Vampyr Walkthrough

7. Chapter 4: Rising Fever

The next chapter opens up a few nights after your epic brawl in the graveyard, and will finally allow you to access the West End district. Even if you’ve already earned the Hippocratic Oath achievement, make sure you revisit the districts and heal up any sick citizens. (Ensure you have at least one treatment for migraine, as we will be visiting Mason Swanborough very shortly.) This is essential in keeping the districts Stable during your “clean” run – and is a good source of XP – but it also keeps merchant prices down, for the most part. (There are a few merchants who’s prices go up) Even though a few nights have passed, the districts didn’t go through any changes during the interim between the chapters, and you weren’t able to apply your XP gain. I point this out because even in areas you’ve been through before, the Priwen and Skal factions have bulked themselves up to the low 20s in their respective levels.

Also of note, if you're doing an Anarchy playthrough, make sure you are especially mindful of the district status of the West End. If it gets into a hostile level, it can very easily cause you to miss out on three achievements: Lore Keeper, Tools of the trade, and Bloody Roots. There are a few citizens you can drain for an XP boost that won't drastically affect the district, but it's best practice to keep your embracing to a minimum.

ACT I – The Great Hunt

Meet Lady Ashbury in the West End.

Read your mail.

Once you regain control of Jonathan, use cn_A to pick up the letter on the worktable in front of you to read Lady Ashbury’s invitation to meet her in the West End. Since you’re near your crafting table, don’t forget to analyze the Rich Blood Sample you obtained from the last battle in order to obtain Blood Serum (Regenerate 100 blood points instantly). Also, Doctor Swansea has another conversation so that you can bring each other up to speed on recent events. In particular, you should be able to ask him “Help in the West End?” followed by “Where is the Brotherhood?” to unlock Dr. Edgar Swansea’s Hint 3.

Occult Occulus.

If you’re up to a bit of combat, now is a good time to pick up the third Braille document for progress with the “Occult oculus” investigation. This path is not necessary at this time if you’d prefer to come back here after leveling up aggressively in the streets. Just before you reach the bridge crossing into bridge crossing the river into Stonebridge Cemetery, take the steps leading down to the river’s edge. There is an entryway to the sewers on the right wall. This area is filled with Priwen and a handful of Skals. Inside, follow the path until you see a large sewer tunnel on the right wall. Go past this to where the large sewer tunnel curves to the right and you should see a burning trash barrel with a corpse next to it. Search this corpse to find Extermination of the Rodents (17/30 Lore-Keeper).

From here, proceed along the tunnel (roughly east) until you see a tunnel on the left wall. At the next intersection, head left, up a set of stairs, and then make another left. Follow the tunnel until you can see a door on the north wall that would exit the sewers. Instead, look at the right wall to see a sewer tunnel just above you. Jump up there, head down the tunnel a bit until you see an opening in the left wall that leads into one basement of sorts. On the right is a dresser that contains Braille Document #3. (If you head up the stairs here, you’ll find the door is locked and requires some sort of code, so we will come back here later.) Exit the sewers through that door I mentioned earlier, and then turn left to open the gate, which will make our return trip much easier!

Whitechapel Citizens.

Now that you’re at Mesmerize 3, you could also take a moment to run up to the north-east corner of the Whitechapel district to visit with Mason Swanborough. The path of least resistance is to take the north-west bridge away from Pembroke Hospital, as we did when first entering the Whitechapel district, and following this road all the way to the church. Then, follow the road north-east to reach Mason’s house. (This saves you from battling through Stonebridge Cemetery or through the Whitechapel alleyways. Of course, this way is not without its dangers. As you approach the courtyard west of Mason’s house, you’ll into two new enemies: a 22 Blood Ekon and a 23 Shadow Ekon, high-class Vampire breeds. Both are resistant to melee attacks and highly resistant to either Blood or Shadow attacks, depending on their class. It’s possible to slip by while only engaging one of these at a time, rather than face both of them at once. There’s a 24 Shadow Ekon across the balcony from Mason’s home, but you can ignore him if you’d like.

