Völgarr the Viking Reviews

  • GwokziRRGwokziRR269,966
    24 Jan 2015
    25 7 9

    A month. 4 weeks. 28 days. 24 hours and 51 minutes I'll never get back... and was it all even worth it? Yes, it was and I'm god damn happy it's over.

    Völgarr the Viking is a side-scroller, HARDcore (notice the "hard" there) action arcade game with retro graphics that suit it very well. It was developed by Crazy Viking studios and their thoughts while making this game were "games today are too easy" and I agree with them for the most part.

    As I previously said, Völgarr is a very hard game that'll make you want to tear your controller in half and just go on a massacre with a medieval sword. No? Just me? Alright, moving on. The difficulty comes your way in two ways at the same time.
    1. Even when fully armored and equipped with Mjolnir's power, Völgarr can only take 4 hits of any kind before briefly visiting Valhalla and then returning to the slaughter. Oh, and you can always mess up a jump and get insta killed by falling down a hole, burning to a crisp or drowning
    2. There is only ever one checkpoint per level.
    And then of course the boss fights wich vary in difficulty quite alot. One final note on jumping. Völgarr has the old kind of jump mechanism, so you can't alter your fall at all except with a double jump.

    It's great that on the musical side it has an excellent soundtrack that in my opinion really suited the scenario wich I was in at the moment. And upon beating the game it felt very rewarding hearing the metal start playing.

    Graphics are not shining in Völgarr, but hey? It's not about graphics here. The 16-bit blocky textures look good and give nice company to the games spirit.

    Achievement vise, the only hard ones were the ones that were tied to beating the game. The rest were quite simple and very doable with a little effort. So if you don't mind having this game not 100% completed, pick it up. Medium difficulty, probably 500 Gamerscore right there. Getting the rest will be tricky though.

    Overall Völgarr the Viking is a very good, challenging, rage enducing game that succeeds what it's aiming for.

    Thanks for reading.
    This was my first review so don't massacre me pleaselaugh
  • Emperor HansEmperor Hans281,595
    03 Jun 2018
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    THE 2ND HARDEST SIDE SCROLLER in xbox one next to chariot. Overall its a well crafted game, but would really test your patience and skill. The achievements are doable, theonly difficult ones are related to beating the game. I experienced bugs like stuttering during gameplay and achievements not unlocking. Ialmost rage quit when the achievement did not unlock upon reaching yggdrasil. BTW we should petition for an option to delete 0 achievement games in our profile. for us not to be forced to play games we accidentally start on xbox or click in pc,happened to me twice now this year (ms solitaire and this game).