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    03 Jun 2010 08 Jul 2010
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    Voodoo Dice is a relatively simple puzzle game. You control a die and the aim of the game is a straightforward case of getting your die from one end of the stage to the other. However; various puzzles, obstacles and enemies are preventing that from being an easy journey. The main premise of the game is to make your way to your goal by clearing other dice blocking the path by landing adjacent to them, matching their number and thus making them disappear.

    While the general idea is a strong one, its execution is weak. Most levels use a nasty trial and error mode of play. Rather than giving you a decent puzzle to have a good think about, more often than not the stages result in you being trapped in a corner or an area you shouldn’t be, resulting in a slightly bitter restart of the whole stage. Pick ups, such as ones that invert your controls, seem to be an attempt to spice up the puzzle element but often result in more frustration, rather than working the brain a little more.

    Some stages are brilliant little puzzles that bring a great sense of satisfaction once beaten, but for every one of those there is twice as many poorly laid out stages that will result in various restarts before you actually work out what is needed. And what sounds like a generous 60 stages, is mostly repetition of similar, if not the same puzzles that you have gone through already.

    The games multiplayer mode holds some variation via the four modes available, each with 5 maps to play with. Race is just what you’d expect, 3 laps round a course with varying obstacles. Flag is an odd version of capture the flag, only you ARE the flag and an opponent simply touching you will pass it on. The two more interesting modes are Tactics, a turn based game where you must eliminate each other and Arcade, which focuses on a competitive slant on the games main idea; destroying dice by landing next to it, matching its number and scoring you points and bonuses for doing so. Whilst all of these modes are for up to four players, this is only in local play. The game has no online modes, which is a shame as if this were the case, it would open the game up massively.

    Voodoo Dice has some genuinely great, simple ideas, but it tries to over complicate things and act too clever. More of the simple dice-busting action would be great, but it unfortunately feels the need to throw in unnecessarily harsh extras to puzzle you even more, when really it’s just going to drive you insane. And with a 800 MSP price tag, it’s just not worth it.


    * Good ideas


    * Far too much trial and error
    * Price tag is too high for such a small game
    * Soon becomes repetitive

    Originally written by me, for http://www.nxtgamer.com/
    As always, comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated!
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    Nod NolanI completely disagree with the "Trial and Error" comment. It's a game of logic and skill and once you know which dice movements get the numbers in the right places you're on a roll....
    Posted by Nod Nolan On 19 Jun 10 at 12:13
    Aeris GainzbrahExactly, once you know! Which usually takes a few errors to work out!

    You're telling me you nailed them all first time, through nothing but planning?
    Posted by Aeris Gainzbrah On 19 Jun 10 at 13:31
    Groudon199I really hate games like this. I played the trial and thought it was pretty good, but when I finally got the full game, it quickly became annoying.
    Normally, I don't complain about trial-and-error in games. However, in this case, it's justified. Even Sonic Unleashed's T&E wasn't as bad as this game's (and Unleashed has been criticized for its T&E). You made a move 5 minutes ago that made the level unwinnable and you didn't know about it until just now? Time to restart!
    Posted by Groudon199 On 03 Feb 11 at 02:42