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    20 Jun 2012 27 Jul 2014
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    Voice Studio was released as a free application for kinect as a way for Microsoft to improve the audio recognition of the Kinect Sensor. It comes available for download through the Apps tab at the Xbox Home menu.

    This is not so much a game but a means of voluntary research for microsoft, although, it does offer an easy 50G for completion of all 8 tracks; and best of all, it requires no skill and only takes 2.5 hours at most to complete.

    Each track consists of 30+ commands or phrases such as "Xbox Bing Search" or "How was the weather in Davenport on Tuesday?"

    Simply saying the phrases is sufficent and after you have finished the set number of phrases you must save and submit to recieve credit.

    In the end this is a win/win situation. You help microsoft improve products and earn some easy gamerscore in the process. Happy Huntingsmile

    Edit: Credit to Odd for pointing out only 8 tracks.
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    There are only 8 tracks to complete, and actually it took me just up to three hours to complete because of upload time, many of my friends also say it took them longer than three hours and we all have a fairly strong internet signal.

    Apart from that there's not much more you can say +1.
    Posted on 12 Oct 12 at 19:12
    VenomSlash8771its been over 2 hours and Im uploading track 7 now
    Posted by VenomSlash8771 on 02 Mar 13 at 21:31
    HateMe4141May be due to connection.
    Posted by HateMe4141 on 02 Mar 13 at 23:26
    Moe GZSo it took you approximatively less than an hour to speak to your Xbox and the rest of the time to upload the sounds ?
    Posted by Moe GZ on 04 May 13 at 14:43
    Posted by HateMe4141 on 04 May 13 at 15:49
    Iceberg082006I just did some today, question is did it always have the commands you use on the Xbox one? Because it has you say Xbox snap and stuff
    Posted by Iceberg082006 on 07 Apr 14 at 23:06
    HateMe4141Did not when I did it. It was several years ago
    Posted by HateMe4141 on 08 Apr 14 at 14:38
    Iceberg082006Yea so I'm thinking they put an update out where it includes those what is weird
    Posted by Iceberg082006 on 08 Apr 14 at 16:37
    Lumberjay85My favorite phrase was "Xbox sign in as Jesus."
    Posted by Lumberjay85 on 22 Jul 14 at 14:43