Vampyr Walkthrough

6. Chapter 3: Family History

Act I – Causes and Effects

Chapter 3 will see us venturing into a new area of London, specifically The Docks region. We will also tie up some loose ends in Whitechapel, as we'll spend the first half of the chapter in that region. There will be multiple investigations available, and I’ll try and point out when they’ll become available!

Learn more about the Vampire epidemic.

Tell Edgar Swansea about Razven Vasile’s blood.

Simply head down the hall and speak with Swansea in his office. There will be multiple Y-conversation markers, but none that will affect gameplay. After completing this conversation, if you look at your map, you should notice an “!” marker at Swansea’s office. The game will inform you about this gameplay element later, but these are essentially missable dialogue options that allows Jonathan to discuss recent story events with Swansea, and later with Lady Ashbury. These are not necessary for gameplay completion, but later conversations will allow you to unlock the Hints for Swansea, and also provide some additional depth to the story. (Specifically, in this case, Swansea will give his perspectives on the situation in Whitechapel with Nurse Crane)

Act II – The eye was in the tomb

Attend Mary’s funeral.

Reach the Stonebridge cemetery.

Exit the hospital and head down the street on the northeast side. This takes you into Blackwall Faubourg area of the district. If you’re looking at your map to find where that street is, you’ll also notice an area with an alley that juts to the east. I mention this because there’s a small group of Priwen hanging out here just waiting for you to test out your upgraded powers on (specifically two 14 Rookies, a 16 Cadet, and a 15 Executioner at the far end of the alley). If you continue north from here, there’s a 16 Brawler you can encounter, or you can slip around him by teleporting up and traversing through the flat to your left.

Either direction, you will enter the Stonebridge cemetery area of Whitechapel district. There are some more Priwen here (14 Rookie, 15 Gunner, 16 Executioner). From here, climb the steps to the north to enter the cemetery proper.

Discreetly attend Mary’s funeral.

It is possible to just make a beeline up through the cemetery to the funeral location, but there are a couple of optional objectives to take care of first if you’d like.

Widow in distress

Save the isolated woman by defeating the Skals.

Just beyond the front gate of the cemetery, the path splits in three directions. Take the leftmost path and you’ll hear a woman cry for help just ahead. Continue westward and then wade into the midst of three 14 Rogue Skals and defeat them.

Talk and check on the isolated woman.

Unlike other rescue missions, talking to her at this point doesn’t remove her from immediate danger. Despite being trapped by Skals, the woman (Hsiao Shun) refuses to leave the cemetery at this point, so we will have to resume this investigation later. The next time you rest, she’ll still be wandering around the cemetery.

Holy crusade

Stepping deeper into the crypt where you just rescued Hsiao will update this investigation when Jonathan stumbles upon a number of bodies.

Inspect the bodies to find Samuel the disciple.

Check the three bodies, but you won’t find Samuel here. Instead, Jonathan will decide to follow the blood trail. (As you turn around to leave, you may notice a locked box in the right corner, next to the stairs. This box belongs to Thelma Hawcroft and contains 10 screws, 9 rivets, as well as a mirror and bracelet. You receive the key after embracing her)

Follow the blood trail.

Follow the blood spatters as they lead you south-east, where you’ll find a 14 Rogue Skal and Samuel, who is now a 16 Dazzled Skal. (Smart move, Father Tobias. Oh well, it’s not like Samuel was one of our citizens, right?)

Eliminate what remains of Samuel the disciple.

Samuel may be resistant to melee damage, but I’ve found there are very few situations that barbed cudgel can’t resolve. He does a lot of damage (all aggravated), so take him down as quickly as you can. (Ranged attacks do quite well against him). After he is defeated, you’ll receive a Personal diary. Make sure you read this for Tobias Whitaker Hint 2. All that’s left is the quest turn in, but we’ll handle that later.

For another brief diversion, look to the north to see a set of steps leading into a small flat. On the right-hand side, you’ll find a corpse with a Brisk blood sample. Take this and continue north along a small bridge. At the end of the hall, turn right to face a hole in the wall, and see that you can teleport over to the opposite side. (This will take you back into Blackwall Faubourg and also unlocks another hideout.) Since we’re here, analyze that Brisk blood sample and unlock a Level II Stamina Serum. Now backtrack to the area you tangled with Samuel.

Follow the path northeast to encounter two 14 Skals (a Rogue and a Blinker). After you’ve dealt with them, continue north to the next large gate of the cemetery. Just to the right of it is an area you can jump up to. In this small area is a corpse leaning against the side of the building, holding Holy symbols and Orichalcum (10/30 Lore-Keeper) Drop back down and continue north until you’re forced to turn west. At the locked gate, Jonathan will remind himself that he wanted to “discreetly” observe the funeral, so look north to find a ledge you can teleport up to. Continue along until the scene plays out. Afterward, you’ll converse with Lady Ashbury. (Your decisions during this conversation don’t matter.) After this scene, a new dialogue will be available with Dr. Swansea, all the way back at Pembroke.

