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This game is not ‘hard’ per se, but it does take an immense amount of time due to some achievements being completed by random drops. This page will be dedicated to explaining different aspects of the game, you can skip this page if you want, but all this information can be incredibly useful. Tips on playing are located at the very bottom, I suggest you at least look at those.


There are three difficulties you can play on. You can freely switch between Normal and Casual mode, the difference being you cannot equip hexes while you are on Casual (hexes described below). Hard mode is where you have all 5 hexes permanently equipped and is incredibly difficult at first (until you reach about level 7). If you start a campaign on Hard and decide you don’t like it, you can switch to Normal. However, you cannot go back to Hard once this is done. There is also a ‘difficulty’ called Hardcore, which is nothing more than a designation that your character has not died. This character will not share a stash with your other characters. Once you die, you lose the designation. Playing on Hardcore is not any harder than the regular game, but keeping the Hardcore status is very difficult, especially on Hard difficulty.


There is a total of 41 levels in the base game, 16 in the Motorhead DLC, and 5 in the Fractured Worlds DLC. Each level has 5 challenges to complete, and after you complete all of them, your prize is 5 more elite challenges on every level. Fantastic. If you fully complete an objective, and then leave the level, you will not lose that challenge. However, if you have an uncompleted challenge with any progress, you will lose all the progress. Most of the levels also have ‘secrets’ which are hidden areas with chests. The head on your HUD, between your two weapon slots, will start to glow when you are close to the entrance of a secret location. Challenges relevant to secrets will not lose progress if you quit, even if it is uncompleted.


Hexes are additional challenges that make the game slightly more challenging, there are 5 total you can equip, and you can equip any number you want, they are entirely optional. There are many challenges tied to hexes however, and they cannot be activated on Casual mode. You must activate them before entering the area or restarting the area after you activate them. The hexes are unlocked at level 12 (unless you’re on Hard, in which they will be unlocked from the start). Hexes grant an additional 10% XP gain and 5% higher item drop rate (a total of +50% XP and +25% item drop rate if all 5 are activated). Each hex has a Kill Rating, which when a tier is reached, it drops a chest full of items. These tiers are unlocked at the following intervals: 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, and 20000 kills.

The hexes are (status effects will be described below):

  • Hex of Malice: Monsters hit 50% harder and cause Cripple for 2 seconds
  • Hex of Pain: You lose health periodically (100 HP, does not scale)
  • Hex of Tenacity: Monsters get +120 armor and health regeneration
  • Hex of Time: Monsters move/attack faster
  • Hex of Tyranny: Some monsters become Tyrants (do not count towards challenges; also describe below)

Status Effects/Conditions:

  • Armor: Gives a chance to deflect enemy attacks
  • Bleeding: Lose 2% or 100 HP per second, which ever is less. Target cannot die from bleeding
  • Brutality: +50% outgoing damage
  • Burning: -40 HP per second
  • Cripple: -66% movement speed
  • Champion: A pre-designated enemy which has higher health, armor, damage and can use a demon power (discussed below). This power can be random or designated. Many challenges are related to champions. Designated by a skull on the map.
  • Daze: Cannot attack
  • Disease: Lose (5+1% HP) per second
  • Electrocuted: -25% movement speed
  • Epic: Bosses which come from Bounties, very tough to kill, usually have very high damage. Designated by a skull with horns on the map
  • Fear: retreating enemy
  • Frailty: +100% incoming damage
  • Frost(burn): -33% movement/attack speed; (-20 HP per second)
  • Slowed: -50% movement/attack speed
  • Tyrant: A randomly spawning enemy, which is the equivalent of a champion, but do not count as challenge rewards. Only spawn if Hex of Tyranny is active.
  • Vulnerable: Next hit will be critical
  • Weakness: -50% Outgoing damage

There are many more than this, these are just the most common. The full list is in the Codex, accessed via the pause menu. I left out DLC related ones, and they will be discussed at the time of that DLC. Very rarely are challenges related to status effects, but some elite ones are.