Once you’ve convinced Mason to let you in, check the room on the right for a drawer that contains Vampires feed on our soul! (18/30 Lore-Keeper) On the table in the center of the room, Mason is standing in is a letter from Loretta, which will give you Loretta Swanborough Hint 2 when you read it. Now talk to Mason, give him the treatment for migraine, and then ask “Personal questions,” then “Is your sister using you?” for Mason Swanborough’s Hint 3. (For my anarchic players, even though he’s maxed out on XP, DON’T EMBRACE HIM. We need to keep him alive a bit longer.) If you’d like, you can ask him if he can read Braille (“Occult oculus” investigation), and then you can start giving him the Braille journal pages you’ve found. Of course, to fully progress with this investigation, you’ll need the other pages, but we are on the verge of collecting them now. (As a side note, if you track down Hsiao Shun near the Peterson family, you’ll be able to fully unlock all the hints for the Whitechapel citizens. (And should have completed 6/7 of the investigations here)

Go to Lady Ashbury’s mansion.

The quickest route to Ashbury’s mansion is by crossing the bridge to the west of Pembroke Hospital, near where Newton and Oswald hand out. Even if you’ve trekked up to Whitechapel, I’d advise going across this bridge, as it contains a minor story element. After this, as you continue up the road north-west, you will be blocked by barrels. A vampire will appear and declare war on the Priwens, and then he will teleport off. While you can not follow him or react for a few seconds, simply back away from this area and return so that you can pull out your weapon and bash through the barrels.

Just past those barrels, you may run into a massive street fight between vampires and Priwen. (I encountered them on my “clean” run, but not my anarchy playthrough). If this occurs, it’s best to stay out of the fight until one side or the other prevails. Otherwise, you’ll get swarmed by both sides. (Which is embarrassing, really. No one likes a doctor, I guess…)

Once you reach the quest marker, use [cn_a] to enter the house and settle in for a long conversation with Lady Ashbury. There will be a number of Y-decisions during this conversation, but your choices won’t affect much in the way of gameplay.

Act II – Shadow Cabinet

You begin this act outside of Lady Ashbury’s house, which seems a little rude. You didn’t even get a chance to loot the place! Plus, she has an optional dialogue event if you want to talk to her again. If you’d like, you can turn around and re-enter the house to start to collect West End citizen hints, as well as pick up another Lore Keeper collectible. In addition, you’ll see that Swansea has a dialogue event back at the Pembroke, but I’d hold off on running back there at the moment; there will be a more opportune time to run back before that event expires.

Re-enter the manor and check the ground floor for crafting materials. If you go straight back from the entryway, you’ll enter a room with a piano on the left side. Across from this (on the right side of the room) is a desk with a Personal diary. Reading this will give you Charlotte Ashbury’s Hint 3. Head upstairs and follow the balcony around to the right. You’ll find a locked chest (Charlotte’s), and across from that a signed copy of Dracula. It’s not counted as a collectible; it’s just a cool little Easter egg. Finally, enter Lady Ashbury’s study and check the table in the back corner to find The Blood Night tragedy (19/30 Lore-Keeper). Speak to Lady Ashbury again, if you wish, and then leave the manor.

Present yourself at the Ascalon Club.

The Ascalon Club is just down the road to the west of Lady Ashbury’s manor, but you’ll only be able to make it a short way down the western road before you will be blocked by a barricade.

Head west, but then turn north at the first opportunity to encounter a 24 Blood Ekon facing off against a handful of 18 Priwens. He’ll make short work of him, allowing you to step in and finish him off with relative ease. At the next intersection, take the path leading north-west, following the rather obvious blood trail until the Ekon you witnessed teleporting in (when you first entered the West End) returns to fight two Priwen Guards on the opposite side of the fence. The Ekon can’t be saved, but you can fight the two Priwen if you want – they’re a 28 Exterminator and 27 Cadet. If this is beyond your skills, you can return to this area a bit later (after you rest), and they’ll be gone. The reason to bother with this as all is that the corpse the Priwen are standing over contains The Ichor’s threat (20/30 Lore-Keeper) From here, continue along the alley northwest until you read a wooden gate. This will allow you to open another point of entry into Whitechapel (specifically near Palmer’s location)

Turning from this gate (facing south-west), you should notice an area partially blocked off by a wooden barricade (partially because there’s an entryway roughly in the middle of it.) Stepping through this will take you into the West End proper.