Reach St Mary Church.

Your next objective is to return to Whitechapel (or, rather, continue deeper into Whitechapel). The east gate leading from the funeral location is locked, so we have no choice but to head westward anyway. As you leave through this western gate, turn south and approach the part of the wall that is broken. There is a corpse next to this broken piece that holds A Strange Formula (crafting recipes for the last three treatments) Continue west to leave the cemetery and return the Whitechapel Old Road. Look to the left to find a balcony that you can teleport over to in order to unlock a new hideout. (You should be able to craft some treatments. Ben Palmer suffers from a migraine, and Oswald Thatcher has a headache)

Drop down from this hideout and you can either follow the road north-west or west. The north-west area will take you into a small courtyard where you’ll get attacked by four 16 Skals. You can also “meet” Mason Swanborough, although you need Level 3 Mesmerize in order to talk to him. It’s better to bypass this area for now and continue westward. Eventually, you will trigger a cutscene where you’ll meet a giant of a vampire.

A cherished souvenir

Since we were stopped anyway, it’s as good a reason as any to duck down this alley to the left. There is a 15 Rogue Skal ahead that you can ignore as you continue along south-west, where you’ll encounter a pair of unavoidable Skal (14 and 16 Rogues). The alley continues south where you’ll face off against a 16 Large Beast. (A tough fight in this confined space, so whale on him as quickly as you can!) On the east side of this alley is a gate that leads to a small courtyard with two 12 Rogue Skals, and a 14 Blinker Skal. Defeat them and then search the corpse in the middle of the courtyard to find a Wool Scarf. (You could have activated this investigation earlier by talking to Cristina Popa, but there is a glitch in this quest that only allows you to return it to Cristina if you quit the game prior to completing the quest. Doing it this way allows you to return it to her or Clayton.)

From here, you have two options: You can leave this area and follow the Old Road north, turning west at the next corner to unlock another point of entry to Whitechapel and the church. Or, you can continue along Old Road to the south, wading through a number of Priwen and Skals to reach the underside of the bridge of Whitechapel Street. Either way, you can follow Whitechapel Street back to the Pembroke and speak with Edgar for Edgar Swansea’s Hint 1. (You’ll lose the opportunity for this conversation after entering Saint Mary’s church.) If you go through Whitechapel past the church, you won’t trigger the next scene unless you actually approach the church door, which gives you the option to turn in “A cherished souvenir” and “Holy crusade.”

Find out to whom the scarf belongs.

Hopefully, you’ve already unlocked Christina Popa’s Hint 4. If you haven’t yet, just watch Clayton Darby until he and Christiana duck into the locked area south-east of the church. After receiving this hint, talk to Clayton about “Personal questions?”, “This woman really stole your wallet?”, and then “How did you meet her?” to receive Clayton Darby Hint 3. Now ask “Personal questions?”, “About your relationship with Christina?” and either “I apologize” or “You are right” to learn that the scarf belongs to Christina.

Choose what to do with the lost scarf.

You can either give the scarf to Cristina or Clayton. You’ll gain 50 shillings either way, but giving it to Clayton will also give you Clayton Darby Hint 2 and Christina Popa Hint 3 and 160 XP. Otherwise, these hints are lost. (You should be able to get all the hints for these two citizens)

Holy Crusade.

Report to Father Whitaker.

Approach Whitaker and let him know about his wayward disciple. He’ll give you 40 shillings and 160 XP. (You can now get the rest of his hints if you choose).

Head back to where Barrett has his shop and check the house across from him. Use your Mesmerize ability to force Harry Peterson to allow you inside. Once in the home, head upstairs and check the trunk in the back bedroom (at the foot of the bed) to find a Job refusal letter. Reading this will give you Joe Peterson’s Hint 1. While in here, cross the room and pick up Professional Vampire Hunters (Lore-Keeper 11/30) from the desk. If you’d like, you can finish receiving the hints for the rest of Whitechapel’s citizens, with the exceptions of the Swanborough’s (which will require Mesmerize 3) and Hsiao Shun if she hasn’t returned to Whitechapel as of yet. If you’re going for an Anarchic playthrough, you can also start culling the herd while you’re here in Whitechapel, as long as you don’t mind some of the shops increasing prices. Specifically, you could target the Palmers (killing Albert will give you a new revolver) and Cadogan Bates. While Harry Peterson only requires Mesmerize 1, I don’t recommend embracing him just yet, as it causes his father to only be worth half his maximum XP, plus you’ll miss out on an additional investigation to make Harry worth a bit more XP. On either playthrough, it’s a good idea to give treatments to any citizens that are sick to increase their blood quality or to give your “good” playthrough an extra bit of XP to spend.

