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  • Brandon BaskinBrandon Baskin145,255
    09 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013
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    Before you become overjoyed that the sequel to the awesome "Full House Poker" is free (to play) - let us remember that all too important caveat: you get what you pay for - which, in this case, is shockingly accurate. wink

    The drastic shift toward free-to-play games has drawn my ire for quite some time. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes it can be done right "Monsters Love Candy" and "Jetpack Joyride" to name a couple, but WSOP shows the true evil that lurks behind "FREE!" labels and those ever lurking pay-walls. This game is without a doubt, the most disjointed, peculiar, poorly planned, and (especially) poorly implemented poker game I've ever played.


    WSOP borrows heavily from its (smarter, more attractive, and cooler) brother "Full House Poker" - which is a good thing. The controls are basically unchanged, however, the laggy framerate makes it almost impossible to escape the in-game menus and return to the action when prompted by your ticker. Adding even another second to the countdown cue could save untold frustration. Nothing worse than force-folding pocket aces just because you wanted to buy an XP boost from the new "store." Which brings me to my next issue:

    The Store
    The store is the primary gameplay change from Full House Poker. In the original as you leveled up (to level 50) you became able to unlock outfits, titles, and chip tricks, etc. Now, however, while you can level up to 100 (a welcome change) everything is still "unlockable" but it has to be purchased to be used. XP boosts are a new addition that let you gain additional XP over the course of a set amount of hands (10, 20, and 50) by purchasing items from the store. If they'd have stopped at being able to buy drinks (something you can REALLY, ACTUALLY do at a casino card table) that would have been a touch of much appreciated realism - however in their apparent lack of insight, they decided to add hamburgers and fries, pots o' gold, and even shoes and pillows roll as XP boosters. Just silly.
    I could see how more competent programmers (by the way WSOP (Pipeworks Software) is not made by the same devs as FHP (Krome/Microsoft Studios)) could have made the store an amazing aspect to this free-to-play poker game. As it stands, though, it is essentially a clusterwarning of bad ideas mixed in with good ideas that are badly done.

    Also - wouldn't it have been cool if your avatar could sip the drink occasionally and actually have it diminish incrementally over the course of its lifetime but APPARENTLY Pipeworks Software doesn't think you're worth that level of effort. cry

    The free-to-play system is based on chips (replenishable only by visiting the game daily in 12 hour increments or spending cash) and gold (as far as I know only obtainable by spending actual money) you use the former to obviously play poker matches and tournaments and the latter to purchase the aforementioned XP boosts. I actually have a problem with this. For one: why am I using my actual poker chips to buy drinks/XP boosts? And who uses actually gold bars to buy anything? They should have made silver/gold cards that you could level up or load with funds and use to buy drinks/XP boosts. Like those perks cards that casinos give you. The best games mix in a little dab of realism, even if they don't stylistically take themselves too seriously.

    I'd estimate that this game's framerate is somewhere between 10 frames-per-second and a geriatric turtle with 3 broken legs. Not only that but it lags INCESSANTLY. I've been disconnected from multiple games, I've been forced to fold my hand even though I was pounding the "A" button hard enough to push it inside of the controller, yes, the game soft-froze and simply continued on as if I was sitting out causing me to forfeit a surefire victory. It's things like this people wouldn't accept in a paid game - even if it was in beta, but because its "free" (to play) we're supposed to accept it graciously. smile

    Yeah ... no.

    The graphics are subpar. Not hideous - but definitely not as crisp as those in Full House Poker. You'd think all they had to do was just rip the code but no, somehow Pipeworks Studio can't even get the game to look right. I am admittedly a stickler for graphics and I obsess over being able to have a premium visual experience. So when I see things like choppy, lo-res, button icons, jagged card edges, stacks of ridiculously fake looking money, jpeg quality avatars, and GENERIC CHIPS in a WORLD SERIES OF POKER LICENSED GAME ... yes ... I get a little frustrated. It's attention to detail that makes graphics shine. Just like any piece of art. Well apparently - in the world of free-to-play - no one can afford to pay attention. Well, at least no one at Pipeworks.

    Easily the most peculiar aspect of this game. Instead of creating a new experience by using the WSOP music (from ESPN) they simply recycle the music from Full House Poker which only makes me wish I was playing that instead. Norman Chad and Lon McEachern give pretty solid commentary, however I'm shocked that in 2013 no one realizes that no one wants to hear themselves referred to generically: "the player takes home the pot!" Gee, thanks a lot Mr. Roboto. How about at least having the game distinguish between male and female avatars and using the appropriate pronoun. But the problem is not a lack of commentary, in fact, Norm and Lon talk TOO much if anything - they even do play-by-play of you navigating the menus and looking at your achievements. facepalm Also as the pot increases an annoying "chip stacking" sound effect plays ad nausea (God forbid someone raise the pot by 1,000,000 - you'll hear the sound effect until the counter stops). Also there's an awkward Casio keyboard synth string that plays when you go all-in. Just strange. A word to the wise to the sadists at Pipeworks. Less is more. It's like they had to punctuate every single aspect of the game with some sound effect - no matter how corny.

    Look, poker is fun. This was true with the Original Texas Hold 'Em (TikGames) which I loved but felt something was always missing, it was true with Full House Poker (that something that was missing) and it's true with WSOP. However, the fun-ness of poker cannot hide the fact that this is a seriously flawed and unrefined game. Even if the bugs were fixed the fundamental game itself is just misguided. The total misuse of the WSOP license is a travesty. There are no bracelets, no crowds, it's literally NOTHING like the WSOP experience other than the bland locales they stuff you in. I'd love for Krome (defunct for now) to make a proper sequel (and to update Game Room while they're at it) but no sense in holding our breath for that. If you feel you have nothing left to accomplish in the superior Full House Poker or want to just get the achievements, WSOP is bearable but I certainly can't recommend playing it after you've gotten 30/30.