WARNING: Once through this barricade, if you look to the right, you’ll see a scaffolding. Unless you feel really confident in facing off against a 27 Rogue Ekon, DO NOT enter this area. Doing so can invalidate your Not even once playthrough as a citizen will get killed if you can’t get rid of this Ekon before you rest, and even in an Anarchy playthrough, you’ll miss out on the extra XP gained by draining a citizen yourself.

If you proceed under the north-west barricade, you’ll enter a courtyard and hear a voice asking if someone is there. This begins the “Alignment of stars” investigation and also prompts the 27 Rogue Ekon to drop in on you. He is highly resistant to blood attacks and resistant to melee. If you’ve upgraded your firearms (particularly the pistol parabellum), you can make short work of him as he blinks around. After he is defeated, ensure you enter the nearby building on the south side of the courtyard and speak with Kimura Tadao, otherwise – even with the Ekon killed – he’ll be killed the next time you rest! While you’re in the building with Kimura, check the back corner table to find The heresy of the Pure Blood (21/30 Lore-Keeper).

Now cross to the opposite side of the courtyard and enter the building here. In the right corner is a medical cabinet that can be looted for Pure water. Remember that dead plant by your desk back at Pembroke Hospital? Well, this is the only water in the entire game that can bring that plant back to life. We’ll be heading to the Pembroke soon, so just hold on to it for now.

From the intersection with the scaffolding, proceed south-east, and then follow the road south to reach the area outside the Ascalon Club. There are a couple of citizens around, but you can feel free to ignore them at this point. Instead of going directly to the Club, there’s one more diversion I would suggest you take. Follow the road just west of the Club to find a door flanked by two small white marble lions. Enter this home to learn that it is Reid’s Mansion.

Directly ahead of you is a dresser, which contains an Old letter. Read this to learn Avery Cork’s Hint 3. With this you can talk to Avery and ask “Personal questions,” then “Leave if you could?” to learn Avery Cork’s Hint 2, and then follow it up with “Your life in London?”, “How is my mother?”, and “Does she receive medical care to learn his Hint 1, as well as Emelyne Reid’s Hint 1. Head up to the upper floor and into the room at the back left corner. This is your old bedroom, and also serves as a hideout you can use while in the West End. On the desk next to the bed is a small key, which unlocks your father’s old office. The office is just down the hall from the stairs. Check the desk to the left of the door to find Aubrey Reid’s first letter, which begins the investigation “A journey to the past”. This investigation is indeed a journey as it will take you from the West End to Pembroke, and then all the way down to Southwark. Reading the first letter will cause Jonathan to mention “I remember Sunday walks in the park”, which is a reference to Temple Park, a little further west of the Mansion. It’s worth making a diversion to finish this quest now, as it also gives you the opportunity to speak with Swansea, nurture the plant, and tie up any loose ends in the other districts.

A journey to the past.

Find the second part of your father's testament.

Your father's letter says that to find the next message, "think green grass and tall trees on sunny Sundays." This refers to the park area north-west of the Reid Mansion. The chest is extremely well-hidden. Looking at the map of this area, there is an area that runs north to connect to the north-west area of West End. To the west of this connecting area is where the chest can be found. (Refer to the picture below!) Beware of Priwen and Skals lurking about the garden.

Image 1

Occult Occulus. 4th page. Just east of the Temple Garden is an entrance to Temple Covered Market. Clear out the Priwen in this area, then jump up to the upper walkway via a broken rail. On the right side is Wakefield Chocolate, where you can find double-barreled shotgun (4/11 Ranged) on the floor. On the left side, enter the upper floor of the clothing shop (marked by “BEWARE” at the entrance) and descend the steps to find a 25 and 26 Rogue Skal. Get rid of them, and then search the corpse they were munching on to find the fourth document.