When you have finished exploring to your heart’s content, make your way to Saint Mary’s church. Your decisions during the conversation with Vicar Joseph Larrabee will not matter, so you can answer as you like.

Meet Edgar Swansea at the hospital.

Now you have to make your way back to Pembroke. If you’ve already traveled this way to speak with Edgar prior to meeting with the Vicar, the road should still be clear. At the bridge past Whitechapel, you will encounter a scene with an enigmatic character; your responses here won’t affect anything. Once you reach Edgar’s office, you’ll find him speaking with a member of the Priwen.

Talk with Edgar Swansea about the events.

As with most conversations with Edgar, your responses won’t matter. However, you learn of a new crisis that requires your attention. It appears that Sean Hampton has gone a little crazy while recovering from his attack!

ACT III - The Sad Saint of The East End

Find Sean Hampton at the East End Docks.

Before heading out on your new mission, you can speak with Edgar if you’d like about other recent events, and also Lady Ashbury. You should also poke your head in Harriet Jones’ room for a bit of XP. (50 to be precise)

The easiest way to reach the docks is the same path we followed for “Missing ingredients.” Head down to the water outside Pembroke and head south until you can jump across the canal. Once on the other side, head south to find a gate that you can open to access the Lime house Dock area of the Docks district. Before entering though, I recommend opening all the one-way gates in this area to make life a bit easier while moving around. To do this, head back the direction you came and turn right at the first opportunity to re-enter Poplar Faubrough area of Pembroke. Turn right again to head south-west along a road where you’ll encounter three Priwen (16 Fire Execution, 15 Executioner, and a 16 Gunner). Once they’re down, continue west to find another gate you can unlock. Turn away from this gate and head south under a bridge to face off against three Skals (16 Rogue, 17 Rogue, 17 Dazzled). I’m not sure why the Priwen didn’t take care of these three for you. As you continue south, you’ll receive a notification of an investigation in the area.

Old prune and good manners.

Save the old man by defeating the Skals.

It only seems right to rescue this poor bastard. Take a few steps in that direction, but be aware that a 17 Blinker Skal will appear behind you. Turn around and take him down, and then loot the body in the far west corner of the alley to find your second Text in Braille for “Occult Occulus” (Look at us, multitasking!) Seriously though, enough messing around, because the old man is being trapped by three Skals (19 Dazzled, two 16 Rogues) The Rogue Skals can seriously mess you up if you engage them in the close quarters of the alley, especially since they are resistant to melee and ranged attacks, so lure them in your direction with your vampire powers before erasing them.

Talk and check on the old man.

After the fight, open the gate and meet the man, Archer Woodbead. After you convince him to return to the Docks, you should take the time to loot the house behind him. On the second floor, you’ll find a body with a Bloody letter which gives you Enid Gillingham’s Hint 4. You also pick up a watch, and unlock the investigation “Another body murdered.” We’ll come back to this later.

Leave the house and head west until you see a staircase on your left (south). Take the stairs and continue west to find another gate with an entry point to Lime House Docks. From here, continue west and turn north at your first opportunity to return to the Turquoise Turtle (first visited back in Chapter 1). Outside there’s a body in the street and you get to meet Ichabod Throgmorton. After Ichabod concludes his conversation with the barmaid from the Turtle, speak to him and select “I’m looking for Sean Hampton,” followed by “I respect your refusal” to learn Sean Hampton’s Hint 2. While you have his attention, ask about “Your life in London?”, “About your work?”, and “Do you need help?” to unlock the investigation “Vampire hunter extraordinaire.” (You can also ask “Your life in London?” and “About this neighborhood?” to receive Ichabod Throgmorton’s Hint 2.)

Afterward, head into the bar and speak with Tom Watts. Tell him “I’m looking for Sean Hampton?” and then “Did he return to his flock?” to receive Sean Hampton’s Hint 1. Then select “I must find him quickly” to learn about Sean Hampton’s Night Asylum in the Western Docks.

The Docks Citizens

There are actually quite a few more investigations that we can uncover while we’re here, most of which we’ll be visiting as we run around this area. In addition, healing the sick in this area should be more than enough to earn Hippocratic Oath.

Hippocratic oath in Vampyr
Heal 10 citizens
  • Unlocked by 7,720 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.92) 28,679

To begin, let’s speak with Dyson Delaney, who should be in the bar. Ask him “Your life in London?”, “Anything you like about this district?”, “No reason at all to rejoice?”, and then “All right. Go on…” to receive “Tribute to the victims.” Then speak to Tom Watts again and ask “Your life in London?”, “How can you keep this place open?” and “Is there anything I can do?” to unlock “Shortage of essential product”.

