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Posted on 16 August 17 at 22:09
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Velvet Assassin is just like any other stealth-based game you've ever played, like Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Hitman, etc. Except it's not. It has a noir feel evocative of The Saboteur... but that isn't doing justice to it either. Rather, it adds elements of Silent Hill (without the creepy-crawlies) and F.E.A.R. atmosphere to create a different type of stealth game. Not what I expected when I picked it up, but a thoroughly enjoyable game nonetheless.

You play a British assassin named Violette Summer (modeled after a real-life operative) during WWII Europe. Through hazy visions, there's a feeling that things with her aren't quite... right. You go through missions killing every Nazi in your path, hunting for nebulous goals that you fight toward.

The missions aren't really important, to be fair. The game is about sneaking up and killing Nazis, plain and simple. The plot is... present, but not center-stage. Really, this game is all about atmosphere, artistic design, and stealth kills.

And the artistic design... not as jolting as Silent Hill or F.E.A.R., but it definitely gives you a taste of the horrors of WWII along with your stealth. There are times that you can choose to have Violette use morphine as an almost-guaranteed silent kill, and the images of that are quite haunting, to say the least. These artistic elements in itself makes it an experience worth playing. Along with seeing Violette in a nightgown for two missions.

43 of the 45 achievements are available during a single walkthrough. The other two are the difficulty replay (playing the harder difficulty doesn't give you the lower difficulty achievement), and an achievement for beating the game in 5 hours. In order to get all the collectibles, 5 hours probably won't cut it.

That being said, not all of the achievements are easy to attain. The game only allows saves at checkpoints, and if you miss a collectible, you can't get it without restarting the game before that point. I can't understate how absolutely friggin' annoying this is. Based on that fact alone, a walkthrough guide is absolutely essential... some of those collectibles just aren't intuitive. That's not to say the achievements are grindy, either. If you do follow a walkthrough, the collectibles are all along the main path... you don't have to go far off the course hunting for them.

Oh yeah, and there are cheat codes that will make it easier. I'll stop there and leave that to you.

In all, Velvet Assassin is an enjoyable experience, with fairly straightforward achievements (even if you need help), but with little replay value. Don't dismiss it as just another stealth game; the visuals and atmosphere set it apart. I would definitely recommend it as a rental.
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