A journey to the past.

Find the third part of your father’s testament.

Jonathan mentions that he applied at the Pembroke many years ago, so that is where the next chest is located. It is located on the first floor of the hospital, in the storeroom across the hall from the doctors’ office.

While you’re up here, you should take a look at the plant and pour the Pure Water on it. The plant will return to life in three days, so you could just spam rest periods three times, or just wait for three days to pass and then come back to interact with the plant to earn Unlife is strange, an Easter egg for DONTNOD’s other game Life is Strange. Also, swing by and talk to Doctor Swansea if you’d like.

Occult Occulus.

Since we’re in the area, this is a good time to visit Mason and give him all the journal pages. Mason will tell you the location of a laboratory, as well as give you a code for the door.

Find the laboratory of the Brother of St Paul’s Stole.

The entrance is back in the basement area where we found Page 3 of the journal, just south of the entrance to Stonebridge Cemetery.

Retrieve the potion recipe in the laboratory.

Head through the building and up the stairs to learn that the chemist is now a 20 Skal. You should be able to put him down without difficulty, and then you’ll pick up a Chemist diary that tells you how he was turned. While you’re here, check the medical cabinet to the right of the red door to find The Blood Goddess heresy (22/30 Lore-Keeper) You can head through this door, if you'd like, to save yourself the return trek through the sewer.

Choose what to do with chemist diary.

You can either give the diary to Mason, earning 3 salicin or keep it, in which case you get yelled at by a blind man. What you decide doesn’t really matter, as Mason blinds himself again after seeing what London looks like. (Pessimist) Giving him the diary does net you 3 salicin and 420 xp.

A journey to the past.

Open your father’s safe.

The safe is located back in Southwark, near where you started your vampiric journey. Fortunately, the waypoint marker is right at the building where this safe is located. Along with 400 XP, you gain an expensive watch, which you can either sell, recycle for parts, or give to Avery. What you decide to do with the watch has little relevance, although giving it to Avery causes a touching scene to occur. (And then you can come back later in the game and kill him, full circle of life type stuff.)

On the way back through The Docks, ensure that you have completed all nine Docks investigations, as well as received all the hints for the citizens.

Present yourself at the Ascalon Club.

With all that out of the way, return to the quest marker and enter the Ascalon Club.

Meet Lord Redgrave.

Once you’ve gained entry, feel free to loot the place before continuing forward. Ignore the door to the left of the staircase, as it leads to the rear courtyard of the Ascalon Club. Head up the staircase and turn left. On a table next to a curtained window is Dagger (5/13 Off-Hand). Turn around and cross to the right side of the staircase. Halfway down this corridor is an open door on the left, filled with crafting materials. Behind the bar, on the left wall as you’re facing the bar, is a plate holding a key to the Ascalon Club’s basement. Retrace your steps, then descend the main staircase and go into the open door on your left, which leads to an office that has History and purpose of the Ascalon Club (23/30 Lore-Keeper) on the desk. Turn left from the desk and open the door on the south wall to access the basement. Descend the stairs and check the right wall to find Of the recreational use of Blood (24/30 Lore-Keeper)

Return to the main staircase and turn right at the top, and follow the corridor all the way to end. Approach the red curtain on the right to trigger a scene. (Your decisions in the Y-choices don’t matter)

Talk to Lord Redgrave.

You can speak to Redgrave immediately if you’d like, but you have an opportunity to meet the Pillar of West End while you’re here. He is the older gentleman sitting in the chair, and you learn this is Aloysius Dawson. This optional conversation will earn you 50 XP, so it’s worth talking to him. After this, speak to Redgrave. Again, your choices won’t affect the outcome of the conversation. Afterward, your Mesmerize will increase to 4, once again increasing your potential victim pool.

ACT III – Family Portraits

Find the sources of infection in the West End.

Ask locals about possible sources of infection in the West End.

With a new act, there’s once again an optional story dialogue with Swansea back at the Pembroke, but there’s no reason to venture back there just yet. Leave the Ascalon Club through the door to the left of the staircase, which will give you an optional point of entry back into the Club rather than coming in through the front door all the time.