Head south from the Turquoise Turtle and look for three citizens hanging around this area: Rufus Kingsberry, Stella, and Seymour Fishburn. This little trifecta has an interesting side story, but the part you’ll want to focus on for the moment is Seymour. Ask him about “Your life in London?”, then “What is your role around here?”, then “Is something bothering you?” to unlock “A simple token of filial love.” I’ll cover this investigation now as it’s close by, plus it gives you the opportunity to max out the XP for all three of these characters when you decide to start harvesting them. (Refer to The Docks character page for more info on how to unlock all their hints, if you’d like)

A simple token of filial love.

Retrieve the necklace lost by Seymour Fishburn.

Seymour's necklace can be found in a sewer tunnel beneath the docks. The entrance is below the pier on the south end of the docks, due south from the Turquoise Turtle. If you use your blood sense, you can follow a trail of blood into the tunnel. You'll have to smash a pile of barrels to get inside. Once inside you'll find a corpse. Search the corpse to find the Bloody necklace.

Choose what to do with Seymour Fishburn's necklace.

It’s up to you whether to give the necklace back to Seymour (and let him know you know his dirty little secret) or just give it to his mother. Either way, you’ll earn 40 shillings, 80 XP, and Seymour Fishburn’s Hint 1.

Now head north to meet Booth Digby and Edwina Cox. While speaking with Edwina, ask her “Your life in London?” “About this part of town?”, and “Thinking of somebody in particular?” to unlock “Ghouldiggers.” With both Edwina and Dyson’s investigations available, it’s well worth a diversion south across the Thames into the Southwark area (where the Prologue occurred) to pick up a collectible for Lore Keeper. (In particular, if you’re doing an anarchic playthrough, it’s worth getting Dyson maxed out so you can kill him and take his weapon.) You will have other opportunities to visit Southwark if you’d like to skip this part for now, and the Investigation page will detail these side quests, as well.

Tribute to the victims.

Cross the long bridge to the south side of the River Thames (Southwark). Since it’s been a while since we’ve visited this area, there are fresh corpses to loot and the containers have been restocked by the Gaming Gods. Once you leave the room on the south side of the bridge, you’ll encounter three Priwen on the wharf, who are a slightly higher level than when you came through here during the Prologue.

Continue retracing your path from the beginning of the game, continuing south through a gate where you will face two more Priwen (16 Rookie; 17 Executioner) The large number of rats surrounding these two indicates there’s a hideout in the area, which is the building to the west (although there’s nothing noteworthy within the hideout), and the building to your north really only contains some crafting materials (and a locked safe we can’t open just yet).

There are two paths you can take from here: the south road is guarded by a 16 Gunner and 17 Brawler; heading east will allow you to unlock a gate leading along the more eastern southern past. (Which, coincidentally, allows you to access the first hideout you used in the game) This road is also where Delaney’s “Tribute to the victims” investigation continues.

Locate the site where the bombing took place.

From the red door of the first hideout, head south along the road until you spot a small area to your right. There is a stone monument in this area, and Jonathan will make a comment that this is the location where the bombing took place.

Find some flowers to pay respect to the victims.

Fortunately, there’s a bouquet of flowers just across from this small area, and a little further south along the road.

Put the flowers on the bombing place.

Return to the monument and use [cn_a] to place the bouquet. The next step will be to talk to Dyson about the bombing, which we will do next time we’re near the Turquoise Turtle. For now, we’re going to continue deeper into Southwark and pick up a few collectibles while progressing with “Ghouldiggers”.


Continuing south, you’ll reach an alleyway connecting you to the foundry you ran through during the Prologue. There is a 16 Priwen Fire Executioner in here, but once you attack him it will prompt two 16 Rookies and a 17 Exterminator to attack from deeper in the foundry. Once you’ve put them down, check the corpse on the ground next to the mine cart to find a Foundry key. Take this key to the southwest corner of the foundry, where you’ll find a set of stairs. Head up and unlock the first gate, remove the 16 Priwen Gunner and 16 Priwen Cadet from this floor, and then continue up the stairs. On the top floor, go to the end of the corridor and unlock the door with the Foundry key and deal with the 17 Priwen Brawler within this office. Finally, on the shelf in the back of this room, you can pick up Laughing at the Guard (12/30 Lore-Keeper)

Leave the foundry and head to the main street, being wary of the 17 Brawler and Chaplain on the street between the two buildings. Head west, past the truck that’s sort of blocking the gate and then north along the alleyways. Jump up to the west side of the Southwark area when you get the chance, and you’ll be back where your adventure started. The gravediggers are on the right side of this area (north-west corner of the map). Search the bodies to find a Warning note (Booth Digby’s Hint 3) and also Jonathan’s watch! (While it’s a named piece of equipment, it’s not worth any more than other watches you can pick up, so you don’t have to keep it if you don’t want to.) Now it’s time to backtrack to the main Docks area.

Once back, track down Edwina Cox and either tell her the truth about her gravediggers (They’re dead) or hide the truth (You couldn’t find them). Either way, you’ll earn 50 shillings and 100 XP. After this, return to the Turquoise Turtle and speak with Dyson, telling him “I have found where the bomb exploded.” You will receive Dyson Delaney Hint 3 and 170 XP.