Demon Powers:

Demon powers are powerful moves that can be activated when your Overdrive bar is filled (yellow, left side of HUD). You gain Overdrive by dealing damage to enemies. Normally it will decay outside of battle. Your outfit determines how you can modify your Overdrive income. Some make it possible to be gained over time, some prevent it from being drained outside of combat, etc. These powers are (* by the name indicates that you will not gain Overdrive while the power is active; & indicates you cannot use skills while the power is active):

  • Berserk Aura: Creates an aura which increases the damage of all allies and enemies inside. User also gains Focus.
  • Boomerang: Throw a boomerang which damages anything in its path, hovering at a distance for a second or so before returning
  • Diamond: Creates a shield around you, blocking damage and projectiles (chance to deflect)
  • Blink: Teleports you to an enemy, dealing damage and inflicting Vulnerable. Also giving you a speed boost
  • Dark Mist: Turn into a cloud of mist, damaging enemies and inflicting Weakness
  • Sanguine Aura: Creates an aura of healing and giving the user armor
  • Meteor: Summons a few meteors which deal damage to enemies
  • Pull: Pulls a couple enemies to you inflicting the Dazed Status
  • Purging Flame: Summons a column of flame that damages enemies. Cannot move while active
  • Sunray: Summons a beam of heat that damages enemies. Cannot move while active
  • Shockwave: Creates 3 shockwaves which damage and inflict Cripple to enemies within the radius
  • Time Bubble: Creates a bubble in which enemy movement and projectiles are slowed down
  • Bomber (DLC): Spawns an aircraft which drops bombs that deal damage and leave a pool of burning napalm
  • Paralyzed (DLC): Spawns a Speaker which inflicts Weakness and Headbang to all nearby enemies
  • Death Machine (DLC): Creates a field which pulls enemies near and damages them with pulses
  • Heartbreaker (DLC): Summon a lightning rod which inflicts Weakness and Electrocuted to all nearby enemies. Multiple rods create beams between one another which damage enemies
  • Lost in the Ozone (DLC): You turn into a crystal which stops damage and applies Frost to all melee attackers
  • Iron Fist (DLC): Creates a fist which smashes the ground dealing damage and inflicting Cripple to enemies

Destiny Cards:

These are passive abilities, of which you can equip up to 7.There are two limiting factors: The number of cards you can equip and the amount of total destiny points (each card has a given value). The number of cards and amount of destiny points you can equip will increase as you level up some things to note:

Rarer/More useful cards have higher DP values.

Some cards have a ‘divine’ or ‘wicked’ prefix. This indicates they have an additional stat that the same card without the prefix would not have. These can be any thing ranging from healing effects to damage effects.

It is usually useful to keep one of each of card in your inventory. I will also note some important cards to keep an eye out for in the walkthrough that are related to achievements.


I recommend you keep one of each type of weapon in your inventory, as many challenges can be related to weapons. I also recommend you equip one ranged and one melee weapon in your slots, for better diversity, as some enemies are best engaged at long range. Legendary weapons (purple) are very useful, I recommend always keeping one if you find it. Legendary weapons do not usually have the highest damage stat; however, they level up with you. And they always have a unique bonus (sometimes hilarious) and their stats are NOT randomized. You don’t need duplicates, however. Weapons may also have prefixes/suffixes, depending on the rarity or if you add them later. The weapons and their corresponding skills are:

Sword: Mid-speed melee weapon focused on critical hits

  • X-Attack (Sword Hack): A chain of three slashing attacks, the final inflicting Vulnerability to your enemies
  • Y-Attack (Slash): Knocks back single enemy, instantly recharges upon critical hit (5 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Dash): Inflicts Daze to a single enemy, applies Daze to all nearby enemies upon critical hit (8 sec cooldown)