The first person you should run in to (to the left as you leave the rear entrance of the Club) is Carina Billow. Speak to her about “Your life in London?”, “What happened to you?”, and then “Tell me about the voice in your head” to learn Carina Billow’s Hint 4. She’s a little delusional, but if you ask about local sources of infection, she’ll tell you about a house on the west side of town that a number of rats have infested. (If you spy on her for a bit, she’ll wander into a gated area across the street from the Ascalon Club. Watch her from the eavesdrop spot at the fence next to the news cart to discover Hint 3.) You’ve probably been ignoring the fliers around town, but there is one of interest in this area: At the road leading south-east from the rear of the Ascalon Club is a set of steps leading into a courtyard. To the right of those steps is a scrawled flyer. (It is below a sign that reads “Offices to let / P. Jones & Sons / 1st Floor / Valuable Building / Owner / P. Jones & Sons”) Reading this flyer will give you Hint 2. Now you can speak to Carina again, and ask her “Personal questions,” “Tell me what really happened to you?”, and then tell he “He tricked you…” to learn Hint 1. If you’re on your Anarchy playthrough, you can also put her out of her misery at this juncture, and then collect a number of treatments from the gate where you spied on her.

From here, follow the road east of the Ascalon Club to the north. On your right will be a sort of open-air market. In the center of this area, on a newsstand is a Warning leaflet you can pick up and read for Clarence Crossley’s Hint 2. There are quite a few citizens bumbling around in this area, so it’s up to you how you approach them. You should be able to spot Clarence Crossley near where you found his second hint; he’s generally wandering in this area. Speak to him about “Your life in London?”, then “About your leaflets concerning vampires?” You must then select “I believe you” to learn Clarence Crossley’s Hint 1. You can then ask “Personal questions,” then “What have you discovered about vampires?” After this, select “What do you mean you’re not alone?” to begin his investigation “They are among us.” Clarence will want you to collect 6 articles about vampires, and if you’ve been following along, you should already have 5 of these! We’ll collect the sixth a bit further on.

You can find Charlotte Ashbury just across the street from the Ascalon Club, and can earn all of her hints as well as begin her investigation “Emily is missing.” To do this ask “Personal questions,” then “Why do you wish to become a vampire?” (Hint 1) Then “Your life in London?”, “About your adoption?”, “How did you meet Lady Ashbury?” (Hint 2). “Your life in London?”, “What do you know about me?” (Hint 4) Finally, ask “Your life in London?”, “What do you do around here?”, “How are the locals reacting?” to start the investigation.

You can meet Calhoun Russel and begin his investigation “A surprise for the London’s lone gourmet” by asking “Your life in London?”, “Any interesting local news?”, and then “I have specific tastes…” (You can complete his investigation now, but you won’t be able to max out his XP until Chapter 5). Ask Calhoun “About local sources of infection?” to learn about the second source of infection.

If you saved Kimura Tadao (see “Alignment of Stars”), he should be just east of the Ascalon Club on the street corner. You can max out his XP, as well. “Your life in London?”, “What do you do for a living?” (Hint 4), “Personal questions,” “Nostalgic for your hometown?”, “What about your family?” (Hint 3) “Personal questions,” “Tell me about your abduction?”, “Why not sacrifice you on the spot? (Hint 2) Finally, “Personal questions,” “Will you really change?”, “There is no need to thank me.” (Hint 1)

Emily is missing.

Locate Emily’s house.

The waypoint marker will lead you to a home that you can’t access. If you look at the house across from this, however, you will note it is occupied by Venus Crossley. (If you stand here for a bit, looking into the windows, Venus will eventually wander into this room and you can eavesdrop on her activities for Venus Crossley’s Hint 3) If you want to save this step, just knock on the door of the Crossley residence and demand that Venus let you in.

