Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Reviews

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TA Score for this game: 4,150
Posted on 04 May 17 at 01:48
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I havn't yet completed the game but I believe I've played enough to throw my 2 cents in. It's very much like other arpg's out for console (Diablo, Sacred to name a couple that I can think of off the top of my head). I'm a fan of the lore to begin with so I may be a bit biased as well. The game plays very well but definitely gets repetitive, the trials of gods helps distract you but then turns into the same repetitive game as well. Some of the puzzles I've found thus far have been interesting and kind of fun to figure out. The menu's are easy enough to manage, wish the controls were editable and maybe fix the skills/inventory menus as they are a pain to navigate sometimes. You constantly come across upgrades and different skills in the beginning to keep the game interesting for a while though. The humor is dry but funny at times. The frame-rate drops down more often than you would like making for some skippy gameplay.
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