Virtua Striker

Xbox 360

Virtua Striker Achievements

Most Earned

初ゴール20 (20)ARCADEのCOM戦で初ゴール(1Pのみ)
脱・初心者40 (40)HELP & OPTIONSの遊び方を最後まで閲覧(1Pのみ)
初勝利20 (20)ARCADEのCOM戦で初勝利(1Pのみ)
5ゴール目20 (20)ARCADEのCOM戦で累計5ゴール(1Pのみ)

Least Earned

10回勝利31 (30)ARCADEのCOM戦で累計10試合勝利(1Pのみ)
Vゴール41 (40)ARCADEのCOM戦でVゴールを決めて勝利(1Pのみ)
デカ頭41 (40)ARCADE、OFFLINE VERSUSでデカ頭モードをプレイ(1Pのみ)
PK戦41 (40)ARCADEのCOM戦でPK戦をプレイ(ファール後のPKは除く・1Pのみ)
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SEGA Unleashes The Model 2 Collection

Back in the '90's, arcades were much more common and, in fact, had entered a second "golden era" thanks to the rise of Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and the amazing SEGA arcade games of the era. G

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