Feel free to rummage around the ground floor for crafting materials (there’s quite a bit). You can talk to Venus if you’d like, but there are no additional hints to be learned here, it’s just extra background information. (Or, in my case, extra justification to want to embrace her later. As tempting as it is to do so now, just be aware that if you don’t kill Clarence as well, he’ll barricade himself in the house and you won’t be able to complete his investigation.) Head upstairs for more crafting materials and ensure you grab Venus’ journal from the nightstand next to the bed for Clarence Crossley Hint 4. On the opposite side of the bed, in Clarence’s nightstand, you’ll find The lost Library (25/30 Lore-Keeper).

Open the door in the bedroom leading out onto the balcony and then jump across to the opposite side. Jonathan is able to enter the house from here.

Search the room.

To the right of the entrance is a desk where you can find Emily’s love letter. Loot the room for crafting materials, and then check the bed (on the right side) to find a blood trail.

Follow Emily’s blood trail.

The blood trail leads back down to the street, to the south, through a gate, and into the North Docks region of The Docks district. The trail leads directly to a vampire crouched over a corpse. Speak with the vampire to learn about Emily’s fate, and then either decide “I believe you” or “You deserve to die.” Picking the latter causes you to have to fight the Ekon, who is a Level 30 Rogue, resistant to melee and highly resistant to blood attacks. But truthfully, he’s resistant to just about everything. While he’s worth quite a bit for an enemy encounter (200 XP), it may be better to just believe him!

Report to Charlotte Ashbury about her missing friend.

Return to Charlotte and tell her “I have found Emily …” She rewards you with Charlotte’s Stake (6/13 Off-hand), an awesome weapon, as it already comes in Perfect condition! (35 Stun!) along with 450 XP.

If you’d like, you can trek back to Pembroke to speak with Edgar now and spend any experience you’ve gained thus far, making a bit of progress towards Unlife is strange. The enemies you’ll be facing in the next leg of this act are in the high 20s, so plan accordingly. The good news is that now that you’re on this side of the barricade, you can actually just head directly east back into the Pembroke district.

Reach the first source of infection.

The first place to check out is south of Temple Garden Park. Take the alley on the west side of the Ascalon Club and continue heading west at the first intersection. This road is filled with Priwen. The first two you see will be a 27 Rookie and 28 Chaplain. If you wind up driving the fight too far west, however, they’ll be joined by the others: a 27 Executioner, 28 Rookie, and a 29 Brawler!

At the next intersection, turn south to head down a seemingly dead-end alley. You can, however, jump up to the balcony on the left side of this alley.

Cleanse the first source of infection.

There are numerous crafting materials available here, but the key item is the Thick Rich Blood Sample in the cabinet next to the sink. (North-west corner of the room) This can be analyzed in a hideout to learn how to craft Strong blood serum. Examine the dead woman and then follow the blood trail. The second door on the left (as you head down the hall) has a dead man you can examine. The blood trail continues down the stairs, where you’ll find a third corpse on the landing. Continue following the blood through a door and approach the person in the chair.

This may be a named enemy, but she’s really just a 28 Ill-formed Dazzled Skal. She’s highly resistant to Blood and resistant to Shadow, so whale on her with melee attacks. Just remember that Ill-formed Skals tend to explode after they’ve been killed, so move away from her before she does so to prevent additional poison damage.

Gather information in the first source of infection.

The desk next to where the Skal was sitting has a letter you can read. Afterward, leave the room through the door next to the piano, and then turn right to exit the house.

Reach the second source of infection.

Return to the front of the Ascalon Club and then continue down the north-east street (past Charlotte). The first alley on the right will – of course – be locked, so duck into the second alley. There’s another Ill-formed Skal here, but she’s only Level 22; however, she’s accompanied by a 26 Large Beast. After you defeat them, look at the south side of the alley for a balcony you can leap up to. Loot the room and then continue through to the other side to reach a balcony overlooking a courtyard with a bunch of Skals.

There’s a 25 Blinker, 25 Rogue, and two 26 Ill-formed Skals down there. After they’ve been dealt with, the door to enter the quarantined building is on the east side of the courtyard.

Cleanse the second source of infection.