Shortage of essential product.

Retrieve some gin bottles from Tom Watts’ stash.

Since we’re back here, we can also deal with Tom’s investigation. Go west and then north to a small dock area and jump across the river to a warehouse where several Priwen are engaging a 22 Large Beast. You can either wait out the fight and take down the survivors or ignore them, running inside and jumping up to the first-floor walkway. Use the key Tom gave you to unlock the door and head inside. The bottles of gin will be located on the south wall of shelves. As an added bonus, in a locker on the north wall is a Newspaper article, which will give you Tom Watts’ Hint 3.

Choose what to tell to Tom Watts.

You can either bring the bottles back to Tom or lie to him to keep them. Talk to Tom and tell him “Your warehouse wasn’t empty!” to earn Tom Watts’ Hint 1. Keeping the bottles will add six bottles of alcohol to your inventory while giving him the gin earns you 50 shillings and 150 XP. (This should be a no-brainer…) With all this out of the way, we can continue along the main quest path.

Find Sean Hampton at the East End Docks.

Head toward the red Y marker on the map, jumping back across the river to the Western Docks area. Entering the warehouse marked here will trigger a fight against a 16 Priwen Exterminator named “The Spark.” Instead of chemical weapons, however, “The Spark” uses a flamethrower. He is accompanied by a 16 Gunner, and he can summon two 13 Priwen Fire Rookies as backup. It is best to focus your attacks on “The Spark” to eliminate him quickly because the Rookies will just keep flooding in as you put them down. He is resistant to range and melee attacks, so you’ll be using your abilities primarily in this fight. He also takes a decent amount of damage from your bite attacks, so whittle down his stamina to keep your blood charged up. This is a tough fight, and there’s no way to avoid it. If he does kill you, be aware that there are some rats outside the warehouse on the right side you can use to restock your blood supply. You can also find a nearby hideout and spend some XP if you want the extra buffer, although the fight is entirely possible at level 13. After defeating him, you’ll earn a Common Pistol parabellum (3/11 Ranged).

The parabellum is an okay pistol (especially on your Not even once playthrough) and does give the ability to do either chemical or incendiary damage at Level 4. It’s faster than your starting pistol, and has a larger magazine, although it starts off dealing less damage.

Leave through the west door and enter the Lower Thames Bank area of The Docks. Continuing north, you have a choice to fight along the beach to fight skals and later Priwen, or jump onto the pier and tangle with just Priwen. The choice is up to you, as both choices lead to the same destination. (There are fewer enemies if you follow the pier route) Follow either path north until you reach the marker on your map for the Night Asylum Vicinity area.

Once in the courtyard of the Night Asylum, head out the south gate and look to the right to find a Swanborough Medicine cart. To the right of this cart is a barrel with Origin of the Skals (13/30 Lore-Keeper) atop it. (You can also pick up Icabod’s vampire posters here for “Vampire hunter extraordinaire.”) Inside the courtyard, you can meet Lottie and Giselle Paxton. In the southwest corner of the building’s interior, on a small nightstand next to a bed, you can pick up a Handwritten prayer, which can be read for Lottie Paxton’s Hint 1 and Giselle Paxton’s Hint 2. Continue along the left side of the building’s interior to find a locker and trunk in the north-west corner. The trunk has an Old newspaper that doesn’t seem to unlock anything for you, but it’s a clue that indicates that this locker belongs to Dyson Delaney and can be unlocked if you kill him for his key. To your right will be a set of stairs leading down to an enclosed area; there is a box of crafting materials beneath these steps. The upper floor contains a few crafting materials as well, especially in the upper office area. To the left of this staircase leading up is a trash can containing a Burnt letter, which can be read for Lottie Paxton’s Hint 2. Enter the office in the south-east corner of the building and search the dresser for a Folded paper for Dyson Delaney’s Hint 2 and scavenge the area for more crafting supplies.

Now that you’ve thoroughly looted the area, speak to Sean himself in this office area. You’ll be given a few Y-decisions during this conversation, but your responses don’t matter. As usual, the yellow text will move the quest along, until Sean gives you a key to the sewers to investigate the matter further.

ACT IV - Give a dog a bad name

With the start of a new act, there are new conversations available at the Pembroke Hospital with Swansea and Lady Ashbury, if you want to trek across the city to reach them. You can open the gate just north of the Night Asylum to allow access to the North Docks for later, but also to access a hideout just north of the Night Asylum. (No collectibles here, just a bed and crafting table) This is also a good time to finish “Vampire hunter extraordinaire,” as Ichabod will have relocated to outside the Night Asylum. (If for some reason, he’s not there, you can get him to relocate by reloading your game or by spending some of your hard-earned XP at a hideout; there shouldn’t be any citizens in danger at this point, and this act will end with an extremely tough Level 18 vampire fight!) I recommend at least finishing up “Another body murdered” before embarking into the sewers, as it will allow you to save a step while rescuing a citizen we’ll find down there.

