3. WRC 8 Career Mode Overview and WRC 2 SeasonUpdate notes

Career Mode Overview and WRC 2 Season

The majority of the achievements can be earned through the game's career mode relatively easily. I've broken this up into two pages. This page will give an intro to Career mode and go over your initial WRC 2 season. The second page will cover the WRC 2 Pro Season and WRC season(s). As soon as you first launch the game, you'll be launched into a little driving test to give you a tutorial and determine the difficulty you should be using. You can use whatever difficulty and assists you want, but to make things as easy as possible, the walkthrough will assume you're playing on the easiest AI difficulty. The achievements in this walkthrough are also mentioned based on when I unlocked them, so when you unlock them may vary.

Once you're launched into this "difficulty determining" race, just drive and try and crash your car, as there's no need to finish this race. Once you've damaged your car enough, you'll get a DNF and your first achievement:

You'll also most likely earn the achievement for rolling your car while attempting to do this as well. You simply need to get your car to roll over to earn this, you don't need to land it after or anything. If you managed to do it here, you'll unlock:

Once you're done this race and have decided on your difficulty, you'll be able to start your career. You'll have the opportunity to start in either WRC Junior or WRC 2. In WRC Junior, everyone drives the same Ford car and you will be placed on a team right away. In WRC 2, you'll have three opportunities to earn a contract with a team by setting a good time on a rally track. As WRC Junior doesn't have any achievements tied to it specifically, I found it was a waste of time to go there and went straight into WRC 2, so that's how this walkthrough will be constructed.

Complete the race and you'll be able to choose which team you want to be with. You can choose between three teams, and each team will have a specialty of either Crew, Team, Performance, or Reliability. These specialties depend on how your R & D points will be initially distributed. Of course you're able to re-spec whenever you want for a fee ($20,000 I believe), but it helps picking a team from the start with a specialty you want to focus on. In my experience, you only need to focus on Crew and Team R & D trees. Since you'll be playing on easy, your performance and reliability don't matter at all. So when you're spending your R & D points, make sure you put them into the Crew and Team trees. As soon as you choose which team you want to go with, you'll unlock the achievement for starting a new career:

Once you start, you'll be given the option to choose whether you want the career assistant on or not. I turned it on as it gives a great overview of all the career mode functionalities without being too overwhelming. I'll go over them here as well, so feel free to choose whether you'd like to use the assistant or not. You'll also be given the option to choose the Difficulty, Damage and Permacrash. You can choose these settings at the beginning of every new season as well, in case you want to increase the difficulty as you progress in your career. For now, choose the below settings:

Difficulty: Easy

Damage: Visual Only

Permacrash: Off

Before we get started, I'll just outline each element of Career mode so you can be a bit more familiarized with it:

Start Event - Self-explanatory. Starts the next event scheduled on the calendar.

Configure - Allows you to tune your car.

Calendar - Where you go to choose the events of your current season. You can choose events up to two days out. Below are the types of the events in career mode:

Training - Short race around a test track where you need to beat the par time.

Extreme Condition - Beat the time driving an extremely damaged car in extreme weather.

Historic - Race in a rally in a historic vehicle.

Maintenance - Race on a track to beat the time. Get past a certain distance to repair your cars condition (unavailable until WRC 2 Pro career).

Manufacturer Tryout - Race on a track to beat the time set by a manufacturer. Beat the time to increase your reputation with that specific manufacturer.

Manufacturer Challenge - Race on a track to beat the time set by a manufacturer. Beat the time to have the choice to switch to this manufacturer (note: switching manufacturers mid-season will take you to the start of the season again).

Rally - One of the rallies set around the world and the main events in career mode.

Rest - Allows your team to rest and regain stamina for crew members.

R & D - Allows you to spend skill points in four different areas of research. Note that you only get 50 skill points in career mode, so you cannot fill all trees. You can, however, re-spec your points whenever you want for $20,000:

Crew - Spending points in this tree will increase your overall team performance, and give you access to perks and special events.

Team - Spending points in this tree will increase your teammates performance and the amount of teammates you can have.

Performance - Spending points in this tree will increase your car's performance.

Reliability - Spending points in this tree will increase the reliability of the parts on your car.

Crew Management - Here is where you can manage your team members. You can have a Mechanic, Meteorologist, Agent, Physical Therapist, Engineer and Financial Director (you need to spend points in the Crew R & D tree to unlock some of these). You can also equip perks here if you have them. You can sign free agents (which refresh every month) on the Recruitment tab.

Mails - See your emails in career mode.

Objectives - View your short term, long term and season objectives here.

Statistics - View your rally statistics and manufacturer reputation across all disciplines.

Standings - View the current season standings.

Test Area - Test out any tunes you made on your car.

Main Menu - Self-explanatory, takes you back to the Main Menu.

Now that you're familiarized with the career mode options, you can get started. You will be able to go to the Calendar and choose the only events you're able to. Choose the Training event for the next day and the training event the day after. Once you've chosen them, complete them to the best of your ability. Head back to the Calendar and choose the Extreme Condition event and try your best to complete it (these are very hard and I'd suggest avoiding these at all costs). If you fail it, don't worry.

