Toby is a Fire Executioner) and can summon Rookies to join the battle. Focus your attacks on the named enemies, as they will constantly replace the Rookies if you kill them first. Although Toby will be pelting you with fire crossbow bolts, he’s actually the lesser of the two evils, as he’s got much lower HP and is vulnerable to bite attacks as well as melee. You’ll gain 600 XP, as well as 50 shillings, 3 common trigger parts, 3 common handle parts, and a Used truncheon (4/13 Off-hand) after the fight.

Continue to the Pembroke and meet with Lady Ashbury. Your choices while speaking with her don’t affect anything.

Analyze Razvan Vasile’s blood. Feel free to loot the hospital on your way upstairs to your crafting table. You will unlock the Light Stamina Serum recipe, which increases your stamina regeneration by 50% for 15 seconds. This concludes Chapter 2, and is as good a place as any to rest and spend your XP! (On my Not even once playthrough, I had 3730 XP to spend at this point, and was able to level up to 13.) If you are going for an Anarchy playthrough, you can choose to make a few choices here to gain some additional XP. At Mesmerize 2, you can Embrace Doctor Corcoran Tippets for 2000 XP. While Pembroke takes a minor hit to its stability, you’ll also be able to gain Samuel Connor’s mace from the trunk in the basement morgue. While Milton Hooks may be a tempting target (you gain a massive amount of crafting materials, plus Milton’s shotgun), I recommend sparing him for now, as you’ll lose half of Pippa’s XP because she’ll leave the hospital.

Burn after reading: While at the Pembroke, hang around the front area for a bit using Vampire senses to observe the Goswicks’ room. At some point in your observations, Beatrice will close the door to the room and have a discussion with Mortimer. Eavesdrop on this conversation by standing outside their window, and you’ll gain Mortimer Goswick’s Hint 1. Once you’ve done this, go into the room and talk to Mortimer about “Personal questions,” “You tried to kill yourself,” and then “Can I help you?” You will receive Mortimer Goswick’s key and told to collect the letter he left in his flat.

Go to Mortimer Goswick’s place. The flat is just south of the hospital, and there shouldn’t be any enemies between you an it. Unlock Goswick’s flat to receive a new hideout. In addition to the letter you were sent to collect, in the back room (near the bed) is a small table with Fertile is the belly of the beast! (9/30 Lore Keeper) on it. (This bed room also contains a safe, which can only be opened with a key received after embracing Beatrice Goswick.)

Choose what to do with Mortimer Goswick’s letter. You can either give the letter to Mortimer or Beatrice. Either way, you’ll receive 50 XP and 100 shillings.

With this done, you should have completed all seven Citizen Investigations in Pembroke, as well as received the hints for all citizens, with the exception of Edgar Swansea.

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