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Posted on 04 June 19 at 02:00
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WORLDS Builder is a free-to-play game that combines gameplay elements of Little Alchemy with the classic resource-gathering and production style of many other free-to-play world building games. Using base elements of earth, fire, water, life, sand, stone, and grass, you combine and recombine elements to create resources, which fuels your production buildings to create more products, many of which are then combined to make even more things. Products can then be sold in the marketplace for coin and experience points; the higher you level up, the more buildings you can build. It's a relatively simple game with fairly easy to understand rules. The game also receives support and new development from the developer, JoyBits, who has pushed out several updates over the past year to add new events and rewards.

Unfortunately, most of the major updates have only served to extend the grind, which is typically already an issue with free-to-play games. The first major update removed the ability to cross-train your villagers, locking them into a single profession (an update which also removed all bonuses players had previously earned). With training, villagers could level up and earn bonuses that increased production efficiency, and these bonuses would stack to provide much faster and more productive gameplay -- until another update capped the maximum that those bonuses could apply. One game mechanic, the expedition (where you could send villagers away for a time to earn bonus items), became crippled by another update, where all but the shortest expeditions now require an Explorer-type villager, which (due to the lack of cross-training from earlier) can only be found randomly at extremely low odds.

Perhaps most damning for achievement hunters is the fact that many of the achievements require making enormous quantities of various products, which due to the time constraints can take weeks or months of gameplay to even produce (also made more difficult by the limited warehouse space you are granted for storage; and the rarity with which those products are requested from the marketplace, making them harder to sell). The game also has one unobtainable achievement (as of this writing), which is locked because the game doesn't allow you to build enough houses until you reach a certain player level, which is higher than the maximum level the game allows you to achieve. (JoyBits support will tell you that it's on their list to fix; however, several updates have been made since they were first contacted, and the problem remains.) Of the achievements that are available, many have odd scores, and the grand total (even if all were available) doesn't add up to a round number, either.

WORLDS Builder is a fairly simple way to pass the time; but if you care about getting all of the achievements (especially if you care about your completion percentage) or having a score ending in a nice, round number, you're better off passing this one by.
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