Viva Piñata (PC)

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Viva Piñata (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

Piñata Name Caller21 (20)Named a Piñata
Label Designer21 (20)Made a Custom Label
Collector22 (20)Made 5 species resident
Green Fingers23 (20)Grown 5 plants to maturity

Least Earned

Longevity Master43 (20)Played the game for 50 hours (real time)
Master Talent40 (20)Player has reached Level 50
Master Romancer40 (20)Become Master Romancer for 20 species
Chewnicorn Healing40 (20)Player has healed a Piñata with the Chewnicorn's power
All Viva Piñata (PC) Achievements