Shotgun: Single target ranged weapon

  • X-Attack (Fire): Shoots a single enemy, split-timing attacks inflicts Vulnerability (.8 second cooldown)
  • Y-Attack (Aimed Shot): Shoots a single target with high power, recharges instantly when you kill an enemy with the shotgun (12 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Point-Blank Shot): Shoots a spray of bullets in front of you, knocking back all enemies and giving you a Speed buff (12 sec cooldown)

Hammer: slow, powerful melee weapon, good for overkill

  • X-Attack (Pound): A chain of three attacks, the third is more powerful and knocks back enemies
  • Y-Attack (Crush): Press or hold (holding gives you armor penetration and higher damage) to deal damage and apply Cripple to nearby enemies (12 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Smash): Allows you to jump to an enemy, dealing damage and applying the Life-Steal buff to you (12 sec cooldown)

Rapier: Fast melee weapon with armor penetration

  • X-Attack (Flurry): A chain of fast attacks which give you Enraged buff upon kill
  • Y-Attack (Charge): Charge forward, knocking back all enemies in you path (16 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Coup de Grace): High damage melee attack which applies Bleeding to an enemy and resets Y-Attack (Charge) upon killing an enemy (3 sec)

Lightning Gun: Multi enemy ranged weapon, attacks chain between Electrocuted enemies

  • X-Attack (Shock): Hold button to fire a beam of electricity, applying Electrocuted to any enemies it touches (.3 sec cooldown)
  • Y-Attack (Ball Lightning): Fires a ball of lightning that bounces between electrocuted enemies. Can deal damage to you and allies (6 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Lightning Trap): Fires a ball which detonates after a few seconds, creating a pulsing trap which will explode eventually. Holding the fire button will increase the ball’s speed. You can be damaged by the explosion (8 sec cooldown)

Scythe: Multi target melee weapon

  • X-Attack (Reap): Basic sweeping attack. Every enemy gives you a Soul Shard (up to 10) which increase special attack effectiveness. Correct timing will inflict Vulnerability.
  • Y-Attack (Shockwave): No damage, applies Daze to a number of enemies in front of you, spends all of your Soul Shards. Number of Soul Shards spent results in longer Daze time. Hit 5+ enemies to reduce cooldown (12 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Whirlwind): Spin, giving you +100 Armor and damaging enemies. Spends all Soul Shards, and number of Soul Shards spent increases the duration of the spin. Hit 5+ enemies to reduce cooldown (28 sec cooldown)

Hand Mortar: Slow, powerful ranged weapon

  • X-Attack (Bouncing Betty): Fires a grenade which bounces and explodes after a few seconds, or on contact with enemy. Holding fire will increase the trajectory (.8 sec cooldown)
  • Y-Attack (Fire Lake): Fire a grenade which explodes on contact with the ground, creating a lake of fire which damages enemies and applies Cripple to enemies hit by the initial explosion. Lasts 8 sec. (12 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Explosive Jump): Fires a grenade at your feet, launching you into the air. You knock back, damage and apply Vulnerability to enemies upon jumping and landing (8 sec cooldown)

Tome: Medium ranged weapon

  • X-Attack (Magic Missile): Fires projectiles, fire rate increases the longer it is held. May drop Arcane Power orbs which instantly recharge special attacks
  • Y-Attack (Dimension Wave): Turn into a wave of energy, inflicting Daze to all enemies in your path (12 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Singularity Orb): Fire a projectile which explodes on contact and pulls all nearby enemies into the explosion, dealing damage and causing Frailty (12 sec cooldown)

Guitar (Motorhead DLC): Medium ranged weapon

  • X-Attack (Power Chord): Fire three electrical sparks, split-timing causes critical hits (.3 sec cooldown)
  • Y-Attack (Bang!): Fires a lightning bolt which will chain to 3 enemies. If a target dies, you will Gain Might (4 sec)
  • B-Attack (Wicked Solo): Charge forward, knocking back enemies, striking them with lightning and applying Headbang on crit. At the end, you and allies get the Enraged condition (21.5 sec cooldown)