The next race will be your first rally in Mexico. In WRC 2, each rally contains four stages with a repair stage in the middle. My suggestion for the rallies would be just to drive very conservatively. I am by no means a rally pro, but even with my conservative driving I was able to win stages by 30-40 seconds. You just want to drive to avoid flying off the road too bad or smashing into walls too hard. Some rallies are tougher than others and I would take a time penalty at least one or two times a stage and still win. It's hard to describe, but it's really just getting a feel for it. Race through the four stages, which you should win all of them, and you'll win the rally (or end up on the podium at least) and unlock:

  • Winner in Mexico

    Reached the podium in the Rally Guanajuato México in Career mode

    Winner in Mexico
    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Once you're done with the race, you should have levelled up a bit and have some R & D points which you should put into the Crew skill tree. I would suggest unlocking all of the Crew members first (Physiotherapist, Engineer, Meteorologist, Financial Advisor, Mechanic and Agent) so you have them available, then go from there. Purchase any crew members available that are better than your current ones, then head to the calendar. Keep an eye out for any Historic or Rare events, but if they aren't there, just choose rest events until the next rally, which is in Corsica. I'll point this out here, but I earned the achievement for driving through 200 puddles in this rally as I got lucky with the weather:

This is an incredibly easy achievement and will come naturally throughout your career. Now if you do well in the four stages in this rally and you should end up on the podium and unlock:

  • Winner in Corsica

    Reached the podium in the Corsica Linea - Tour de Corse in Career mode

    Winner in Corsica
    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Head back to the career hub. If you have any more R & D points, try and invest them into the Agents, Involved and Lucky Day slots on the Crew tree. Lucky Day will increase the chances of rare events spawning, which is needed for an achievement. Head to the calendar and you should hopefully be able to choose a Historic event now. Select it and win the race and you'll get the following achievement:

If you don't see one yet, don't worry as they come up very frequently. Advance the calendar and race in the next rally in Argentina. Do well in the four stages and you should end up on the podium and unlock:

Head back to the career hub, invest your R & D points, check your crew and advance the calendar to the next rally in Chile. If you've won all the stages prior to this rally, you'll unlock the following achievement, as all races in career mode are Dynamic Weather by default:

Do well in the four stages and you should end up on the podium and unlock:

Head back to the career hub and invest your R & D points. At this point in my career, I had already had the Lucky Day slot unlocked. Check the calendar and see if you have a Rare event, as this was the first time one popped up for me. You can tell events are rare if they have stars on them. All events have the potential to be rare as well. My first rare event was a Historic one, but if you're struggling with that, keep an eye out for rare Training events as I've had some rare ones pop up throughout my career. Win the event and you'll unlock:

Progress to the next rally which takes place in Portugal. It was in this rally I actually became aware of the achievement for winning a stage without repairing your car, so I'll mention it here first. Play through the first two stages, and when you get to the rest area, don't repair your vehicle. Even if you don't run into any walls or anything, your car will accumulate natural wear and tear. Just don't do any repairs and move on to the next stages. You'll get a prompt asking if you're sure if you want to continue without repairs, so just choose yes. Now all you need to do is win the one of the following two stages and your achievement will unlock, which while playing on Easy should be very easy as I was winning by 40+ seconds on most stages. If you manage to do this, you'll unlock:

If you don't earn it here, I'd suggest waiting until you're racing in a rally you're more comfortable with. If you do well enough during the stages here, you should also end up on the podium and unlock:

Head back to the career hub, invest your R & D points, manage your crew and advance to the next rally, which takes place in Sardinia. If you've won every stage in your career up to this point, you'll unlock the achievement for winning 25 stages in this rally. If not, don't worry as you'll have many more opportunities and stages that need to be won.

Complete the four stages, and if you end up on the podium, you'll unlock:

Head back to the career hub, invest your R & D points, manage your crew and advance to the final rally of the WRC 2 season in Australia. In this rally, I decided to go for the repair time penalty achievement, as this rally is relatively easy and fast. This achievement requires you to exceed 45 minutes of repair time during the rest stage in the middle of the rallies. If you do, you'll be given a 1 minute time penalty which is deducted from your overall rally time. Of course, you need to have your car damaged enough to exceed 45 minutes of repair time. This is easier to do earlier in your career rather than later as the better team members you unlock and more perks you unlock, the quicker you can repair your car. Hopefully in this rally you're able to exceed 45 minutes of repair time, but if not try and aim for it in upcoming rallies. Continue through the rally and you should win with ease, even with your time penalty. If you do, you'll unlock the two achievements below:

You should also reach level 20 after this rally, or at least be very close to it, which will unlock:

And if you won every rally (or finished on the podium every rally this season, which you should have done easily), you'll unlock:

Advance the calendar to the end of the season and you'll be able to choose from two new teams or remain with your current team. If you performed well, you should have two offers from WRC 2 Pro teams, so choose one of them for the next season. The WRC 2 Pro season will continue on the next page.

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