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    This is an Achievement website so this review will look at the game and it's relation to the Achievements.


    Virtua Fighter 2 was a classic Sega Model 2 Arcade game from 1994. It was later released on the Sega Saturn in 1995 and was an excellent port (which was rare as at the time as arcade hardware was always better, so home console ports always suffered from poorer graphics and often other concessions too). The version XBLA gets is the original arcade version... so now Shun Di's stage has a bridge in the background :) (to any veteran Saturn players).

    The first Virtua Fighter was a huge success in terms of taking the 2D fighting game into the land of 3D. And it's successful template extends still today. The first game looks atrocious by 2012 standards but it did for 3D fighting games what Doom did for future fps games.

    At the time Virtua Fighter 2 was an amazingly big leap over the first game. Better graphics, more fluid gameplay, better backgrounds, better everything. What I'm trying to say is this game came out roughly in an era when games like Golden Axe 3 were coming out too. Hopefully this will put you in the right mindset as when you boot the game up, compared to Xbox360 games, and the last few years of game after game in glorious HD visuals for our huge widescreen TV's you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

    Virtua Fighter 2 is a classic gem. My personal favorite from the classic early 3D fighting game era. It's like watching classic Bruce Lee movies, once you get over the 70's look and feel the Martial Arts scenes are amazing. Virtua Fighter 2 is the same.

    Basically the game itself is excellent, perfectly balanced and awesome in every way. In fact just read my review of Virtua Fighter 5 FS, everything I wrote about the gameplay applies exactly the same back then as it does now. Virtua Fighter 2 is still very fluid to play and hits all the right spots even today. Virtua Fighter 5 is really basically the same game built upon greatly from this solid foundation that was set by VF 2.


    Virtua Fighter 2 at first looks very basic compared to games today, but it's actually a very smooth glitch free game. Many many games from that early 3D era had, and made, lot's of mistakes and glitches. Play any Playstation/Saturn/Nintendo64 game and you'll very quickly spot points in the games where the 3D glitches through itself, pop up issues arise when any scenery magically disappears beyond a certain point in the distance etc etc etc.
    Virtua Fighter 2 doesn't do this. The whole game is very very clean and neat.

    So the game is a perfect port of a classic Arcade game. Still plays excellently, the AI holds up well keeping you on your toes without being unfair. VF 2 holds up excellently in it's own early 3D era way. They've even included the ability to play V2.0 or it's updated V2.1 and now online play over Xbox Live... All for a measly 400Mpts.

    What could possibly go wrong...???


    Complete Baloney Achievements that are sooooo lazy, easy and probably just there to make Achievement completion whores, like myself, buy the game for an easy 30mins - 1 hr 400g's.

    What a Shame. More than a Shame... sadly they cheapen what is otherwise an excellent classic game. Let's go through them shall we...

    There's one for completing stage 1... STAGE 1 !!!
    One for completing stage 2... STAGE 2 (seeing a pattern yet?)
    One for completing stage 3... Guess what's next?
    One for completing stage 5...!!! Bet you didn't see that one coming did ya, got you by skipping stage 4 completely. How sneaky. Better go easy on me there Mr Achievement maker... Oh you did?!!

    That's as high as you need to go. You don't even have to complete the game. I did for my own satisfaction complete the game with default settings, and even on easy the later stages are actually a real challenge, but really Mr Achievement maker. I guess the universe needs to balance itself out after Epic came up with Seriously 3.0

    The rest of the Achievements are for me personally a complete waste of time and hardly worth mentioning. Unlock ranking mode. Unlock expert mode. Unlock more baloney etc etc. You do this by inputting simple codes that the Achievement description tells you to put in. You don't even have to play after you've done it.

    Here's a better list off the top of my head.

    *Complete Arcade mode (with default settings).
    *Complete Arcade mode on Hard.
    *Complete Arcade mode with every character (any difficulty)
    *Complete Arcade mode V2.0
    *Complete Arcade mode V2.1
    *Win 10 rounds online (Notice not play 10 rounds, and not win 10 fights, even against expert online players you can still win the occasional round)


    Good points:
    -Pure port of an arcade classic.
    -Fighting is rooted in reality and real Martial Arts.
    -Deep and balanced gameplay.

    Bad points:
    -Achievements for button mashers.
    -Easy, silly, lazy Achievements.
    -Terrible Achievements...

    ...But a rubbish Achievement list is hardly World War 3.

    So is this worth buying???


    It's still an excellent classic game and a great buy at 400Mpts. Do yourself a favor and pick this up and experience a great gem of a game.
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    IAmDaAssassinI completely agree!!! This is an amazing game. I don't mind easy achievements but yeah, at least let us finish the game to get them all or in someway make us appreciate the game more through them. Perhaps complete matches in some special way like only using special moves or never using block.
    Awesome review!!! THUMBS UP!!!
    Posted by IAmDaAssassin on 23 Jun 13 at 13:02
    Ahmet Cerannice review,well done, vf2 best amazing,hardcore fighting game
    Posted by Ahmet Ceran on 30 Sep 13 at 05:56
    IronFistofSnuffI bought this game before I even knew what TA was XD. I simply bought it because I play a lot of co-op with friends at my house or theirs.
    Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 19 Nov 13 at 14:39
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    In the endless sea of fighting games that populated arcades in the early '90s, one stood out with its amazing 3D graphics and hard to master combos. This was Virtua Fighter by Sega and it set a standard that many other 3D fighters followed or copied. A few years later, Sega struck gold again with a stellar sequel and finally after a few watered down home ports, Virtua Fighter 2 comes home via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.
    To cut to the chase, this isn’t a port of the game we all fondly remember from the arcades. Sega chose to port over the half-assed 2-D version of the game that was released on Sega Genesis in 1996. That means missing characters, no 3-D arenas, incomplete move sets, and very limited customization options. It’s disappointing to say the least, but we’re going to review the game we have instead of the game we wish we did.
    It’s pretty much standard fare here, as all of the punch, kicks and blocks return in their original form. Just as they did back in 1995, the controls feel fast and immediately responsive. Trying to piece together a combo consisting of more than just a few hits is still just as much of a challenge as it was back then; and the dominating player will be the one that has learned to juggle their opponent the best. Jumping feels a bit off, because simply pressing up will usually send your character skyward in such a way it is unbelievable still, and the floaty gravity usually results in meeting a foot to the face upon landing.
    Just as it was back in the day, Virtua Fighter 2 continues to be an absolutely great fighting game. Sadly, finding an opponent online took ages, and when I did find one the connection (mine or his) made it a touch difficult to have an engaging battle. As such, I fully recommend playing this with a friend on the couch (as it was meant to be) as opposed to trying to give this new-fangled internet a try.

    Online or Dorito-munching couch buddy, the fighting is still fast and simple. Each round can be won in one of three ways: health depletion, time out or, my personal favorite, the ring out. Sending your opponent helplessly flying through the air with half of their health left only to know that you’ve sealed the deal by knocking them out of the ring is a satisfaction rarely encountered in many fighters these days (aside from the other Virtua games, or even the Soul Calibur line).

    There are plenty of options to customize your gameplay, such as round count, time limit and the amount of health each player starts with. You can also pick between 2.0 and 2.1 versions; the difference being slightly tweaked combat speed and visuals are cleaned up just a tad.
    Overall, Virtua Fighter 2 is a faithful recreation of the ground-breaking arcade fighter from yesteryear. It’s easy to pick up and play, and is instantly addictive. The addition of leaderboards, achievements and online and offline multiplayer will give you hours of fun. It even got me to the point where I found it oddly satisfying to beat a drunken old man to a dazed pulp.