Revolvers (Motorhead DLC): Long ranged, you can move and shoot at the same time

  • X-Attack (Barrage): Hold to fire, the final shot is a Double Shot which knocks back the target and inflicts Vulnerability. +25% damage against Crippled enemies
  • Y-Attack (Bullet Hell): Spin in a circle and spray bullets, each hit inflicts Cripple (10 sec cooldown)
  • B-Attack (Bullseye): Single target charged shot, at full charge, inflicts Cripple, Bleeding, Weakness and Daze (14 sec cooldown)

Weapon Properties:

  • Elder: Higher XP gain
  • Devastating: Higher damage
  • Inquisitor’s: Higher damage with full Overdrive Bar
  • Zealous: Higher Overdrive gain
  • Dancing: Higher attack Speed
  • Vicious: Higher crit. damage
  • Efficient: Faster skill cooldowns
  • Gilded: Higher selling value
  • Executioner’s: Damage increase while above 90% health
  • Piercing: Amor penetration
  • Cursed: Higher damage, less gold drops
  • Survivor’s: Damage increased while below 50% health
  • Of the Wolf: Chance to inflict Vulnerability
  • Of Mauling: Chance to knock back enemies
  • Of the Assassin: Higher crit. chance
  • Of the Ram: Inflict Daze on crit. (cooldown)
  • Of the Duelist: Armor penetration
  • Of the Leech: Gain % health on crit. (cooldown)
  • Of the Fox: Cooldowns reduced on overkill (cooldown)
  • Of Luck: Find more items
  • Of Extraordinary Luck: Find better items
  • Of Value: Higher selling value
  • Of Vampirism: Gain health on hit
  • Of the Bear: Crit. hits knock back enemies (cooldown)
  • Of the Vulture: Gain health on overkill (cooldown


You have two consumable slots, and I strongly recommend one as a Health Potion and the other as an Ambrosia. These slots have a cooldown, and the cooldown is determined by the item used. You can switch items in those slots while they are cooling down, but it will not change the time it will take. It is worth noting if you wish to have both slots be Health Potions, simply buy more than 99 from the shop, they are VERY cheap. The consumables include:

  • Antidote (DLC): Restores 200 Health and removes one negative effect (+400 health if removed)
  • Aether Vial: Instantly fills overdrive meter
  • Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: Unlimited use, gives you +100% crit. chance for 5 sec.
  • Liquid Madness: Gives Brutality for 20 sec.
  • Adrenaline Shot: Gives Speed for 20 sec.
  • Barkskin Potion: +100 Armor and immunity to daze, interrupts, push effects for 20 sec
  • Vampire Blood: Gives 50% Life Steal for 45 sec.
  • Medkit/Greater Medkit/Superior Medkit: Unlimited use, restores 300/500/750 Health and removes one negative effect (+ 150/250/250 Health if removed)
  • Ambrosia: Restores all health and refreshes cooldowns of skills/Demon Powers
  • Flash Bombs: 300 Damage and applies Daze
  • Leech Bombs: 300 Damage and +100 health per enemy hit (up to 1000)
  • Frost Bombs: 300 Damage and applies Frost for 5 sec.
  • Fire Bombs: 500 Damage


