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Posted on 28 June 09 at 02:01, Edited on 01 July 09 at 12:22
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Hmm, well..where do we start? Okay, I'll break it up into categories.

Pretty awesome, very nice to look at. I mean, it's got enough of a beautiful environment but the action is even more pleasing to watch. At first, I expected the graphics to be complete shit, but I was amazed. But...there are some frame rate problems if you don't install the game to your HDD. Like, when you execute someone for instance, it'll look AWESOME..then you'll skip stances by just a second. Not too noticeable actually but it's still there.

Not a "normal" hack and slash. You actually have to block a great deal of the time or you will get killed. Over and over again, repeatedly. Well..nothing much to explain in the gameplay department, except you play as a viking and use a sword and an axe, along with elemental powers. By the way, there ARE stealthy areas in the game. Before each Viking war you must save fellow Vikings and you can either do it while being stealthy, or if you are brave enough just run in and kill everything. I firmly suggest getting the Counter Attack skill before just running in though.

In all honesty, I liked the story, just not the ending. Be prepared for a shit ending. But that's okay, cause I'm guessing most if not all people play hack and slash games for action, not a story. Anyway, story is pretty simplistic. The enemy of your goddess wants to destroy your land, and pull of what is called "Ragnorok" in Viking lore, and is basically the Apocalypse. She wants to rebuild the entire land into a utopia of her own, kind of like Valhalla, but you won't let her do that. Besides Skarin (your character) wants revenge on the enemies main guy cause he killed your father, which is revealed in the first cutscene.

Now, this was and still is one of my favorite Xbox 360 games, but it DOES lose it's replay ability after the 1st of 2nd playthrough. And the game is easy as can be, so I would recommend starting the game on Hard to get all of the achievements in one go round. I give this game a 4/5. Enjoy if you decide to buy! smile

EDIT - Had to edit this review. Forgot to mention some problems that I noticed.
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Posted on 17 May 09 at 12:38
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Viking is a mediocre game made for a mediocre day. It doesn't offer a whole ton of challenge other than the occasional moment of sheer frustration in the face of limitless enemies, but it is a game that will suck you in.

Viking comes close to being an open world, sandbox type game. I've always been a fan of sandbox games such as the GTA or Elder Scroll series. This is a plus for Viking, though it doesn't quite give the same sandbox experience of other games. The world is broken into three different islands where the game takes place, and each island is broken into two phases. This greatly restricts the sandbox enviornment as, while you can tackle the areas as you see fit, these six smaller areas aren't any bigger than what would be a large level from a linear style game.

The gameplay is rather mindless, which is why I put it's for a mediocre day. I rented and played through the game during a two day period where I was down and out with the flu. This worked well as I wasn't feeling terribly focused and was able to simply plow my way through the game without much thought. Even stealth wasn't terribly hard, as failure would simply turn into a rampage rather than a slow, methodical one by one killing. There are moments of challenge, but these are more due to infinite waves of enemies that occur from time to time. Whether it be at the end of a tower or nearing a boss in one of the game's five large scale battles it can be frustrating to be stopped by unending numbers only to have to start all over again from the beginning. The game's death mechanism is very forgiving as the protagonist is simply reincarnated back at the base campt after each death. I will say, this does cut down on travel times as suicide turns into an effective way of getting back home quickly.

Like I just mentioned the game features five very large battles which is what the rest of the game leads up to. You will spend your sandbox areas freeing other viking clans from their various imprisonments and finding gold to buy upgrades. This actually ends up being more rewarding than the large battles themselves. There's a great sense of satisfaction fighting your way to a cage of vikings, breaking the gate to see a dozen men pour out to slaughter the nearby enemies. The build up ends up being more fun than the actual battles as you watch your influence spread across the land. The battles themselves can get rather dull as they turn more into a matter of button mashing against a horde of enemies more than anything else. The game does offer a rage-esque system where, as you kill enemies, you can harvest their essence for power and use it to turn on magical upgrades for your weapons. If done in a battle surrounded by other vikings you will power up their weapons which can make for some good fun as suddenly you cut through the enemy like butter rather than the slow grind of endless reinforcements fighting endless enemies toward your objective. The battles can be sped up by accomplishing certain objectives and collecting dragon runes which will allow you to destroy enemy shamans from afar, as these are the enemies that summon the endless waves of foot soldiers.

There are numerous mini-boss and boss fights in the game. These mainly involve slashing at an enemy until a button sequence prompt comes up. This is followed by a button sequence alongside a scripted attack to take down the enemy. It becomes apparent after a few of these fights that the button sequences have a few variations to no variations depending on what type of mini-boss you fight.

Overall, the game is a rather easy game, even on hard, that grows repetitive and dull but is able to suck you in with the addiction of continuous reward. There's always another camp to free, another mission to accomplish, another battle to fight. This constant gratification keeps you playing, and really does give a feeling of satisfaction as you accomplish each objective. Unfortunately this doesn't save the game from becoming dull and lackluster. I'd recommend this game for a time when you simply feel like kicking back and letting yourself go into auto-pilot for a while.
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Posted on 24 April 09 at 19:15
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This game is a great hack and slash. like any game you can go around mindlessly and bully your way through each level but the game will eventually get old and in my opinion you will miss out on the true nature of the game.
the story is basic and not very expandable. It will entertain you for awhile till you find that the story is rushing to a close way to soon. which leads me to the second part. the game is short. the levels are massive but all contain the same agenda so after the first level you basically can figure out the rest.
all in all i loved this game because what it had to offer the first time around. I wish they could have added more suspense and originality thus adding to the game play.
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Posted on 28 July 15 at 00:31, Edited on 28 July 15 at 22:25
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This game is probably one of the best RPG I have ever played (to be fair, that list isn't exactly extensive - anyway, I digress), It's a brilliant game, not too difficult and fairly easy to complete. It is just time-consuming to do everything, and things can get fairly repetitive, however the enemies get smarter and stronger as the game goes on so you can't completely lose focus.

You play as the person on the front cover of the game. The game itself has no multiplayer feature, which I personally prefer, and it is fairly accurate to Norse mythology - mainly the goddess' names, Freya and Hel - but a good fictional story that isn't too complicated with sub-characters and sub-plots. It's a fairly violent game with lots of blood - as can be imagined. You have the ability to learn new skills from a warrior from Asgard with gold you find and can also upgrade your arsenal with throwing axes as well as assisting you with the more challenging battles with health potions. The graphics are impressive considering when it was released and is also made by SEGA. The fights in the game are good, especially the boss ones where you can see and fight alongside thousands of your allies against thousands of your enemies and your allies can actually kill people too unlike some other games where it feels like you must kill every single person yourself.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

An added bonus is that the game is narrated by Brian Blessed therefore you will not need to turn your TV volume up too loud to hear what is being said most of the time.
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