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TrueAchievement Walkthrough: WRC 8

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship on Steam

Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievement walkthrough for WRC 8. Developed by KT Racing, WRC 8 is the eighth instalment of the WRC franchise, bringing you racing action across WRC Junior, WRC 2 and WRC championships. I had previously only played WRC 5, but I really enjoyed my time with WRC 8, which I picked up when it was Games With Gold.

The achievements are very straightforward in this game, with the majority of them being earned through career mode. There is one achievement that is notoriously difficult (the Perfectionist achievement), but I'll be sure to outline exactly how to approach it and it should help out a lot with earning it. You also may need to grind out driving 2000 kilometres depending on how quickly you earn the Perfectionist achievement, but I'll point out the method I used for this as well.

This game took me about 25-30 hours to complete, which is much less than the current TA estimate of 60-80 hours, but I also play a fair bit of racing games. I'd say it would take the average gamer anywhere between 35-40 hours max if you're playing strictly going for the achievements.

Now let's move on to the general hints and tips and I'll outline the controls of the game.

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