  • Spiders: nothing to note overall, the most basic class of enemy
    • Mites: Small, green and insignificant. Can be killed by being stepped on.
    • Spider Hatchling: Green, mid-sized. Melee attacker. No particular strategy.
    • Frostcrawler: Blue, mid-sized. Ranged, shoot ice shards. No particular strategy.
    • Lava Creeper: Orange, mid-sized. Melee attacker, explodes upon death. Can be used to decimate other enemies. Do NOT get hit by its death blast
    • Spider Egg: Hatches into a Spider. Easier to kill in this form.
    • Icecrawler: Blue, large. Ranged ice attack, basically a beefier Frostcrawler.
    • Spider Nests: Infinitely spawn spiders of a certain breed. Focus your attacks on these first.
    • Gargantuan Spider: Large, purple. Has a slowly charged smash attack, and is easy to dodge. Engage at very close or very far range.
    • Spider Matron: Large, Green. Does not attack, but continuously lays Spider Eggs. Also spawns Mites upon death.
    • Bombardier Spider: Large, Blue. Ranged ice attack, but it is more of a bomb. Engage quickly and at close range.
    • Demon Spider: Large, Purple. Basically a Gargantuan Spider + a Jump attack. Attempt to engage at long range, attack at close range if it just used its jump attack.
  • Wraiths: Large ghost-like monsters. Leave behind a zone of status effect, dependent on the breed.
    • Forgotten King: Green. Has a pulse attack, used from long range. Best engaged from long range. Leaves Zone of Crippling
    • Ravenous Soul: Blue. Has a charge attack, its trajectory shown by a blue line. No strategy, just make sure to dodge. Leaves Zone of Frailty.
    • Spectral Binder: Tan. Spawns seeking projectiles. Best engaged from close range, from the side, so his projectiles must loop around to hit you. Leaves Zone of Crippling
    • Tortured Soul: Light Blue. Creates a funnel of AoE damage. Best engaged from a distance. Leaves Zone of Bleeding.
    • Reaper: Red. Attacks with decently ranged scythes, and hits HARD. Engage from a distance. Leaves Zone of Pestilence.
  • Undead: Skeletons, which have to be killed twice, unless killed with a lot of Overkill damage.
  • Skeleton: Melee attack. Weak, designed to overwhelm in groups. No strategy.
    • Pyromancer: Flaming Skeleton. Still weak, launches homing fire balls. No strategy.
    • Berserker: Sword-wielding. Decently weak, has a spinning attack and a slash attack. Always opens with the first. Best engaged from a distance.
    • Brute: Hammer-wielding. Hits EXTREMELY hard. Has a swing attack and a smash attack. Definitely engage at a distance, avoid getting hit at any cost.
    • Soldier: Sniper-wielding. Takes a few seconds for them to lock onto you. Bullets are fairly easy to dodge. Hit hard. Engage at close range, they have no melee.
    • Gravedigger: Large. Spawns lesser skeletons and chucks them at you. Once killed, all skeletons he spawned also die. Make a priority, also very durable.
    • Fool: Basically a nuisance. Lays curses on you, which go away upon death of the inflictor.
  • Essences: elemental, moving rocks. Split into three lesser Essences upon death.
  • Fire: Red. Launches fireballs from a distance, activates a flamethrower up close. Lesser essences divebomb you. Engage from a distance, the fireballs are easy to dodge
    • Rock: Brown. Launches rocks from a distance, activates a smash combo up close. Lesser essences charge attack. Engage close range, they can inflict a lot of distance damage and their melee is easy to dodge
    • Ice: White. Spawn icicles which impale you from below, or creates an ice path which deals DoT. Lesser essences launch ice bombs. No particular range is advantageous, but mid-long range is best.
    • Lightning: Light Blue. Create electrical fences between themselves, or hit you long range with lightning bolts. Lesser essences release small electric sparks. Best engaged a close range, they are decently frail.
    • Magic: Purple. Launch missiles at you from a distance, or a slow moving pulse close range. Hit pretty hard. Lesser essences have an AoE around them, and do not attack. Best engaged at VERY long range, in order to avoid projectiles.
    • Plague: Green. Release tons of rats which act like DoT, or launch exploding toxic bombs. Lesser essences have an AoE, but don't attack. Best engaged from long range.
  • Gargoyles: Decently standard, can turn into stone form, where they are invincible, but cannot move or attack.
    • Lesser Gargoyle: Melee attack, no strategy in particular.
    • Grotesque: Ranged, use a pulse to attack. Distance is best.
    • Frostfall Gargoyles: Larger, launches projectiles, or rains hail on you. Range works best.
    • Flame Sentinel: Cannot move, only activates at close range. Spins around with a flamethrower.
    • Frost Sentinel: Cannot move, only activates at close range. Launches a high damaging frost ball every few seconds.
    • Shard Sentinel: Cannot move, only activates at close range. Most deadly sentinel. Launches a barrage of shards every few seconds.
    • Dark Knight: Large, has a diving attack, and a shockwave attack. Both hurt a lot. Best to use melee, and roll away as they attack, then go back in for more melee.
  • Thralls: Small class, only two breeds. Both are melee.
    • Vampire Thrall: Weak, melee attackers. Can disappear and reappear in order to get a surprise advantage.
    • Thrall Hulk: Strong, resilient melee attackers. Easily one of the deadliest enemies in the game. Fight slow, until they lose about 50% of their health, at which point they power up and move at about triple their original speed. Range is ideal, but not entirely realistic, they are too fast. Have a heavy hitter ready when they charge at you.
  • Vampires: Most advanced enemies in the game. All can disappear and reappear at will. Sometimes to run, sometimes to get an advantage.
    • Lurker: Blue. Uses Stealth to get close to you, then melees you, or launches a projectile which eventually splits into 3 homing projectiles. Mid-range is the best you'll get.
    • Knight: Green. Slash attacks, has a pull attack which stuns you. Can kill you very fast. Try to engage at a distance.Count: Red. Attacks by making you lose health in the form of blood orbs, which you can pick up for a percentage of the health lost. They just mess with you.
    • King: Orange. Launches fire balls from a distance, close range is best.
    • Acolyte: Uses sunray-like beams to attack you from a distance. Very long or very close range works well.