Another option for the anarchy playthrough is to finish getting Dyson Delaney’s hints and then draining him for 1000 XP. In addition, you’ll receive his locker key to open the locker in the back of the Night Asylum, which will give you 8 white phosphorus. It’s the earliest opportunity to claim some of this, which will allow you to upgrade the Pistol parabellum (or Milton Hook’s shotgun if you obtained that) to do incendiary damage against other vampires!

Vampire hunter extraordinaire.

Take some posters from the pile.

You can find the pile of posters just outside the fence around the Night Asylum.

Choose what to do about Ichabod Throgmorton’s campaign.

You can decide to hang the posters up along the street or just burn them all and call it a day.

Stick 5 posters in the streets of the East End Docks: There is a heavy Priwen presence in the area where Ichabod wants the posters hung. You'll be facing around 5 Priwen of levels 16-17, including a couple of Chaplains. The five locations are all on one street that runs through the middle of the western docks from east to west. It's best to start at the west side and simply follow the street east, placing posters and fighting Priwen as you go. In the northwestern corner of the Western Docks (the corner south-west from the Night Asylum), you will find a corpse to the rear of a blue Motored Merchant Services truck. (The corpse has a blood stain you can spot with your Vampire senses.) This corpse contains a Guard of Priwen note that contains Ichabod Throgmorton’s Hint 3. (If you’re hanging Ichabod’s poster, this corpse – and truck – can be found at the northern end of the street you traverse to hang them.)

Burn all the posters: If you decide to burn the posters, look for a stone furnace with a tall chimney southeast of the Night Asylum. Burning the posters is the easier option, although you won’t get paid for completing the mission.

Report to Ichabod Throgmorton: If you hung the posters you'll select "Your posters are everywhere."
If you burned the posters, you'll simply say "Your posters were destroyed." leaving out the fact that it was you who destroyed them. No matter which option you chose, you'll earn Ichabod Throgmorton's Hint 4.

If you hung up the posters for him, Ichabod will also pay you 50 shillings for your efforts.

Spoils of war.

Speak to Giselle Paxton in the West End Docks (outside Night Asylum) and select "Personal questions," then "Are you a Trade Union activist?" and finally "No support from the Trade Union?" You'll learn Giselle Paxton's Hint 3, and unlock this investigation.

Seek for Giselle Paxton's thieves

(Literally what the quest step says, a subtle reminder that DONTNOD is French) Head to the southwest portion of the Western Docks. You'll find a group of Priwen (16 Rookie and 17 Enforcer) on the pier here, fighting a Level 8 Rogue Skal. Defeat the enemies and search the bodies nearby to find a Small bag of money.

Choose what to do about Giselle Paxton's stolen money.

You can either return it and receive a hint and keep it and not receive a hint.

Another body murdered.

We stumbled on this earlier in the chapter after rescuing Archer Woodbead. Set this quest as active and follow the waypoint to discover the Night Market of The Docks, where you’ll meet Martin Nightingale and Enid Gillingham. While browsing Martin’s inventory, make sure you purchase Vampire Factions and Skals (14/30 Lore-Keeper) and the Music Box, which will give you Enid Gillingham’s Hint 3 when viewed in your inventory.

Choose what to do with Jack Gillingham’s watch.

This is actually kind of sad. You can either return the watch to Enid for 50 shillings or sell it Martin Nightingale for 50 shillings and a Silver mirror. Either way, the watch winds up in Martin’s possession, since Enid is convinced Martin is her son. While in the Night Market area, you should use Mesmerize to enter Enid’s house, and then check the bookshelf next to the door to find an Unfinished letter, this will give you Rodney Grader’s Hint 1 after reading it, as well as the investigation “Hide and seek”

Locate the sewer’s entrance.

When you’re reading to continue, leave the Night Asylum area and head west along the upper street portion. The road will turn south and you’ll encounter a 17 Priwen Executioner. As you approach the beach area of the pier, you’ll hear Priwen voices coming below you. (18 Rookie, 18 Priwen Fire Executioner, and 19 Priwen Chaplain) These three are obstinately blocking the entrance to the sewers, so you’ll have to remove them from your path. Once they’re out of the way, use Sean’s key to unlock the entrance to the sewers.

Explore the sewers.

Follow the only available path deeper into the sewers. At the first “intersection”, you’ll find a locked gate. This is typical of the other sewer exploration, meaning this will be a quick mode of egress after we’ve cleaned this place out. Continue out into the large room ahead of you with a control panel overlooking a sewer gate. (You can try and use this panel, but nothing happens)

Turn right and follow the walkway, ignoring the first set of stairs (there’s a box of random crafting materials beneath these steps, but nothing else) to reach a second control panel. This one also doesn’t do anything, but there are two valves on either side of it. The right valve won’t close the right sewer door as there are barrels blocking it (that door should TOTALLY crush those barrels), but the left valve will open the left sewer door, allowing you to access the sewer tunnel across the gap. Follow this tunnel around to the pile of barrels and smash them up.

