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WRC 2 Pro and WRC Seasons

WRC 2 Pro Season

After you select your WRC 2 Pro team, you'll kick off the next season. In this season, you'll be introduced to Perks. You have a chance to earn perks after each event. Perks can be equipped in the Crew Management menu if you have them. You'll notice the perks have three images at the bottom. These images correspond to the image on your crew members cards in your current active crew. You need to have all three icons of a perk green for the perk to take effect in the next race. For example, if a perk has a Bulls-Eye, Puzzle Piece and a Lightbulb image, you need three crew members that have those images on their cards. Perks are also one time use, so use them effectively. To increase your odds of earning a perk after a race, use 5 R & D points in the Crew tree (Engineer, Gain XP+, Event Rewards, Rally Rewards, Good Pick slots). Keep an eye out for these throughout your career and use them whenever you can, as you need to use 15 for an achievement.

You'll also be introduced to Maintenance events at the start of the season. These events are the only other events you need to do aside from rallies and rest events. In WRC 2 Pro, your car's condition will decrease, which will increase the wear on the parts. To increase the condition, you'll need to do maintenance events. They're unguided races on short tracks, and completing a certain percentage will repair your car's condition. I did these after every two rallies, which would repair my car's condition fully.

During this season, I also attempted to get four legendary crew members in my active crew. You'll definitely get this naturally once you do one or two WRC seasons, but this is where I got it. To increase the odds of legendary crew members appearing, put five R & D points into the Team tree (Backup, Corporate, Full Crew, Rare Pearl and Legendary slots). Every month, keep checking the free agent pool (which you should be doing anyways regularly), and if you see anyone with a yellow colour in the corner of their card, hire them. Once you have four of them, put them into your active crew. Note that they'll obviously need to be four different slots in your crew. You can't use two meteorologists for example as you cannot equip two meteorologists in your active crew.

Advance the calendar to the first rally available, which should be one you've already done. I won't go through the ones you've already done as they're identical across all championships. Keep advancing the calendar, managing your crew, and investing your R & D points until you get to the first rally that you haven't raced in yet, in Germany. This is one of the tougher rallies, so I'd avoid attempting any miscellaneous achievements during it. Do your best and hopefully you'll end up on the podium and unlock:

Head back to the career hub, do what you need to do, and keep advancing the calendar until you get to the next rally you haven't done yet in Turkey. Again, complete the four stages and you should end up on the podium and unlock:

The next new rally you'll come across is Spain, but you'll need to race in some rallies that you've already participated in during last season first. You won't get any more achievements for winning them, although you should race them as you need to finish high in the standings to be promoted to the WRC championship. After every rally, keep checking into the free agents in the Crew Management section. You should be able to come across four legendary crew members without issue during this season. Hire them and place them in your active roster and you'll unlock:

If you somehow don't come across enough legendary crew members here, you'll definitely come across enough in your WRC season. My active roster was all legendary crew members at one point, so you won't have issues getting this if you constantly look at the free agents section. Continue racing in rallies and if you win the majority of the stages in them (which you should if you're playing on easy), you'll unlock the achievement for 50 stage wins before you finish the Spain rally:

Finish on the podium during the Spain rally and you'll also unlock:

  • Winner in Spain

    Reached the podium in the RallyRACC CATALUNYA-COSTA DAURADA in Career mode

    Winner in Spain
    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

This is the last new rally you'll race in WRC 2 Pro, so continue through the calendar and finish out the season. Once the season is done and you placed well in the standings, you should have the option to either remain with your current team or choose one of two WRC teams. Choose one of the WRC teams and start the next season.

WRC Season

Welcome to the big leagues! This is where the game really starts, as you now be able to participate in a full season of WRC (WRC 2 and WRC 2 Pro were both shortened) with all the rallies in the game available to race. This means you are also finally able to work towards the Perfectionist achievement. You are also introduced to season challenges here as well, which have an achievement tied to them. These challenges are very straightforward. They'll either be finish 5th, 3rd, or 1st in a rally. You can earn these multiple times throughout your season, but they don't count towards the Perfectionist achievement. It's just a good way to get extra money and rep.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the next few paragraphs for guidance on the Perfectionist achievement.

Before we dive into the new achievements you can earn in this championship, I will outline the Perfectionist achievement. This achievement isn't as hard as some make it out to be, you just need to be hyper aware of your progress at all times. So for your objectives, you're given a short term and a long term objective. Short term objectives can usually be completed in the next rally, while long term objectives take at least two rallies to complete. Because of this, you have a very slim margin of error. If you complete all objectives as quickly as possible, I believe you only get 16-17 objectives per season. You'll get a new objective two to three weeks after you complete a previous one (two to three squares on the calendar, as one square on the calendar is one in game week). You also need to complete the 15 objectives before the Australian rally as there are no objectives available during this rally.

