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Vostok Inc Key Features, Screens, and Gameplay

Vostok Inc has made its way to Steam Greenlight and with this release comes new details, screens, and a gameplay trailer to watch as console players have a bit longer to wait until the game releases for us.

Posted 1 month ago by Ashley Woodcock, 0 comments

ID@Xbox Brings Many Titles to GDC17

At ID's fourth Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft showcased 46 titles between a press preview event and the Microsoft Lobby.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 12 comments

Vostok Inc Revealed

Look in any app store and there's several games in which you repeatedly click your way to the top of a corporate ladder. But do any of them also have twin-stick shooting in space? Vostok Inc is here to fill the gap in the market.

Posted 6 months ago by Sam Quirke, 2 comments

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