Return to the control panel and valves and turn both valves to close both tunnels. Once that’s done, return to the first control panel and use it to open the massive water gate below you. To reach the tunnel, you need to take the second set of steps (past the second control panel) and cross over to the tunnel.

Follow the obnoxiously long, singular path through the sewer tunnel until (after ascending a staircase, and crossing a bridge without seeing anything of note), you’ll see a locked gate on your left. This is a visual clue (not much of one), that something is about to actually happen. (Boss fight)

Prep yourself as best you can for a fight against a new type of vampire, which you’ll later learn is a Vulkod. For now, just know that this guy is fast, strong, and resistant to melee and extremely resistant to shadow attacks. You’ll want to focus primarily on ranged attacks against this villain. Like other vampire bosses, he can summon up a shadow decoy that you should just ignore as best as possible. You’ll spend the majority of this fight dodging his attacks and using your blood primarily for healing if he gets a hit on you. He doesn’t drop a weapon when you defeat him (because he was just whaling on you with his hands!), but you do unlock an achievement!

Defeat the beast in Vampyr
Defeat Fergal (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 7,142 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.00) 28,679

The exit from this area is in the north-east corner. Follow the tunnel down until you emerge into a larger chamber. There is a tunnel directly ahead of you, or you have the option to jump over the gap on your right. The tunnel has some minor crafting materials along its twisty route, but nothing of note. It’s quicker to just teleport across and then head into the left (East) cave. (The right is a dead end)

Inside the cave, turn South to find a set of stairs leading up. As you start up, you’ll hear voices just ahead of you. Approach the group to initiate a conversation and learn a little more about Vampire politics. Afterward, you’ll be told that there is someone else you’ll want to meet, straight ahead of you.

Hide and seek.

If you’d like, this is a good time to resume the Investigation “Hide and Seek”. Head south down the tunnel until you reach the end. To the right is the door leading into the room with the person you are seeking. To the left is a stairwell leading down. Take these stairs and then follow the lower tunnel further south until you reach another set of stairs to the right that leads back up. Take these stairs and follow the tunnel straight back until you encounter a human (Rodney Grader) hiding down here. He’ll tell you to get lost.

Since we already found the letter that gave us this Investigation, we can talk to Rodney again. Tell him either “You can’t stay here forever” or “You’re no cold-blooded killer” to complete the Investigation and convince Rodney to move back above ground. He will be in the same area as Enid and Martin. Returning to the Skal hideout, if you follow the tunnel South from Rodney’s hiding spot, you will be able to unlock the first locked door you passed when we entered the sewers, but don’t exit the sewers just yet!)

Follow the main quest icon and enter the room and check the left corner as you enter to pick up Supremacy of Ekons (15/30 Lore-Keeper) and the safe next to the room’s occupant for a Sturdy blood sample. Afterward, speak with the room’s occupant.

Go back to Sean Hampton’s shelter and confront him.

As you leave, Old Bridget will be waiting outside the room. After the conversation, take the staircase leading up, then go south and take the path east. At the far side of this bridge, you’ll see a red door with KEEP OUT written on it. Behind this door is another hideout you can utilize. The important thing here is the Mace (7/20 Melee) leaning against the wall inside. This is another two-handed weapon, but it can very quickly be upgraded to deal out a massive amount of damage in comparison to the Barbed cudgel you’ve been lugging around. Collect this weapon, and use the workbench to analyze the Sturdy Blood Sample to gain Regeneration Serum (500 health points, then 300 over 15 seconds). This is a good time to level up if you didn’t do so earlier!

Return to the stairs and head down, cross the bridge leading east and follow the waypoint marker along the tunnels to reach a valve. Turning this valve will unlock the door you just passed on the right. Head through to enter a new area.

In this new area of the sewers, follow the path until you reach a staircase and find Shaun’s dirty little secret room. Continue up the next staircase, and you’ll emerge in Shaun’s office back in the Night Asylum. You now have a choice as to what to do with this erstwhile priest.

The obvious choices are to Spare or Embrace him. However, if you’ve followed this guide and received both of Shaun’s hints, you can also Turn him. Sparing him is the worst choice as he will become completely deranged and start converting others in the area into Skals. (The only upside is not sacrificing your Not Even Once status) If you Embrace him, it does void the achievement, while also giving you an awesome amount of XP. Of course, since he’s the pillar of the community, the whole district starts to suffer. The ideal solution is to Turn him. Not only does this not void Not Even Once, but the district continues to thrive. The downside is that you have to sacrifice 500 XP to do so.

