5. WRC 8 Career Cleanup and MultiplayerUpdate notes

Career Cleanup and Multiplayer

Career Cleanup

At this point, you should only have the below achievements you need to earn outside of multiplayer:

Perfectionist (potentially)

Show-Off: Use 15 Perks

Globetrotter: Driven over 1000 km in any game mode

Indecisive: Changed teams 5 times

Nomad: Driven over 2000 km in any game mode

Once you're done with your first WRC season, I would put focus into using 15 perks. As I mentioned before, perks are earned randomly after completing rallies, and you can increase your chances of earning perks by upgrading the Crew R & D tree branch. I don't think you actually need to race in the rallies to earn them and use them, but I have not tested this out. I would still suggest racing out each rally until you're done using 15 perks as you need to drive 2000km for an achievement anyways. I earned this achievement before driving 1000km, which I believe was somewhere in my second WRC season. Once you've used your 15th perk, you'll unlock:

Thankfully you can use the achievement tracker to keep track of this one.

If you have not earned the Perfectionist achievement, keep completing seasons until you do. It took me until my third WRC season to earn it, which works great with timing. Make sure after each WRC season you switch teams. That way if you do get stuck with the Perfectionist achievement, after your third full WRC season, you can switch teams. This will be the fifth time you've switched teams and you'll unlock:

If you've already earned the Perfectionist achievement before you hit your third WRC season, you can simply do a Manufacturer Challenge event, win it, and switch teams that way. Be careful though as switching teams mid season will start the season over again. That's why I'd only suggest doing this if you either mess up a challenge while going for the Perfectionist achievement or have already earned the Perfectionist achievement and just need this one.

The last achievements you may need now are the ones for driving 1000km and 2000km respectively. Basically, what I did was let this come as naturally as possible. If you're following this walkthrough, you're following the path I took to play the game, which took me 5 career seasons. At the end of my 5th season (3rd full WRC season), I had about 1900km driven. You can check your distance driven on the Main Menu under Driver Card > Stats.

What I did for the remaining kilometres is go to Quick Play, choose Neste Rally Finland, and race on Paijala Reverse. This track is 17.51 km and it takes about 9 minutes to do. I personally felt this was the fastest way to get distance driven. Others have mentioned Spain and Australia, but this for me was the fastest. You can also do Horkka Reverse in the Neste Rally Finland as you can do 7.42 km in about 3 minutes and 45 seconds, which works out to a similar distance/time ratio as Paijala. Once you complete the race, your achievement will unlock. I would suggest using this method and you'll unlock the below achievements in no time:

Also of note, if you plan on doing any of the weekly challenges, I don't believe they count towards your distance on the stats page, but they do count for the achievement. Either that, or multiplayer kilometres don't count. On the stats page, I've driven 1995 km, but I unlocked the achievement. I did one challenge race, as well as one multiplayer race. So just be aware if you do a lot of challenges/multiplayer races, you may be closer than you think.


Although there is technically only one multiplayer achievement in this game, there is reportedly a buggy achievement that needs some sort of online action done. The achievement requires you to win a stage on Authentic difficulty. Now I'm not good enough to even attempt to do this on authentic difficulty, but apparently you can't unlock the achievement by just winning a stage on Authentic difficulty according to a lot of people. Good news is that even though it's flagged as Buggy-, it's actually buggy in a positive way because you don't actually need to complete a race on Authentic difficulty. According to multiple people (and a solution posted by Coffee CPH, which has helped a ton of people with this), you can do this by simply winning a stage online while your AI difficulty is set to Authentic, then going back and doing a career race on Easy AI difficulty. Below is a step by step process:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and go to the Settings.
  2. Update your AI difficulty from whatever it is to Authentic
  3. Grab a friend and go online and choose a S.S. track
  4. Win the stage and exit the lobby
  5. Switch the AI difficulty back to Easy
  6. Win a stage in career mode

Using this method, you'll unlock your last two achievements:

Now I can't guarantee this method will work forever, so I would get on it before the devs fix it. If it ever gets fixed, I'll remove this bit from the solution.

Now you should have all 1000 gamerscore in the game, which hopefully didn't take you anywhere near as long as the 60-80 hour completion estimate. Below are my final stats after I earned all the achievements, which took me about 1732 minutes or just under 29 hours:

*Put label here**Put label here*

If you have any questions about how to earn any of the achievements, feel free to send me a message here and I'll do my best to help you out.

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