Now you can fail one challenge, but it needs to be right away and you need to get it on the next objective cycle, otherwise you may run out of chances. This happened to me once where I failed one right away, but was presented with 16 challenges total. Also, as far as I'm aware, Season Objectives do not count towards this progress. They need to be short and long term objectives.

People have also said this is luck based, but it really isn't. You can semi-control which objectives you get. Once you see you have new objectives, go to the screen to view them. If there's one you don't like, you can change the objective and hopefully get something better. Be careful though, you can only change objectives once, and if you back out back to the career hub, the game saves and you're stuck with that bad objective. This is the process you should follow when you see a new challenge:

  1. Look at challenge and see if it's something that can be done quickly.
  2. If not, change the challenge. If it's something you're happy with, exit back to the career hub.
  3. If you're not happy with it, DO NOT EXIT THE OBJECTIVE SCREEN! Hit the home button on your controller and quit the game.
  4. Launch the game again and enter career mode and you'll still have your original objectives and the option to change them again.

Below are the objectives I got when I earned the achievement, so I'd try your absolute hardest to aim for these:

  1. Perform at least 2 rest events in 6 weeks
  2. Do not spend over $42000 in repairs in the next rally
  3. Perform at least 2 rest events in 6 weeks
  4. Do not spend over 35 mins on repairs in the next rally
  5. Do not use Hard tyres in the next rally
  6. Do not use Hard tyres in the next 2 rallies
  7. Do not get more than 1 penalty minute in a rally
  8. Perform at least 2 rest events in 6 weeks
  9. Do not spend over $42000 in repairs in the next rally
  10. Do not use Hard tyres in 2 rallies
  11. Do not earn a repair penalty in a rally
  12. Do not use Soft tyres in the next rally
  13. Do not use Soft tyres in 2 rallies
  14. Do not get more than 1 penalty minute in a rally
  15. Do not use Hard tyres in 2 rallies

I would avoid the below objectives like the plague as they are either random events you may not get to choose within the time frame or I found they just auto failed for me (as the morale one did below):

  • Perform at least 3 Training Events in 6 weeks
  • Perform at least 3 Extreme Condition Events in 6 weeks
  • Keep your car's maintenance above x percentage
  • Keep your team morale above x percentage
  • Have a balance of x dollars over the next x weeks

If you fail this the first season don't worry, as it's better just to get used to really going for these objectives. Ideally you get three full WRC seasons to minimize your grinding at the end of the game. I got it on my third season. So just keep this in mind and do your best to earn it and it should come without too much issue.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you can start your new WRC career. You should be well versed in investing your R & D points to suit your play style and managing your crew by now, so I'm not going to continue to point that out anymore. The first rally of the season is a new one in Monte Carlo. Do well in this rally and you'll finish on the podium and unlock:

It was at this time I also reached level 40, unlocking the achievement below:

Depending on what place you finish in the rally (it should be 1st if you're racing on easy), you'll also complete your season objective, which will unlock:

Continue on and you'll get to your next new rally in Sweden. Again, do well and you'll place in the podium and unlock:

The next new rally you'll come to is Finland, but it's not for a while. Continue through the rallies, completing your objectives as necessary. During this time, if you raced in all the rallies, you'll unlock the achievement for driving 500 km:

  • Tourist

    Driven over 500km in any mode

    Online/OfflineSingle PlayerVersusCumulative +

You may unlock it sooner depending on how many other calendar events you chose to do that weren't rest events, but this is around the time I unlocked it.

During this time before the Finland rally, I also won my 10th night stage, which unlocks:

This is luck based as the weather is dynamic, so you may come across 10 night stages faster or slower than I did. This is also dependent on winning the stage as well, so if you lose some, it will take you longer to earn the achievement.

During the Finland rally (or slightly before), if you won about 95% of the stages you've raced in, you should pick up your 100th stage win, as this is when I earned the achievement:

Do well in the rally and you'll finish on the podium and unlock:

The next new rally is the final rally you haven't raced in, which is in Wales. Do well in this rally and finish on the podium to unlock:

  • Winner in Wales

    Reached the podium in the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB in Career mode

    Winner in Wales
    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

If you started your career in WRC 2 and finished on the podium in every other rally in career mode, you'll also unlock the achievement for placing on the podium in all rallies in career mode here:

  • Hero

    Reached the podium in all rallies in Career mode

    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Continue on to the end of the season. Right before the end of the season I unlocked the achievement for participating in 50 calendar events:

You may get this sooner or later depending on how many events aside from rallies you participate in (I personally did only rest events aside from a maintenance event every two rallies). Keep advancing the calendar until you get to the Spain rally. If you did all your objectives, you should unlock the perfectionist achievement either before or after the Spain rally:

If you didn't, don't worry as you still have two more seasons you can do to earn a few more miscellaneous achievements.

Once you're done the final rally, you should have a clear lead on the WRC championship standings, and you'll unlock:

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