(I Turned him. I had the XP to spare, and I wasn’t ready to plunge everything into chaos just yet.) Regardless of your choice, you’ll unlock Sacrificial lamb. In addition, your Mesmerize will increase to 3.

Sacrificial lamb in Vampyr
Take care of Sean's fate (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 7,061 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.01) 28,679

With Mesmerize 3, your potential victim pool opens up quite a bit, but I’d resist the urge to go chomping on citizens just yet because that major story event I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter is coming up!

There’s no rest for the wicked, anyway. As you turn to leave Sean’s office, you’ll hear a scream from one of the Paxton sisters. Upon exiting the shelter, you’ll find a dead body, launching you into the next act.

ACT V – Red Rivers

Track the actual vampire culprit.

Check on the corpse.

Inspect the corpse to discover clues. Note that once you’ve done this that Swansea and Ashbury have additional conversations back at Pembroke hospital. Since this isn’t too far away from the next objective, we can swing by there along the way.

Locate the man’s flat in the borough.

Exit the Night Asylum and turn left to find a gate. Open this and follow the street eastward to the end, where you’ll be blocked by a 20 Priwen Rookie and 21 Priwent Exterminator. Once you pass them, continue along until you reach the river. Turn left (North-east) and continue forward. There will be two Priwens ahead (22 Fire Executioner; 22 Rookie). The apartment you are searching for is directly ahead.

Follow the blood trail.

Search the apartment while you use your blood sense to follow the trail. It seems that although there was a struggle, they left a number of crafting materials untouched! Upstairs the blood trail ends at a broken window. Continue further into the flat to the right to find a hole in the wall that will allow you to access the street below.

As you continue along the trail, you will pass a pair of locked gates that lead west. This is a good spot to turn east and head to the Pembroke Hospital if you want to chat with Ashbury and Swansea. The bridge leading into Pembroke is guarded by three Priwen, but they should be no match for you. (2 16 Rookies, 17 Executioner) From here, it’s just a quick jaunt northward back to the canal where Newton and Oswald hang out.

From the locked gates, the path follows the road to the north, where it ends at a tree with three Priwen investigating the area. (2 Level 20 Priwen Rookies, 22 Priwen Chaplain). Once you take care of the enemies, to the left of the tree is a balcony you can teleport up to, which leads to another hideout.

Inside the hideout is The Vampire Club (16/30 Lore-Keeper) collectible. If you’ve got some XP to burn, this is another good point to level up before the next boss fight, which is a bit more of a beast than the previous vampire!

After visiting the hideout, return to the tree and examine the corpse. After you have examined all the options, back away from the corpse to see a shadowy figure on the scaffolding above you.

Follow the shadowy figure.

While there is no particular trail to follow, the path is relatively linear as you teleport across the balconies in pursuit. Eventually, you will arrive just south of Stonebridge Cemetery. As you continue forward, you’ll find a group of Priwen that have been killed. Jonathan will act horrified, which is odd considering the pile of corpses we’ve left in our wake so far.

As you enter the cemetery, you’ll finally be given a blood trail to follow with your vampire senses. As you follow the trail, you should run into Hsiao Shun on the eastern edge of the cemetery. Speak with her to start gaining her character’s hints (Hsiao Shun’s Hint 2 when you initially speak to her), and to convince her to leave the graveyard. The dialogue options to make this happen are: “Your life in London?”, “About your husband’s death?” (Hint 4), “Why are you blaming yourself?” (Hint 3), go back to “Personal Questions” and select “I let my sister Mary die.” After this, you can finally tell Hsiao “You should go home now.” You’ll be able to learn her Hint 1 after she returns to Whitechapel the following night.

Continue following the blood trail until you reach the area your sister was buried and prepare for an extremely surprising cutscene!

ACT VI – Burying the past

Battle the vampire who has been taunting you!

The Level 21 Vampire is resistant to melee and extremely resistant to blood attacks. She uses a wooden cross gravestone as a weapon against you, so it deals aggravated damage against you. She does dash attacks, along with a 3-hit combo, and also does a quick scream attack which does damage in an area around her; if she puts her cross down, get away from her as she’s about to do a massive scream attack that will deal a lot more damage than her regular scream. also may vomit blood all over the ground (gross!), which will eventually explode. As an extra annoyance, when she’s been reduced to about a quarter health, she’ll attack the helpless vicar and drain him of blood, restoring about half her health! (If you’re on an anarchy run, the simple solution would be to do this yourself; if you’re on a “clean” run, stay away from him!)

This fight is definitely a marathon; if you try and sprint your way through it, the vampire will wipe the floor with you. You’ll gain a Rich blood sample after the battle. When you pick the defeated vampire up, you have to walk forward (even though it appears you are still in a cutscene) in order to bring this chapter to a close.

Hail Mary in Vampyr
Hail Mary106 (50)
Defeat Mary (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 6,418 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.11) 28,679

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