Virginia Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


  • cn_LSLeft Stick = Walk / Move
  • cn_RS Right Stick = Rotate Camera
  • cn_A Interact

Achievements and the walkthrough.

  • Play the game through once on your own without this guide unless you want a lot of spoilers. It's pretty difficult to tip-toe around the story-line at times because so much is missable and requires things done at exact moments. So if you wish to avoid the game being spoiled I recommend you play the game through once and just enjoy the ride.
  • Achievement / Collectible Overview:
    • A lot of achievements are highly missable. The descriptions are extremely vague and cryptic and you will not figure them out on your own. Although all achievements are pretty easy, most achievements are also pretty unique in that they require picking up items early in the game and not using them until much later, which isn’t overly common in other titles. I’ll make this clear during the guide at each point, signifying when a missable achievement related item is due in the scene prior to it. So don’t worry – if you follow this, you won’t miss anything.
    • Collectibles: There are 20 collectibles – 10 Flowers, and 10 feathers. They are numbered and written in order in this walkthrough. The game can be quite dark and there are no brightness options. Bear this in mind when searching for them.
    • Collectibles Achievements: There are 4 achievements related to collectibles (2 for finding 1 flower and 1 feather, 2 for finding all flowers and all feathers). They will not trigger, however, upon collection. You need to view them in your apartment before they trigger. I’ll point this out as and when it is necessary.
  • Playthrough 1: The 1st playthrough requires that you complete the game in ONE single sitting (i.e. you must play from start to back in one sitting without closing the game) so set aside 2 hours to do this. One sitting is required to unlock "Red Night." You must also watch the end credits to unlock "Ariadne" (credits are an option in the main menu, but I can neither confirm nor deny whether this will trigger this achievement.) We will also be using this play through to get all (but 1) of the achievements (16 out of 17).
  • Playthrough 2: The 2nd playthrough requires you to simple complete the game a second time to unlock "Doam", which should be your last achievement. Again, I recommend you do this in one sitting. This playthrough will be even shorter, and it has been reported the achievement doesn't pop if not done in one sitting. If for some reason you skipped the credits after Playthrough 1, watch them through here instead.
  • Triggering Scenes: Take things slow, and if you are stuck (unlikely), don’t interact with anything until you get your bearings. A scene generally only moves on to the next when you interact with a story item, or walk to a certain point. I usually capitalize things that are easy to miss, or when not to move and check something missable first.
  • Scene change notice: The game is very cinematic and does not progress like most games. It’s created through a series of vignette-like scenes where you do something, and it skips to the next. This can be forward in time or to an alternate dream-like state. It is not a level by level kind of game. I will signify a change in scene with the notice Scene change. There are dozens upon dozens upon dozens, and the closest things to “chapters.”
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