Miscellaneous Useful Information:

  • Bounties: Optional quests which involve you hunting down epic beasts in pre-designated areas. It gives you a chest of loot. It is timed, but it has a massive timer: 5+ days.
  • Treasure hunt: Same as above but you pick up pieces of a map. Cannot pick up a piece if enemies are present.
  • Rarity Scale: Grey (common)=>Green(uncommon)=>Yellow(rare)=>Purple(legendary)
  • Transmuting: Unlocked at level 16. Allows you to combine weapons/cards etc. to obtain better equipment. There are also Power Stones you can obtain which will add prefixes/suffixes to weapons or Destiny Cards or increase the effects if the item already has one. The biggest uses I found for it were: Combining chests to reach legendary status (27 grey rarity => 1 legendary)
  • Randomly obtaining legendary weapons: You can combine three weapons of the same rarity and have a chance of receiving a weapon of higher rarity. Thus if you continue combining yellow weaponry, you will obtain a purple (legendary) occasionally
  • Upgrading: You can place an item into the main slot (X) and then combine other items (A) into, making it more powerful. You can do this on everything except Consumables and Destiny Cards (but you can upgrade the Divine/Wicked prefix)
  • Increasing rarity of Destiny Cards: You can combine 3 of cards of the same type and rarity to get one card of the same type with a higher rarity. This only works until they reach Rare or Legendary, depending on the card.

Useful Tips

  • Always have something equipped in your slots when available.
  • Use your Demon Powers, you will lose them outside of battle (unless your outfit prevents it).
  • Note that many challenges will be easier at higher levels or better gear, especially those related to bosses.
  • Level cap is 50 (60 with DLC). After you hit the cap, you will continue to level up, but you will only receive chests after that point.
  • I recommend selling all weapons you do not need and any duplicate Destiny Cards. You can easily rack up millions doing this. Keep demon powers, as you will need them to transmute for a later achievement
  • If you are on Hard, the first 30 minutes or so will be hell, just push through it, until you level up a few times, it will get substantially easier.
  • Dodging is your best friend. Jumping is semi-useful, but enemies can still hit you easily and if you are close to an exit of the map, you may get sucked into another area on accident.
  • Some of the challenges are ridiculous. Don’t give up, they are doable, they just take strategy and resourcefulness.
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