You’ll hear arguing from somewhere in the house, but ignore it for now. Instead, turn right to head through a small room and then turn left. In this third room, on the right side, you’ll find Pump-action shotgun (starts at Remarkable) (5/11 Ranged). This is a beast of a weapon and offers a good source of incendiary damage if you’re on a Not even once playthrough and didn’t want to buy Milton’s shotgun.

Return to the front door and face the stairway (east) to jump up. It seems the residents here have also been turned into Skals (a 27 Rogue and 27 Ill-formed Blinker) Focus on the Ill-formed first, as she has ranged attacks.

Gather information in the second source of infection.

There are a few crafting materials scattered about, and on the dresser along the north wall is a letter. It seems Jonathan has a new suspect in his case!

ACT IV – Grand Guignol

With the beginning of a new act, Elisabeth Ashbury has an optional dialogue you can partake in. Before embarking any further, I highly advise spending the couple thousand XP that you have saved up and upgrading your weapons as much as possible. The closing boss fight in this act is a beast! On my Not even once playthrough, I was level 22, and managed to conclude the chapter with a loadout of Hacksaw (Perfect), Pump-action shotgun (Perfect), and Pistol Parabellum (Perfect). You may have to run around and buy some ammo from merchants if you have not been lucky with your drop, but ensure you've got plenty of ammo for the chapter finale, as ranged attacks are essential to surviving this battle!

This should be the third night, so if you interact with the plant in your office at the Pembroke, you’ll unlock Unlife is Strange.

Unlife is strange in Vampyr
Save this poor plant with water
  • Unlocked by 2,710 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.25) 28,673

Find out if Doris Fletcher is the source of the epidemic.

Locate Doris Fletcher’s theatre.

Follow the waypoint marker to reach the front of the Finsbury Theatre, only to realize that it’s – of course – locked.

Find an access to the theatre.

Head west from the theatre entrance and duck down the alley heading further west. (You’re basically reversing the path you took to initially enter West End) Hug the right wall as it makes a 180-turn to face the courtyard where you saw the Ekon killed by the Priwen back at the beginning of the chapter. Just to the left of that courtyard is a second courtyard area. When you enter this area, Jonathan will mention an open window on the second floor that he can access. Make your way up the scaffolding and then jump up to the higher platform to locate a door at the back of the theatre. (What happened to the window?)

Find Doris Fletcher.

There is a desk just across from your entry with a Suicide note on it. As you continue to the left, you’ll start to walk as someone below you starts reciting some sort of dialogue. Once you move past this area, the hallway turns right and you’ll face off against a 28 Ill-formed Rogue Skal.

After the Skal is eliminated, you can turn to the right and exit onto a balcony overlooking the stage, but you can’t do anything from here. Instead, return to the hall and continue to the right. At the far end of the hall, you’ll emerge into a lounge area. On the table in front of the couch is Old Doris Fletcher’s diary.

Drop down through the hole in the floor in this lounge area and turn around to continue forward. Continue to follow the hall as it wraps around, leading you to a set of stairs heading down. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and open the door to reach the stage.

Stop Doris Fletcher.

This Ill-formed Skal is quick and dangerous! She is resistant to melee (which is a good thing) and highly resistant to blood attacks. She starts the fight off by summoning other Ill-formed Skals to attacks you and fill the stage with poison and also rushing at you with a sword. Once she’s reduced to half-health, however, she’ll throw off her shawl and reveal a mutated arm, releasing a cloud of poison. She’ll also start poisoning the area around here and can poison you with her attacks, especially if you hit her with melee. Instead, focus on whittling her down with ranged attacks! After you defeat her, you earn Saber (8/20 Melee) and unlock Death on stage!

Death on stage in Vampyr
Defeat Doris (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,107 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.36) 28,673

Escape from the theatre.

You have no choice but to leave now, so head up the stairs and turn around to follow the hall. The door at the end of this hallway is now unlocked, revealing another catwalk above the stage. At the far end, turn left to enter a small room, where you can find New Doris Fletcher diary on a stool next to the desk. Exit through the right door and then drop down from the scaffolding and exit the alleyway.

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