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    Brandon BaskinThanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it! @DMpimp7 any game that is ready enough to charge people for microtransactions is ready enough to be reviewed with no punches pulled.
    Posted by Brandon Baskin on 18 Sep 13 at 15:40
    MattiasAndersonGood review to be honest but i think you were kind in the stars considering how bad i think this game once again is.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 16 Apr 14 at 12:46
    milkweed85Game is offline come March 4 2015
    Posted by milkweed85 on 01 Feb 15 at 21:41
  • HeffenffefferHeffenffeffer151,394
    08 Sep 2013
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    WSOP Full House Pro is the free-to-play sequel to Full House Poker, released a couple of years back. Unfortunately, it provides little reason to play it over the original version. The good features are lifted wholesale from the previous game, the new features are almost universally bad, and the "Beta" indication on the title screen is a warning for a large amount of impending bugs.

    The first major new feature is the endorsement from the World Series of Poker, which adds some unique casino backdrops such as Harrah's and Caesar's Palace, as well as avatar representations of various WSOP players. This is all cosmetic, however, and mostly inconsequential to boot, as the backdrop may as well be a blank canvas after the introduction to each tournament considering that all the action is centered around the poker table. As well, despite their celebrity status as poker players, the pros in this game are functionally just another set of avatars with different faces. Aaron Parker is more or less Sonny Skye in a different costume.

    The second and more controversial new feature is the store. In Full House Poker, you had only one major statistic to be concerned about: XP, which goes up at a consistent rate with every hand played, and gets a few bonuses with smart play such as folding when outgunned, aggressively betting to force others to fold, winning showdowns, and so on. While your character had a chip stack as well, it was largely inconsequential as it only determined what level of multiplayer tournaments one can enter, and if you run out of chips you can go to the ATM at any time to get more.

    WSOP adds new importance to chips, as chips are now needed to buy most customizations like chip tricks, table felts, decks of cards, and the like. It forms an additional annoying barrier between you and customization - in Full House Poker, these were given to you for free upon gaining enough XP to advance levels. Here, gaining enough XP to advance levels will only give you the *ability* to purchase these customizations. As well, you can no longer replenish your chip stack if you bust out at any time - you can only get more free chips once every 12 hours.

    But that isn't all - as some customizations are locked and require "Gold" to purchase them. Gold can't be earned in-game, it can only be purchased using real-life money. Gold can also be used to purchase more chips for those impatient enough to not wait the 12 hours for more. Fortunately it's not necessary to purchase Gold to play the game, nor does its purchase provide an unfair advantage, but its presence is a rather ominous warning of what to expect in future games.

    All of this is beside the point, however, when it becomes clear that it's not for nothing that WSOP has a prominent "Beta" sign on the title screen. Playing this game was an exercise in tolerating constant slowdowns, outright crashes, refusal of WSOP to acknowledge my decision to raise a hand and subsequently lock up the rest of the table in a multiplayer game (normally, WSOP is supposed to default to auto-fold if a player doesn't make a decision in a certain amount of time to keep the hand moving), and multiplayer game disconnections. While forgivable as part of a beta, these bugs are uncalled for in software that asks for payment (the aforementioned Gold.)

    Both Full House Poker and Poker Night At The Inventory are much better poker games than this, and you'd be advised to play those games instead. This game is the most horrible sequel since "Batman and Robin."
  • oTinCup23ooTinCup23o10,035
    03 Feb 2014
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    Well I can say the game is so so there are many bugs in this game that is costing many people lots and lots of chips. But my main concern about the game is the games main support web site page I have been playing since Oct '13 and yes I been posting on this forum but posting constructive criticism and facts only. Well the web administrators simply don't like this I'll guess they are getting flooded with criticism. In any case I was banned from their support web site and their Facebook after I told them the game did it again the auto betting bug that the dev clearly know about and that I'm out 8 million + chips that I like to recoup these since I PAID REAL MONEY FOR THE CHIPS and I posted this with it ---"Dont bother posting your complaints nor criticism about this game the wed administrators do nothing but censor your post or ban you like they have me and many others. I was posting and followed all forum rules when I was threatened by clear conscious that if I had a bad post I will be banned well I was banned after this post---This game is the worst I ever played. I advise each and everyone NOT to purchase gold bars to buy chips you will be wasting your money. The tech support is far away almost like there isn't any then when you post a complaint on this forum about it or post criticism about this game your post is removed like mine has been all day today . I was threaten today if I get 1 more bad post I'll be banned from this site. The people running this site are not doing their jobs correctly and only trying to protect a game that is making money. I have complained like many have on here about the game and the site administrators have done NOTHING but censor my post and threaten me. Does this sound like a game to support with your hard earned money??? I hope not so please don't!!! Now delete that post!!!---- Soon as I posted this Clear Conscious banned me. I want my 8+million chips I am a paying customer those are facts slick"---- seems harsh but after dealing with the clowns on the web forum I had no choice but to post. Thanks
  • xXCrazyXx BExXCrazyXx BE240,912
    07 Sep 2013
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    This game is full of bugsit need a good patch the game still freeze in ranked games and sometimes the server is down why put a beta version instead of waiting and make the game complete like the first full house poker the first one worked great why not with this one .the only thing that's good in the game is the graphics but the game self is not good or multiplayer the single player is ok . I feel bad about this game because i like poker games .also you need to buy some gold to get some chips what a bad idee because you have to buy gold with microsoft points , what a shame
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