2. WRC Powerslide General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Single player:

When you first start the game you will be asked to turn power-ups and collisions on/off. I recommend to turn them off while playing through all the races. This will save you some time and hassle, especially later on, in the more difficult races. However, you can always go back to the options and turn them on/off as you like.

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The most important thing to make this game a nice and easy completion: Go to the menu and set the game difficulty to easy!!!


There is no active online community, and from what I've heard, there has never been one. So setting up a gaming session or having a friend with the game to knock out the 45 minutes of solid online races will be a must.

Corrupted saves:

I started the single player and finished the first two rallies (Monte Carlo and Germany). The next time I went back to the game, I couldn't load my save. It just kept freezing as soon as I hit cn_A from the main menu. I tried again, moved my save to USB, then to the cloud. Still freezing. So in case the same thing happens to you, the only way to avoid this glitch seems to be going through the whole career in one sitting. This will take approx. 4,5-5 hours.

This game features power-ups, like for example in Mario Kart. Even though playing with them is a lot of fun, it will make it much easier to complete the single player with the power-ups turned off. All power-up related achievements (6 to be precise), can easily be unlocked while boosting the 45 minutes of playtime in multiplayer, or while replaying one of the single player missions. I will not go in-depth on the power-ups, as they require no skill (just keep spamming cn_A to use them).

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